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November 13 2018

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Thread Author: merlin
Thread ID: 758
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There are 10 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 5365 times.
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Hyper Neo Geo 64
I have always been intrigued by the Hyper Neo Geo 64 but have never had a chance to play any of the games. I was just wondering if any forum members have had a chance to play any of them and what they think about them. Being a big Samurai Shodown fan I am really interested in the 2 Samurai games on the Hyper 64. I have been watching quite a few videos on youtube and both Samurai games look really impressive. Here is a video of Asura vs. Sogetsu from youtube by rarekfm (


I know very little about superguns but if I understand correctly if I buy one I can use it with a Hyper 64 motherboard and games and play it on my TV. It seems there are different motherboards but I am mainly interested in the fighting games. I read that some people consider Buriki-One to be a very good fighting game. Also on Neo-Alec's site there is a review of Road's Edge which also sounds pretty good.

I was just wondering as well how well the Hyper 64 games did in Japanese arcades and is it still possible to find them there? I can imagine that because only 7 games were released that the Hyper 64 wasn't exactly a huge success. If anyone has any info and advice about Hyper 64 games I would really appreciate it.
Edited by merlin on 03. December 2008 19:35
If I remember correctly the two Sam Sho games, Buriki, and FF are the only ones you can just use the same supergun and controllers for. I don't think a light gun game would work but the racers might.
You used to be able to pick a complete set of all the fighters on ebay for I think around $150 or $200 bucks. There isn't anything like that on there right now but I'd recommend you keep an eye out since I know they can be snatched up for pretty cheap.

Edit: (taken from
There are 4 known types of Neogeo Hyper64 motherboard available;
"Fighting" boards will ONLY play the fighting games, there are 2 revisions of this board, the second revision had a standard neogeo harness instead of a custom one.
"Racing" boards will ONLY play the 2 racing games.
"Shooter" boards will ONLY play Beast Busters: Second Nightmare.
"Korean" boards will ONLY play the 2 Samurai Shodown games.
If you put a game cartridge in a motherboard that does not support it, it will report a (MACHINE CODE ERROR). If you have the racing board and do not connect all of the analog inputs before bootup it will also throw up an error.
Edited by boogiepop on 03. February 2008 14:03
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
Thanks for the info Boogiepop. Thumbs Up I will keep an eye on ebay but it will probably be later in the year when I buy the supergun, motherboard and games. I found quite a bit of info also at the Hyper 64 wiki and also on the forums.

It seems some people have 'consolized' their fighting game motherboards which is pretty cool but I reckon I will still go the supergun route. If anyone reading this thread has played any Hyper 64 games especially the Samurai games then I would be very interested to find out their opinion of the game(s).
Any word of emulation of the Hyper Neo?
Jak wrote:
Any word of emulation of the Hyper Neo?

I was wondering this myself and previously thought no Hyper 64 games had been successfully emulated yet but I just found this video of Wild Ambition on Youtube. Here is the link:


It might be worth checking out the port of Fatal Fury Wild Ambition on the playstation if you can. Some people say it is not very good but I read in a recent thread sukotsuto was saying that it's an enjoyable game.

You can also find some nice videos of Buriki One and the 2 Samurai games on youtube.
Edited by merlin on 11. February 2008 15:47
A shame that Mame+++ support has ceased though. Though, I hear that MAME Dev are working on a new MAME emu that may support Naomi games. So Hyper Neo games may still happen somewhere down the line.
I figured I'd bump this thread rather than starting a new topic.

I'm really excited because all of a sudden loads of Neo Geo Hyper 64 videos have started appearing on youtube including the racing/shooting games which haven't been on there before.

Youtube users Supreme Judge and turfmasta have put quite a few videos on recently. Both are members of the forums. They are planning to put up more videos.

The two racing games Road's Edge and Xtreme Rally look pretty good but it's the light gun game Beast Busters Second Nightmare which really appeals to me. It's a shame I'll never get to play these games. Hopefully someone will emulate them one day. The whole of Beast Busters is now on youtube.

Here's a few videos:

Beast Buster's Second Nightmare (stage 1)

Road's Edge

Xtreme Rally
Sorry to double post but I really want to ask a question.... I kind of get the feeling that there is very little interest in Snk's 64-bit hardware and games here at NGFL. Why is that?

Even if you've never had the chance to play these games I would have thought any Snk fan would be at least a little curious about what the Hyper games are like. They are part of Snk's history after all. There's a whole forum about it at with loads of threads including about the new youtube videos. Obviously there are many more members at but I'm still surprised that no one seems interested in discussing the subject here. I would guess that most Neo Geo owners have probably never seen or played Beast Busters Second Nightmare so isn't it interesting to see videos of the game in action?

At the end of the day though if people aren't interested in the subject then that's fair enough.

One thing I found out from the forums which was interesting is that it's possible to wire up a joystick to the shooting motherboard and so play Beast Busters with a supergun.
I'd love to play these games. I only ever got to try the 3D version of Fatal Fury and Samurai Shodown on the PSOne, and from what I understand those were horrible compared to the Hyper 64 games. It would be great if SNK released a compilation of ports of these games on a current gen system, or if I had some way of trying them out, like a decent emu or something. I doubt I'll ever own the actual system, so I'm not sure I'll get the chance otherwise:(

I'm not sure if this is true, but it's kind of a shame that the Hyper Neo 64 neevr took off because I heard it also had pretty decent 2D capabilities. Would have been interesting to see what SNK could have done with that, although I wonder how SNK's future would have panned out if it had been a success? Would they have killed the Neo Geo sooner?

Yeah I agree Kaz that it would be fantastic if these games appeared on some kind of compilation so more people could experience them. I've never tried those PSOne games you mentioned but have heard bad things about them. I checked out a video of the Samurai game and it looked pretty bad. People often think this is a port of one of the Hyper 64 Samurai games but it is of course a sequel to one of them.

Yes I think it's true to say that Snk's 64-bit hardware does have excellent 2D capabilities. For example the character select screen in Samurai Spirits 2 is really stunning. In fact that game, although it has a 3d element, feels and looks very much like a 2D game. I think it would really appeal to fans of the MVS Samurai games.

I have the 4 fighting games so if you ever want to have a go at them you would be more than welcome.

For anyone interested you can get the fighting game motherboard and games fairly cheaply on ebay.
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