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November 13 2019

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 803
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There are 67 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 46051 times.  There's also files attached.
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Fatal Fury Discussion
RiKo wrote:
Do you play all the Fatal Fury games Merlin? Out of all of them - apart from MOTW (which is kind of seperate anyway) - which is the best to play - if you could only play one? (I hope its not too hard a question).

Yes I do play them all RiKo. I don't have MOTW yet though. It's a hard question but if I'm forced to pick only one it would have to be Real Bout 2. I love them all though but I think that is the best one. I know some people prefer Real Bout Special. Have you been playing the FF games much recently? Did you fight Krauser yet in Fatal Fury Special?
If you gave me the choice, I would choose Fatal Fury 3 - Road to the Final Victory. Real Bout Fatal Fury, I find is more or less a clone of FF3 and no proper storyline, but I imagine our little hero Terry shouting at Geese "Stay away from my homeland!" :twisted:.
Thanks Will and Merlin Smile I suppose the first FF game is pretty much redundant now, unless you are playing it for old times sake.

Merlin - no - not yet! I haven't been able to play many NG games recently - sometimes I am too exhausted (thats why I'm lurking on here a lot Smile) I did play MOTW and Overtop last week though. I like FF Special though - its a good - but quite hard a game.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
tony starks
merlin wrote:
Congrats Tony! Yeah it's true that apart from Geese the rest of the cpu opponents are not exactly difficult especially Michael Max. My favourite tactic with Geese is block quite a lot and wait till he changes plane and when he comes back into your plane knock him down with a low punch and then fireball him in the face as he stands up. I do still have problems with him from time to time though.

I also slightly prefer Andy over Terry. Beating Geese with Joe Higashi on hard level can be VERY challenging. This game is still a lot of fun to play despite it's age.

Thanx man Thumbs Up yeah with Andy, once I have an opponent down all you have to do is constantly Zaneiken them, this even works with Geese as well, I really need to record myself playing to show you. I need to figure out how to do this possibly through mame perhaps.
Edited by tony starks on 11. November 2008 18:45
Starks is always out
The best games in the series are MOTW and Real Bout Special in my opinion.
fatal fury special
fatal fury 3
real bout 2
mark of the wolves

are the essential games every aes or mvs owner should never be without

the fatal fury series is my favourite gaming series my fave game at the mo of them is motw
tony starks
Love em all, next I have Fatal Fury 2 on my agenda Thumbs Up
Starks is always out
Will wrote:
If you gave me the choice, I would choose Fatal Fury 3 - Road to the Final Victory. Real Bout Fatal Fury, I find is more or less a clone of FF3 and no proper storyline, but I imagine our little hero Terry shouting at Geese "Stay away from my homeland!" :twisted:.

I know what you mean Will. I really like the fact that Fatal Fury 3 has a good storyline. It's definitely the most underrated game in the series I think.

tony starks wrote:
Thanx man yeah with Andy, once I have an opponent down all you have to do is constantly Zaneiken them, this even works with Geese as well, I really need to record myself playing to show you. I need to figure out how to do this possibly through mame perhaps.

If you make some videos perhaps you can put them on youtube. I don't know if you've tried it but Fraps is a really good program for recording games. I keep meaning to make some videos for Youtube myself. I'm sure you'll be able to get Fatal Fury 2 very cheaply. That was the cheapest AES game I ever bought at 8. A bargain.
tony starks
Yeah I'll look into using Fraps, thanx man, nah I got Fatal Fury 2 already, I mean it's next on my agenda in regard to 1cc Grin
Starks is always out
A better way to record is to get Final Burn Alpha. I have a version of that that lets you record, it's what I used for one or two GotW vids a while back, and it won't be all choppy like FRAPS is. It really does work great!

It's one particular version of FB that has the record version I think. If you need any help with it let me know!

It certainly looks like I was late to the party (again) but I am glad I came back to check out the new site design and realized just how much I missed the place. These game of the week discussions are really something too; a great idea!

As for Fatal Fury...

The original Fatal Fury is one of those rare fighters that can honestly claim that it wasn't ripping off Street Fighter 2. The game is actually more similar to Street Fighter's original outing, but unlike Capcom's original iteration of what has become a flagship title, it doesn't suck quite as much even after all these years. In fact, though this may be nostalgia talking here, the game is actually quite entertaining with it's unique cast and simple gameplay and still remains as one of my personal favorites, both in the series and

The good

- The storyline is actually well above average and good enough that it is expanded upon in the PSX/NG64 3D game Fatal Fury Wild Ambition (a remake of the first game if you will) and given a surprisingly cinematic build up. Even without fancy FMV shenanigans however the game manages to build a good story with in game dialogue showing Geese as he follows your progress.

