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June 26 2019

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 64
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The King of Fighters XII (locked, use new one)

On Thursday last week. Me and friends had a bit of a KOFXII & BlazBlue night.

We preferred KOFXII overall.

Like a lot of PPL have already mentioned, The BKGD's are fairly 'meh' to be honest and also the soundtrack is pretty non-existent as far as I could hear... if you 'get' what I mean.

The menu's are functional and don't offend me like they offend others... I don't really see the big deal... especially as most of the original NeoGeo ones were just Logo's 'filtered' up in PhotoShop on maximum emboss with a horrible Red or Blue (255x3) as a BKGD. These look quite nice by comparison. JUST my opinion. (KOF02UM has, IMO, the best menus's yet... on a KOF... and probably the best intro ever too)

I also like the Character Select screen... oddly, I really like the music here. Character portraits aren't bad at all... just perhaps not the best we've seen (again... see 02UM... that AW is so cool).

I'm happy with the roster of characters on offer. I think they made most of the best choices here. Many PPL complain about the roster of characters on offer BUT from my experience PPL tend to usually stick to only 4-5 characters anyway... solid characters! Sure, some of my faves are missing, but I have so many of my other faves on offer it doesn't matter at this point. The only characters I'm not to happy about being in the game... err... is Chin actually. I've never been a fan of Kung Fu characters myself and chin has never been any exception (even if he is SNK's homage to the legendary Beggar Su/So). I would have replaced him with Yuri I think, or (heh) Mr Karate/Takuma, as to make the AOF team a 3. I know this would make the PSoldier team a 2... but Kensou is so different now, it wouldn't really matter IMO.

Alternatively... They could have removed Chin & Raiden (oh... and I LIKE Raiden btw) and put King & Mai in instead? Still historys written now, so it's a mute point. I'm happy overall.

I look forward to some favourites in upcoming installments: Yashiro, Shemie, Chris, K, Maxima, King, Blue Mary, Billy, Yamazaki, Mature, Vanessa, Jhun & Shingo. I like Lin too... but he's an acquired taste I think. Can't forget Geese & Eiji too... of course.

I feel, is spot on! Sure there are issues with some of the characters missing certain moves and only having One SDM etc... but the actual gameplay itself is fantastic! ALSO... please bear in mind that KOF95 is one of my fave KOF's ever (up there, for me with XI, 03 & 02UM) so the many characters 'return to old' is fantastic for me.

The case in question: Andy & Robert. 2 of my 'mains' from 95 are now IMO back on form. I haven't liked Andy since 95 in the KOF universe as I think they COMPLETELY ruined him in 96 onward. I could only get my Andy 'fix' from playing FF2/S/3 & RBFF1/S/2. Its nice to finally be able to enjoy using him in KOF once again. Same kind of applied to Robert too. I always liked him best in 95... and although I didn't dislike him every game from 96 onwards, I've certainly had my issues with certain iterations. I liked him in 97 & 98, but his 99 & 00 was a joke. 01 was ok 02 was pretty complete but had the shocking costume complete with joke stance... he only really got back on track in 03... but was then altered AGAIN (after he was spot on again!) for NGBC & XI - which I liked, but not as much as his 95 & 03 variants (WHEW... that was f*cking long winded eh? sorry!). SO... for me it seems Andy & Robert ARE back!

However... there are characters IMO that have suffered. Personally I like Clark (more than Ralf... sorry RiKo!) and Ralf, Kensou, Elisabeth, Mature, Duo Lon, Iori, Benimaru, Terry & Ryo. Some ofthese characters I had MINOR issues with... others more severe.

Ralf & Clark: Clark is missing nearly all his moves. The Vulcan punch has made a welcome return, but sadly is nowhere near as effective as Ralfs. Ralf, moves wise suffers from the same problem. I still enjoy using Clark though... Ultra Argentine BBreaker FTW!

Kensou: Not one of my MAIN characters as he has been since 95 anymore! For me the standard fighting style is just as important as the moves... and Kensou's new style just ain't cutting it for me I'm afraid (amongst some other issues).

Elisabeth & Mature. Love both these characters. Sadly Elisabeth (only JUST after XI!) has been butchered... already and Mature whilst having a good DP overhead is now missing everything else she ever had. Shame as her basic FStyle is 'down' and the over head is VERY useful... especially due to the ability to input the 2nd part of the attack! QCB and kick may be useful, but not owning the game and sitting down properly... cannot say yet.

