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November 11 2019

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Metal Slug 3

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 803
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There are 67 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 46046 times.  There's also files attached.
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Fatal Fury Discussion
You know that Joe Higashi can do Hurricane Punch, TNT Punch, Slash Kick, Fire Body Kick (Tiger Kick after that) and Screw Upper. His brother in World Heroes 2, Shura Higashi performs Double Kick, Quick Tiger Punch, Tiger Punch, Tiger Claw and Tiger Kick.

Joe is older and better trained than Shura, yet how come he never performs Shura's moves? My guess is that he would rather stick to his standard trained moves than his brother's amateur moves (At least Joe thinks its amateur). So my theory is Joe can do Shura's moves but just doesn't and won't. I think Shura and his powers are a bit too underrated to place in any Fatal Fury or King of Fighters games. But do you think any of Shura's moves would come in handy in those games?
Edited by Will on 11. January 2009 20:58
Wow if only i could buy this package(Garou Densetsu / Fatal Fury 15th Anniversary Box [CD+DVD]:

I hold this game in high regard. For me it had a bigger impact than Streetfighter 2 (the game i had just paid 70 quid for on import Super Famicom. The speech and colourful graphics blew me away and thats when i sold my S Famicom and got a AES . At the time i think it cost me about 130.00 but i never felt cheated , i knew i had a qaulity product. It started my love affair with SNK and will always be a SF2 killer to me. Managed to get it on CD last year , its actually tricky to find on CD and cost about 18 which is steep for an old CD game
lee gray
I agree it is very dated and limited now, I did love character select music though and the full name speech which , its still a bit of fun though
lee gray wrote:
I agree it is very dated and limited now, I did love character select music though and the full name speech which , its still a bit of fun though

"GE-ES verses TELLY"
After hearing a lot about SNK, I decided to play their first Vanguard arcade game and Fighting Street (TG-CD port of the first Street Fighter) before their first Fatal Fury through the Virtual Console. Too bad I forgot to play the arcade version of Street Smart between Fighting Street and Fatal Fury, but oh well.

Fatal Fury sure does share some similarities to the first Street Fighter, except with a different button layout and pretty easier; however, when I played the MVS version through the NeoDS, I was able to beat it. The Virtual Console version is harder. I couldn't get passed Raiden in the Virtual Console version.

The character select screen reminds me of the character select screen of Konami's 1985 fighting game, Galactic Warriors, due to both fighting games having three playable characters with different move sets.

Nowadays, when I think of this Fatal Fury, I think of some people saying that it isn't a SFII ripoff, because they were in development at the same time. People should also say that the SF series is to Pink Panther, as the Fatal Fury and other SNK fighting games are to Chester Cheetah. Why? Same creator, different companies.

Combining the playtime of the Neo Geo MVS (using NeoDS) and Virtual Console versions, I didn't play them much, but I guess it was pretty good.
I knew about this game-series before I played it and the first game I came in touch with was Fatal Fury 3 which is my favourite in the series right now. I played in in the arcades and I got Fatal Fury 2 and Fatal Fury Special

On the contrary I think they did to many games and different versions of the FF games just like Capcom did with Street Fighter 2. According to my opinion it was better the way they did with Samurai Shodown. Using the new ideas for a game in the sequal insted of just making an improved version of the same one.

I feel they did so with FF2 and FF Special, just that the other one has a different title and more charaters but its more like an extention of FF2

I like sequals more than upgrades. If one has ideas, they should be saved for a much better sequal and not a slightly better upgrade. Thats is the way to not dehydrate a gamingconcept
The Duce
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