- The opponents are all really unique in their fighting mechanics and almost all of them posses unique abilities, many of which haven't been seen in many, if any, other games in the genre. Tung Fu transforms into a monster version of himself when his health starts to drain, Geese practically invented the reversal move by himself, Richard can climb the ceiling and so on.

- The graphics is a mixed bag but I will put it here anyway as the characters look good for the time if not amazing, and each has a ton of personality (there's a reason why guys like Terry, Geese and even Raiden keeps coming back you know) the gameplay mixes simplicity with hardcore SNK fighting in it's earliest form (remember it was Joe and not Sagat that invented the tiger knee move and the input motion that came to be associated with it) and the BGM as well as the soundeffects are actually well above average for the time.

The bad

- Again the graphics, this time I am mainly talking about the messed up perspective on many of the stages and ugly background characters. The game has many cool things in the background like early references to Real Bout, moving trains, the changing daylight, Geese's henchmen popping up to give Hwa Jai and Billy a hand and of course the cool rain effect on Tung's stage BUT maybe they should have left out the audience. Not only does the spectators look really out of place with their ugly low resolution hides, but must of them appear as dwarves (especially the family in Raiden's stage look like scenery rather than people) and the fact that most everything else including buildings and vehicles look incredibly out of proportion doesn't help.

Overall 7/10

This is not just based on nostalgic value (hell I even lowered the score a little to reflect a realistic approach and not just my personal love for Fatal Fury, SNK and fighters in general) but also the fact that the game is still enjoyable after all these years. I like how the game is actually surprisingly fair because the AI doesn't automatically block and counter your every move even on the harder levels (in fact the majority of your opponents can't block even if they want to) and because there is a natural learning curve that into play when beating the opponents at their own game. Sure guys like Billy can go into a special block stance but that doesn't stop you from hammering him with block damage through special moves and, better yet, throwing him once he comes down from getting his kane back.

This is one of two games that I have all the medals for on the Arcade Classics collection. The other being Magician Lord (and a third, World Heroes, coming up soon)

Oh and what other fighting games had co-op waaay back in 1991?
Edited by HexElf on 25. November 2008 13:05
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
And also because I have way too much free time on my hands as it is right now, here's a quick guide on how to beat the AI controlled opponents starting with the fearsome foursome at the start, and ending with Geese.

Tung Fu Rue
I recommend you start with this guy because both his forms can be pretty pesky. If you can simply walk into him and throw twice to make him transform with the minimal amount of health. If he keeps hitting you with that jump kick or simply slapping you away focus on landing special moves, particularly those that makes you fly at him (like Terry's burn knuckle or Joe's slash kick) because you need to score as much damage as possible within the first 2-3 attacks before he changes forms. Once changed, wait for Tung to recover his hulk pose and hit him just as he finishes with whatever projectile you have (it should be on him by the time he recovers to force him to take the hit) and if you did it correctly Tung will transform right back, where you can pretty much beat him for free.

- Hulk form cannot be thrown.
- Both versions can block, but they are both equally bad at it.
- Tung's plane shifting attacks are unusually strong, but you will beat them as long as you're off the ground early.
- Joe's TNT punches can absolutely destroy the hulk form if you get it started just as his transformation ends.

Duck King
An easy match as long as you keep two things in mind...
- His jump kick is extremely punishable even if it hits. Take a free throw or hit him with a special once he comes down.
- His "blanka ball" switches fields if it bounces off you on block. Don't bother with fancy counters, just go after him with your plane shifting attack right away and keep hunting him with it until you score.

Richard Meyer
The guy can't block so simply keep your distance and hammer him with ranged attacks, pressure him in the corners and hunt him with plane shifting attacks if he tries to escpae. Richard's only real strengths are his close combat skills and when he climbs the ceiling. If he does the latter simply use your anti air special or a jump kick from a distance to take him down.

Michael Max
He can't shift planes, he's a monster in close combat, he can actually evade your attacks with a backdash and his projectile can be a real round winner! What to do? Well Michael is extremely weak against jumping attacks so simply take to the air and make him eat flying kicks all day. No other strategy is really necessary.