DuoLon: Appeared to be missing his overhead/teleport kick combo. Not sure though, but didn't appear to be the same command as old. Overall though he seemed good!

Iori: what can I say? Seems his cheap dark thrust > DP set up is out of the window now (my mates rely on him a lot). The removal of this guy and Mai will make certain lazy friends get off their behind and learn new characters... which makes life more interesting as far s I can see! I do feel sorry for PPL who treat Ioris their main... as he 'was' immense! Perhaps SNK will do the whole 'Kusanagi' thing with him down the line as Orochi Iori... except without the stupid jump!

Benimaru: Very good overall (near 95 proportion!)... but where's my Shinkuukategoma??

Terry: The omission of Power Dunk etc doesn't really bother me as such... but WTF is that HK all about?? It looks shite, doesn't it!?

Ryo: NOW... this guy was the biggest disappointment for me if I were honest. I was really expecting him back to his CVS/95 epic proportions but sadly, no. They've made him heavier like in CVS but with SOME of his 96 moveset... for one, that 'fireball'(?) does not do it for me and neither does that lame HK attack. DP is still spot on and the Hien Shippu... gah... I'll live with it. Missed opportunity IMO. Thank god this ISN'T the case with Andy & Robert eh?

I think I've gone on long enough. Heidern (in case nobody knew) is my FAVE KOF character and as such I like HIM and Leona best. This has not changed and Leona in XII is as fierce as ever!

I really like KOFXII and look forward to buying and playing it in the future. From there I can make some more educated and informed choices about characters.


Glad to see the lack of bells and whistles didn't throw you off like it has many others. Although I have to disagree with you on Ryo... I've never been a big fan of him and he's my main now! Well, either him or Athena. And since she's about the only character I can think of that you didn't comment on, I have to ask... how do you like Athena?
Edited by reelmojo on 09. August 2009 22:52
reelmojo wrote:
Glad to see the lack of bells and whistles didn't throw you off like it has many others. Although I have to disagree with you on Ryo... I've never been a big fan of him and he's my main now!

YEAH... I/We (friends & I) play KOF for the gameplay and for VS mode. I only occasionally play Arcade mode in games anyway nowadays and tend to only frequent between Practice, VS and Online VS. I never touch all that other stuff anyway! Hell... Capcom VS SNK2 (DC) lasted my friends and myself from 01 to around 07 of continuous weekend play (thats right... for hours EVERY weekend in VS!)

I would, like Tengu suggested, have liked a series of training modes so that you can slowly work up the combo/specials difficulty scale. I like practicing my combos to the point where they no longer feel rehearsed. Also colour edit mode is always a welcome addition!

AS FOR RYO... every man for himself eh? I love Ryo in most of his games... in particular the later KOFs (2000+) and indeed 94, 95 & the Capcom vs Snk series (yeah yeah... and NGBC, SVC etc). I haven't had chance to sot down and 'study' anyone yet so these were fleeting impressions after 2-3 go's per character without practice.

reelmojo wrote:
Well, either him or Athena. And since she's about the only character I can think of that you didn't comment on, I have to ask... how do you like Athena?

I LIKE ATHENA... but I don't use her myself. I like her in CVS2 most and some of the other KOF's. She's someone my friends use more than myself..they tend to constant spam the phoenix arrow. It's ability to differentiate between where your jump will land is rather annoying though! Out of the 2, I've ALWAYS been a Kensou man myself... Infact he is (was!?) one of my fave KOF characters full stop. Simply amazing! (esp. KOFXI!)

Any interest in a KOF XII High Score Challenge for time trial mode? My fastest so far is attached, although I am sure people out there have beaten it by quite a lot! Smile

Kazuya_UK attached the following image:
Holy Crap. I can't beat it in 5 minutes! Good work!
What's your current fastest Atom?

Wild Tengu
Just pick Leona and spam her BnB and you can clear the game in 3 minutes or less.
5'12. I only used Kyo.
Zakatek attached the following image:
KOFXII speedrun challenge:


Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Locking this thread down as it's got ibittoo long... figured it's time for a fresh start, especially as I just got the review online!

Check out the new one! Smile

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