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January 18 2019

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 796
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There are 31 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 11381 times.
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New forum rank ideas!
Glad you like the Successful Joe one Grin

I will change the Giga Power one actually, and I did think of Blazing Star... totally forgot to put it in there. Like I said there's a lot of room for improvement/change.

So far increasing the amount of available ranks seems dead in the water as I looked at the script we use myself and I have a rough idea of the values that need to be changed but in all honesty I don't want to mess with it as I'm worried about breaking it entierly, and I don't want to mess up the database tables lol LOL. I am going to ask on one of the support sites and see if anyone can help, but the script is an older one that doesn't seem to be supported anymore. One of the experts over there might know what to do however, so hopefully I'll find a solution.

If not, then for now we can cut down the ranks to 30, which will still be an improvement on the 15 we currently have.

Hey, 30 is still pretty good y'know.

And like Jesus said to Judas over supper, good luck with the scriptures dude. Thumbs Up
If you want some titles more sophisticated, we oughtta try these:

AOF Ranks:
The Raging Tiger (Robert Garcia)
The Invicible Dragon (Ryo Sakazaki)
Police Commissioner (Geese Howard)
Neo Ninja (Eiji Kisaragi)
Fighting Machine (John Crawley)

Fatal Fury Ranks:
The Reluctant Wolf (Terry)
The Vengeful Wolf (Andy)
The Intelligent Wolf (Joe)
Hakkyoukuseiken Style Heir (Jeff)
Laundry Doer (Billy Kane)

World Heroes Ranks:
French Fencer (Janne)
Japanese Judoka (Ryoko)
Geegus Force (Geegus)
Dio powerslayer (Dio)

The Super Spy Ranks:
Super Spy
Delta Force Member

Voltage Fighter Ranks:
Voltage Fighter
Plutonium Twin
Mutant All-Stars

NAM-1975 Rank:
NAM Commando

The wolf titles are seperate titles from the Lonely Wolves. The Reluctant Wolf is Terry, The Vengeful Wolf is Andy and the Intelligent Wolf is Joe, so it makes good sense, especially if you are a Fatal Fury player. I called Billy Kane a Laundry Doer because its his hobby. Neo-Geo weenie I find rather sucky, because weenie is another word for sausage and it sounds a little queer to call a newcomer a sausage LOL pork or beef? I would replace that title with something more cute like Star Sprite, Twinkle Sprite or Bubble Dragon.
Edited by Will on 07. September 2008 19:57
Emo Fairy
Will wrote:
Neo-Geo weenie I find rather sucky, because weenie is another word for sausage

I lolled irl Grin Nice one Will! Grin

i whant the The Reluctant Wolf (Terry) one Grin
OK, time to resurrect this idea. I have the capability to add more ranks now as PHP Fusion 7 allows it... not sure what the limit is, but it's a lot more than before. I've already added a few new ones like Magician Lord, Raguy, and Ghost Pilot, but I need some more ideas... I like some of the ones that were mentioned earlier in the thread, but we'll need to make new images for them too. Anyone want to help? I am gonna fire up Nebula and try and rip a few sprites when I can.

As for the Custom ranks... still working on getting them back! Hopefully soon!

One shall throw some random rank images together for your perusal. Height/width restrictions? 30x120px or something like that?
Definitely no wider than 120, but I think ideally with this theme they shouldn't be any bigger than the Neo icons cos otherwise it does stretch that table a tad. Doesn't really make much difference though so don't sweat it. Smile

Thanks man... not had chance tonight but I am gonna load up Nebula tomorrow and try my hand at it Smile

I'll make them all 100px wide if I can, in keeping with the avatar width limit. Makes sense to me. And it'll keep it looking neat and tidy too. Not always easy with some images though... I'll see what I can throw together tonight/tomorrow.

On an unrelated topic, Opera 9.6 renders the new site FAST.
Thanks matey! Smile

It does? That's cool then. I am glad it works in Opera seeing as we've had problems with it before. It does actually seem faster in Firefox now though, definitely better than the old site imho.

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