Hwa Jai
He's like Tung but really a lot easier. All you have to do is stalk him for throws because without his juice Jai doesn't really have much to say about it. Once you landed two throws he'll be badly injured and resort to his mystery drink. Either TNT punch him with Joe as he recovers or throw him yet again for free damage. He should be either dead (in the case of Joe) or on his last legs. If he's still standing Hwa Jai will continually start abusing his Rocket special move which is extremely fast and powerful. Simply do what you can to block the attacks and throw out crouching punches until you stuff it and win.

This big bear can't be thrown and he does insane damage with his moves and has a really scary throw. Fortunately he can't block either so what you need to do is stay just outside of his poison mist range and hammer him with all the fireballs you can muster. You can score some easy hits with jump in attacks or crouching pokes but you really need to focus on scoring knockdowns to avoid those throws. Raiden also likes to plane shift a lot, but he's a big target and his plane shifting attack isn't very good so simply hunting from plane to plane and you'll get him soon enough.

Billy Kane
Billy can be a real pain but there's an easy, but cheap, trick to beating him. Every time you score a knockdown he should lose his cane, once he does Billy will just stand there blocking for a while before one of Geese's henchmen throws him a new one. Once he does simply throw Billy once he lands and repeat the process. You can also pummel him with special moves while he's in his pose to rack up chip damage. Whatever you do, don't let him dictate the match with his staff kick move, it's ability to cross up at certain distances will destroy even the best of players in no time, get away or move in close and score that knockdown!

Geese Howard
Now we're getting somewhere, this match can be tough even when you know what you are doing because Geese has two insanely powerful moves:

- The reppuken which is extremely fast in this game, does incredible damage and recovers almost instantly, allowing him to keep firing at you in rapid succession.

- His trademark reversal move which can catch any attack or special move except projectiles and throws.

- In addition to this he's also really fast, he has good reach and strong normals.

While Geese is actually fairly susceptible to pokes and jumping attacks (because he can only start blocking once something already connected) it is actually a very dangerous game to play hop kicks on him. What you need to do is stick to the ground. You can do this by either trying to hit him from far away with projectiles or you can just walk right up to him for a throw. This works more often than you think if you got the spacing right. Once the throw connects send a fireball his way as soon as you recover (a ranged attack like the burn knuckle works too but keep in mind that he could reverse it) to score an almost free hit for huge damage.

Now Geese will often try to jump away with a planeshift (if not, go for a throw or projectile again), so stalk him with your plane shifting attacks once he does and don't worry about the reversal as he can barely use it properly when you stalk him from plane to plane. Once you nail him do, another fireball attack as soon as you can and keep the pressure up, Geese is at his worst when being pressured by people who don't try to use normal jumps or striking attacks get to him.

Now if he starts getting trigger happy with reppukens, which he often does, you need to start jumping regardless, just blocking them will get you killed in no time. You can try jumping in with a kick if you're feeling lucky or simply do an emtpy jump in and throw. Geese's kicks and jumps takes him closer to you as well, so keep a lookout for those throw openings, you won't last long without them and every throw opens up insane damage opportunities.

The End
It really should be only a matter of time before you. Oh and if you're playing the SNK Arcade Classics version, then the time of death will be accurate with your PS2s internal clock. The FFBA doesn't do this unfortunately.
Edited by HexElf on 26. November 2008 01:46
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
Off topic, but I don't suppose you'd like me to post some of your reviews on the site would you Hex? If not then I understand but I thought I would ask Smile

I need to do an update tomorrow and add a few reviews that are lying around that should have gone on the site a LONG time ago. Must get it done tomorrow! Smile

Kazuya_UK wrote:
Off topic, but I don't suppose you'd like me to post some of your reviews on the site would you Hex? If not then I understand but I thought I would ask Smile

I need to do an update tomorrow and add a few reviews that are lying around that should have gone on the site a LONG time ago. Must get it done tomorrow! Smile


Sure, go right ahead if you think they fit in there with their ah sometimes thematic tendencies. Also I'm not a native english speaker but of course you can correct any annoying spelling or grammar errors if you like to. In any case, I'd be happy to contribute to the community! =D
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
Oh and I updated the guide there. I will look into my high score as well soon enough as I think I have one where I actually managed to beat all the bonus stages (just one out of the two times I did it I was able to one credit the game on standard difficulty)
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
That's great! When I work on adding some reviews later on I'll get yours added too Smile

Kusanagiflame wrote:
Aw man, I love Fatal Fury, an oldie but a goodie. Fighting Duck King, Richard Meyer, Billy Kane, and Geese, while listening to their respective tunes was awesome. Cool

yeah the tunes are so awesome especially Geese Howard's theme
Well if HexElf was late to the party then I must've arrived...

