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October 22 2018

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Thread Author: Klarkus
Thread ID: 78
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There are 11 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2798 times.
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Like it
Ah you got it up and running Smile Nice one looks awesome m8.

Like the sig Wink
Thanks mate, glad you like it!

Lol yea, nice sig. I have no argument at the moment though, we are shite at times, good one week, awful the next. Even if we didn't play a full strength team last night it was not good enough, and although we played ok on Saturday we defended horribly for all three goals so we didn't deserve anything from the game.

Not looking forward to Barca if we play like that! Shock

lol I know I feel sorry for you. But stranger things have happened. Arsenal are better than Barca anyway so you might have a chance :twisted:
Can't agree on that one although I did root for the Gooners in last years final. I respect the talent Barca have (I respect some of Arsenals players too), but I do try to support the English/British clubs in Europe, other than Man Utd anyway Wink

We did beat AC with a far shittier side than what we have now, so it's more than possible to beat them, especially on a Euro night at Anfield where the atmosphere is as good as any stadium in the world... it just depends on which Liverpool team turns up - the one that fights for everything and plays exciting football at times, or the one that starts well and then rolls over and dies! Pfft

well i feel for both of you cus being a chelsea fan and haveing a wealth of talent and cash at our disposol just means that you'll never reach our level Pfft

nah i still say liverpool have the most talented squad in the prem, in time they'll be back in form and beating us and man utd.

as for the gooners when wenger calls it a day at the club then your problems will start.
LOL. I'm not really a Chelsea hater like many, I'm far from being a fan and there are things about the way the club is run that I don't like particularly, but Chelsea are still preferable to the Man Utd's of this world, but I'm bound to say that being a Liverpool fan! Grin In John Terry though, you have the perfect captain, and despite me wanting Gerrard to get the England captaincy, I admit that I always thought it would be better going to John Terry. He's just the best for the England role, too bad we have a poor manager in charge of him :|

We'll have to see where our investment takes us. Although we do need more funds to complete the squad (we are 2/3 of the way there to a title-capable team I think), I'm still a bit iffy about the people buying us. If their heart is in it for the right reasons then great, but if it is a money making venture then hell no. I will say one thing for Abramovich, at least he is a football fan, and I appreciated him clapping when Liverpool won that Champions League Semi Final. Thumbs Up

Enough ranting anyway. LOL I'm still toying with the idea of a football forum here. I'll do it if there is enough interest. For the time being just a "sports" section might do the trick though, and people could talk about anything they wanted. Might take a vote on that soon...


ps welcome to the forums glyph! Thumbs Up
Edited by Kazuya_UK on 13. January 2007 19:25
Thanks kaz it's nice to be back at long last Thumbs Up

And yeah i share your fears over your soon to be owners(i cant see there being any oil in liverpool it's been stolen already) :twisted:
but on the bright side at least you'll have the spending power to compeat with teams such as ac milan and the mighty real madrid, plus liverpools history is sure to pull in the big players, so all in all i hope we have a new and bright era at anfield LOL

my knowledge is jeet kune do. my failiure is my past.
Hope so... I've been a fan since I was 5 (so over 2 decades now Smile), so I do worry a little about the future of the club in the hands of people who probably don't love it as much as David Moores does. Admittedly Moores just doesn't have it in him to carry on running it (and certainly doesn't want to stump up more cash to finance it either) so it is time for a change... it's just a shame that Steve Morgan failed with his bid as at least that guy is a true reds fan.

We're playing Chelsea soon... I'd like to say good luck, and normally I would, but on this occasion I can't! I really want us to win that game, because how long is it since we beat Chelsea in the league? Smile

Mitch The Zombie
I like it dude, looks very cool. :eh:

Sorry just liked that smiley LOL
Edited by Mitch The Zombie on 14. January 2007 17:54

For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life.
But for me... it was Tuesday.
Yea, the o_O smiley is class Grin

Long time no chat mitch the zombie Grin

Hows things?
my knowledge is jeet kune do. my failiure is my past.
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