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November 14 2018

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Thread Author: ParallelProphet
Thread ID: 72
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There are 9 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2822 times.
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New Arrival...
Hello from the Southeastern United States of America.

First, may I say that I am impressed as well as overwhelmed with this website. Smile

Secondly, I'll introduce myself. Real name is Andy but I go by Parallel Prophet when online or gaming online.

Parallel = Referencing the parallel processors in the almighty Neo Geo.
Prophet = I'm an Evangelical Christian and just thought that the word prophet seemed appropriate.....

ParallelProphet = Me

I first was introduced to the Neo Geo by means of the AES. I'd never even heard of the MVS. I was 15 and it was 1992. My mom's best friend owned a video rental store and loaned me her system for a few days. I was snagged from the get go.

I have an AES (serial # in the 20 thousands) and I also have a top loading CD system. Currently, I'm in the midst of purchasing a second AES system to have at my folks house when I visit. This one will be a JPN model as is my current AES.

I have about 15 or so carts, some are expensive and some are not. I have 12 CD games, all of which are stellar. I also have the remaining Neo discs by means of ISO images.

Other stuff is I have a degree in the Music Industry, am 29 years old, married, have a 3 year old and one on the way.

Hello to everyone and I'm really excited about digging into this website further, meeting some cool fellow Neo Geo fans, and creating some good discussion.

Hi, Welcome to the site, thanks for joining and the nice comments about the site! Nice collection you have going there - what games do you have for the AES?

Once again, thanks for joining and I hope you enjoy your stay here! Thumbs Up

Welcome to the NG4L forums ParallelProphet Grin

It's always great to meet new members. Hope you have a great time here!
Welcome to our Insanity LOL
Edited by candycab on 11. January 2007 00:35
Welcome, I'm also from the southeast (southern Georgia)

To start off, what are some of your favorite (favourite for you Brits LOL ) neo geo titles?
Thanks Circa. Always good to see a fellow Southerner.

Some of my fave Neo titles are: Spin Masters, Slug 3, Matrimelee, Garou, Real Bout 2, Last Blade 2, and SVC Chaos.

What about you?
ParallelProphet wrote:
Thanks Circa. Always good to see a fellow Southerner.

Some of my fave Neo titles are: Spin Masters, Slug 3, Matrimelee, Garou, Real Bout 2, Last Blade 2, and SVC Chaos.

What about you?

Good choices. My top 5 at the moment would probably be:

Blazing star
King of Fighters 98
Metal Slug 3
Last Blade 2
Baseball Stars 2

It changes almost daily though. Grin
Awesome. I think KoF 98 is probably the best KoF game. And Blazing Star is SO much better than Pulstar. I've never played Baseball Stars 2 but I hear it's the awesomeness. Good taste Circa!
My fave games are listed on the site here:


I love both Blazing Star and Pulstar but BS just about wins it. Pulstar is probably too much about memorizing enemy patters really, but it is still a top game with a fantastic soundtrack! Smile

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