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October 19 2018

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Thread Author: Klarkus
Thread ID: 75
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There are 19 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 5182 times.
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360 madness!!!
I got a 360 for xmas and all ive gotta say is WOW!

Its just amazing. Originally I was meant to get a Wii but my m9 who works in woolies got one a few days earlier...we played it and it was ok. I hadnt really played a 360 though. Ive had a few blasts on a few games but not really played it alot. In the end I just got a 360 and it was the better choice.

Anyone else recently got a 360 or have one and think its awesome?

Fave game: Fight Night round 3

Oh yeah Lost Planet out this friday Smile
I wasn't too impressed with the 360 when it was first released but got one in November after seeing how much the quality of games had improved (It was playing Dead Rising that got my attention). Plus, quite a few of my friends have them too so it's always fun to play online with them. There were a lot of generic titles at first but now things have gathered pace and there's some great titles coming soon such as Lost Planet and Bioshock, as well as recent games like Gears of War (which is awesome, but I don't think that anything can live up to its hype).

In fact, if anyone fancies a game, my live gamertag is BrowncoatDave. Feel free to send me a friends request.

However, I recently played on my cousin's wii and I want one of those too! Wii Sports Bowling and Golf are so much fun!
I maybe going back on Xbox Live but not sure yet. Ive got Dead Rising too and its awesome.

The Wii is pretty good but its just a novelty thing. Only for multiplayer purpose. After a hard days work I just wanna loaf on the setee with a pad and just batter a few games, where as with the Wii if you play it for 20 minutes on your own you start to feel stupid and very tires Roll Eyes
Glad to see you're enjoying your new console. Dead Rising is indeed a blast, but dont neglect some other titles such as Hitman: Blood Money, Gears of War, Condemned: Criminal Origins, and Oblivion. All of those games are great and should keep you busy for quite some time...or until Virtua Fighter 5 crashes onto the 360 in the near future.

Anyway, enjoy your new shiny white box, it wont disappoint you.
I have to say the 360 is alot more inviting to me than the PS3 probably ever will be, so far the PS3 game lineup leaves alot to be desired. I see nothing worth the price of the console and I really dont see anything coming in the next several months that is going to change that opinion.

Though I havent bought a 360 yet, that will be my next console if for no other reason than Forza 2 and maybe GTR2, which im already getting destroyed bye on the PC.

Gears of war is definitly pretty cool too, now if only they took that and made Mercenaries II I would be pretty stoked. The 360 looks to be a pretty safe buy for youre gaming dollar Wink
Edited by candycab on 11. January 2007 18:34
GET GEARS OF WAR, this title alone might tempt me to get a Xbox360
I wasnt too much into console shooters, but this one is so much fun too play, team deathmatch with friends definitely rocks
Dead Rising looks quite fun too and Lost Planet is impressive
Nice christmas presents, i would have loved to received something like that
Edited by Daaren on 11. January 2007 18:37
GET GEARS OF WAR, this title alone might tempt me to get a Xbox360
I wasnt too much into console shooters, but this one is so much fun too play

Definately. I got that one when it first came out and still play it regularly. As well as the whole close tense run-shoot-cover gameplay the thing I like about it the most is it's stong co-op element.

The ability to play through the whole main campaign both with or without a friend (they can join in at anytime) is a feature that so many games miss (yet was plentiful in games 10-years or so ago!). Though on insane difficulty, you can tell it was made with co-op in mind.
I got gears of war with my 360 in the bundle

The games I have so far are Gears of War, Call of Duty 3, Project Goth 3, QUake 4, Fight Night and Dead Rising. Will get Lost Planet next week when my new HD TV gets delivered next friday Grin
I got gears of war with my 360 in the bundle

bitchin'! Let me know if you fancy a game! Grin

oh, btw I just found that 2 new GoW maps are available for download. Sweet!
Edited by phry on 13. January 2007 14:31
I aint got xbox live. I used to have it for the original XBOX but I battered it. Almost lost my job and girlfriend cuz of it. Never again :sweat:
You know you're addicted when... Smile

It is easy to get addicted to stuff online though... just don't play WoW! :sweat:

I played that and thought it was pretty cack. I prefered Diablo 2 Smile

Anyway my m8s got Lost Planet and he said its abit samey but the boss's are just MEGA hard! Whens Virtua Fighter 5 out Grin
Watching Emo Fairy play lots of Wow got me more and more interested in it, and eventually I caved in and downloaded the trial... then she bought it me for Christmas and I have gotten very addicted to it. Depends what you like I guess - originally I was waiting eagerly for PSO Universe, but after playing that for a while in single player and enjoying it, I thought that I'd probably get into WoW a lot more when it came to the online part.

The 360 will be getting Virtua Fighter 5 in the summer. I may just pick one up then. As for the other systems, they don't seem worth the price tag to me as of yet.
Whats this about Tekken 6 comming out on 360 aswell?
Klarkus wrote:
Whats this about Tekken 6 comming out on 360 aswell?

Really?? I'm fairly shocked. Where did you hear that?

I can't say that I'm convinced yet that Tekken 6 is 360-bound. Don't Sony have exclusivity deals with some Namco series? (or have they expired?)

However, Ridge Racer 6 made it to the 360, so it wouldn't be the most surprising thing in the world.
Edited by phry on 29. January 2007 21:51
I would prefer Tekken 5: DR though
I got a 360 since last year July, I wasn't quite happy with it and had to wait very long for good games (Dead Rising...Gears Of War) but I'm so happy Armored Core, Assassin's Creed and VIRTUA FIGHTER 5 (don't like Tekken anymore) are coming for the 360. I even bought that DOA4 stick from Hori for the 360 but it doesn't have much use (aside from playing DOA4 *bleh* or Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting...*when is Street Fighter Anniversary Collection becoming backwards compatible?*) so when Virtua Fighter 5 arrives for the 360 it'll be perfect Pfft
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