1) after all the beers been drunk
2) when everyones lying all over the place unconscious (kitchen, bathroom... garden!)
3) when the suns coming up
4) just after the parents arrived home to find the 'carnage'

Still, I came here to have a good time REGARDLESS Music so here goes:

SO... Fatal Fury - love this game (as much as SF2 at the time... more than SF2 nowadays) HOWEVER... I hadn't actually played this on the NEOGEO(PS2 ArcPerfect) 'til this year! I have always played it on the MD with the 6-button pad (I know you only need 3 but theD-pad is better on the 6-button!) using RGB SCART for the best sound & picture.

AS A RESULT: I prefer FFury on MD over NEOGEO... purely down to familiarity I think. I prefer the voice samples and SFX on the MD even if graphically the game is inferior to the NEO. It also plays JUST as well on the MD and suprisingly JOE is my fave in this game (it's all about the Tiger Kick... devastating!) Upon mastering the CONTAINS ACTUAL REAL TIGER 'Tiger Kick' all will fall before you... this will enable Joe to be just like his Dad by being the yadda yadda (It's touching stuff Joe... No, really!)

ALSO... If I had to order the 'Garous' in order of favouritism I would PERSONALLY go for:

My top 3:
1) RBFFspecial (I 'personally' feel this is the best FF ever!)
2) RBFF (This was the best to me before RBSpecial arrived)
3) FF2/FFSp (I prefer 2 for nostalgia reasons, but Sp is better due to the expanse)

4) MOTW - Looks AMAZING... a true testament to the power of the NEOGEO. Plays well (mostly). Soundtrack is OK, BUT for me, for the most part, the new characters SUCK. I mean we got Rock (very cool) a new Terry (looks nicely updated... like Kyo has been... Er, wheres the Rising Tackle - a personal fave OVER the power dunk) but otherwise WTF:

DongHwan/JaeHoon: Cool but, for some reason, I just don't care about them (odd I know)
Marco Rodriguez: Ah good ol' Kushnood. I like this guy but he kinda feels like Sean from SF3 BUT not as good! He just lacks personality and originality (Another Kyokugen *yawn*... I DON'T need a Kyokugen in my NEW FF thanks!)

The Rest: Boring. Sorry. I just couldn't care less about Gato or Hotaru or that crap ninja girl. As for Kevin Rian... pff

THIS GAME gets compared with SF3 A LOT (graphics - mega frames! - and character/game reboots) BUT SF3 is just so good! I like all the characters (except Twelve & Necro... creepy) and they all feel pretty good to use. I just don't get what I want from MOTW... so I stick with RBseries instead.

5) RBFF2 - Played this sometime after RBFF & Special: I simply just didn't like the approach & presentation of the game (pants character select screen, no in-between cut scenes, Kim in Turquoise?, 'Get In The Ring' - WTF?!) Wasn't bothered enough about Rick or XiangFei either (Ricks never been seen since so enough said!) For me RBFFSp raised the bar enough - quite a bit above RBFF - however I don't feel RBFF2 really raised it at all (AH... don't get me wrong here, this is still a great game)

6) FF - a classic... great music, SFX, cool characters, nice BG's BUT the love for NEOGEO all started with FF2 for me!

IF... you didn't get bored listening(?) to me going on with myself, then, thanks for reading!

The NGN!
It's always interesting to hear other people's opinions about Neo Geo games so I definitely wasn't bored reading that. Smile

Even though I prefer the Neo Geo original I do know what you mean about the MD port because I played that one a hell of a lot before I owned a Neo Geo. I still think it's not a bad port at all and way better than the Snes version which left out the plane system for some strange reason. It's nice in the MD version that you can play as any character including Geese in 2 player mode and of course that's something you can't do in the Neo Geo game.

My favourite in the series is RBFF2. There's very little to choose between it and RBFFS but it's partly because I really like Li Xiangfei.

FF2 is a classic but I don't really feel much desire to play it any more. I'd rather just play Fatal Fury Special these days.
I have a question. Does anyone know what the lyrics of the song in Richard Meyer's PaoPao Cafe are? I barely detected Richard Meyer's name being sung in it.
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