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November 14 2018

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Thread Author: Izlude
Thread ID: 69
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There are 7 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2507 times.
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Hi Ho Diddly Doe!
I'm Izlude, I've actually visited this site a number of times in the past to read up on reviews and stuff, but never really bothered checking out the forums until I saw Kazuya's post @ Cyberfanatix that "somehow" persuaded me to register here for no apparent reason.

Anyways, I pretty much type for a living, I got a office job just typing up a storm all day, and in the meantime, I like to draw stuff, play video games (especially fighters and Ragnarok Online), make M.U.G.E.N match video's, listen to my collection of video game OST's, and I collect tons of manga. I watch some anime too, but not alot really, just Death Note these days. Most of today's usual stuff is just meh to me. Grin

That's pretty much it, a few other things about me -

- My favorite food is Stouffer's French Bread Pizza
- My favorite movie is Weekend At Bernies II
- I hate Emo's/Goth's with a passion
- I like my women plus sized
- I think is pure wretched evil
- Family Guy is the only cartoon that can make me laugh consistently
Thanks for joining, hope you hang around or at least pop in from time to time! Smile

Izlude wrote:- I hate Emo's/Goth's with a passion

Word of warning then... don't mind our resident moderator emo_fairy... she really isn't emo at all I promise! Smile

Family Guy is the only cartoon that can make me laugh consistently

I would have said the same a while back, but despite being one of my personal faves I must admit a lot of the newer stuff over the past few months has left me feeling a bit empty. When it's funny there is nothing better and it is still more watchable than 90% of the crap around today, but it's a long way from its best in my opinion.

Do you like American Dad?

Hey Izlude, welcome to our forum
Hope you enjoy your stay Wink
Greetings Izlude. Stouffers French Bread is a gift from the gods.
Greetings Izlude and Deadpixels!

Welcome to the forums! It's always great to see new members.

Stouffers French Bread is a gift from the gods

Being in the UK, we are deprived of Stouffers French Bread (I don't know what it is but it sounds awesome). I'm sad now! Wink

Have fun everybody! Grin
Kazuya_UK wrote:Do you like American Dad?

I LURVE American Dad! If there were only more episodes of it airing, it would surpass Family Guy for me.
Fox tend to mess up with their scheduling big time unfortunately. They air a few episodes of something, and then don't show another episode for weeks, so it's no wonder that a lot of series don't do as well as they should.

Did you catch the Xmas episode of American Dad? That was one of the best episodes I've seen in a while! LOL

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