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July 21 2019

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Thread Author: Raiken
Thread ID: 799
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There are 14 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 4704 times.
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I'm gonna be 23! Whee!
So I'm hangin here in Japan and my birthday's comin up in 5 days. To be honest I'm not gonna be doing a whole lot since my Japanese friends are busy and all but one of the other foreign students I actually like to be around is in town right now. I'm probably just gonna chill with him for the day. Right now my budget is tight too cause I paid for my next semester.

I actually managed to get a japanese wii awhile back since I gave up any hope of the black version being out while I'm still here(I leave in August). But then I saw this thing:


It comes with all the tools I need and is totally something I can pull off. I found instructions on how to do it here as well.

This is where you guys come in. If each of you guys would be so kind as to throw a couple bucks my way I might be able to afford this thing and finally have that awesome black wii I've been waiting for.

Anywho, just throwing that out there Wink

My paypal account is trueraiken @

Thanks in advance Smile
Edited by Raiken on 20. February 2008 18:01
I'm so going to make a 'Help Midian buy a candycab' topic!
tony starks
I may throw in a little something nearer the time Wink . Are they going to release a black wii by the way?
I remember ages ago when we had that idea of sending each other a dollar or two via paypal on each others birthdays, and in actual fact a handful of people did send me a little bit on my birthday some time ago which was very cool of them. Maybe we should resurrect the idea! Wink

But anyways, I sent a little donation to your account... only $10 and with all the contributions you have made to the site I'd like to send more, but it's a start Smile. Have a great birthday dude! Thumbs Up

tony starks wrote:
I may throw in a little something nearer the time Wink . Are they going to release a black wii by the way?

The only official black wii that is known to exist was just a prototype model shown at some game show. I have no doubt nintendo will release more colors for their system but since they're is still struggling to meet demand(the units sell the instant they hit the shelves), they probably won't have any new colors for quite some time. I think they should have done what they did with the gamecube and released it initially with 2 different colors.

Kaz: Many thanks Smile In regards to contributing to the site I might actually get around to writing that MSA review for Wii :sweat:
Happy B-day broseph. Sorry for being late.

I'm sad to say that i can't contribute to your gift. I'm lacking a job atm.
tony starks
As promised mate. Prezzie on its way.

Starks out.
Just sent you a small gift. Have a great birthday. Smile
Thanks again everybody for the birthday wishes. Soon the case mod should arrive here and I'll try putting on the wii when I get the chance. I probably won't be able to get photos online anytime soon since my wireless won't let me upload photos here.
I'm gonna turn 29 this week...damn I feel old.
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
29 is good baby! you got this far, be proud Smile
28 this year so not far behnd you Pfft

Great news on the Wii Raiken - can you email pics? If so, send them to me and I will upload them for you if need be Smile

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 02. March 2008 21:09
Damn I nearly forgot about your birthday! Belated happy birthday dude GrinThumbs Up
Kazuya_UK wrote:
28 this year so not far behnd you Pfft

Great news on the Wii Raiken - can you email pics? If so, send them to me and I will upload them for you if need be Smile


Thanks but I should have some pics up soon. I could actually just use imageshack now that I think about it.
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