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January 20 2019

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 64
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The King of Fighters XII (locked, use new one)
eccentric cat
Yay! King of Fighters XII news again!! Grin

I really dont care about Iori's new look (neither does Iori, apparantly Pfft ), but one thing's bothering me... How is he back!? Didn't Ash steal his powers? Will Chizuru return as well? I wonder what Playmore'll make of it...

Oh, and glad to see some more characters in the game, I really hope they'll include Whip and Kula as well :sweat: . Also, I'm hoping to see some characters new to the series, wouldnt want SNK to go Capcom on us Roll Eyes.
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
new gameplay vid whit Iori & Riaden enjoy Wink

does any one know if duck king or takuma is in XII i would love for takuma to be in it
garu21 wrote:
new gameplay vid whit Iori & Riaden enjoy Wink


Woah, talk about high quality video. Raiden looks bad-ass and Iori does not look THAT bad (still dislike the new threads). The game looks great, no doubt. BTW Ralf looks like a fawking lard-ass, what the hell has that guy been eating? Thanks for the link Garu21 !!

Powerwave wrote: i would love for takuma to be in it

Amen to that brother.
Edited by LIFE_IN_2D on 10. October 2008 17:33

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Holy crap that's a nice video! I have to say that so far I am liking Iori's new look, even if the short top is a bit... well, a bit gay. Looks better in motion that it does in the artwork.

Overall though it is looking fantastic and I cannot wait. I'm beginning to lean towards getting the game for the PS3 though when it is eventually released rather than the 360. The only reason is that with any luck it won't be region restricted as many PS3 games aren't. and also I found that my PS2 to USB convertor allows me to use my PS2 arcade sticks including the Neo Geo stick! Grin

If I find a way to do the same with my 360 then I will probably get that version instead, but as it might be a while before it gets released here anyway the PS3 one will just be too tempting if they don't region lock it. May end up getting both if anybody here is gonna be playing online with the 360 Smile

Kazuya_UK wrote:
Holy crap

That's what I was going to say!!!
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
Wow, that looks fuckin' amazing! I will really need to get a PS3. >:
I like Iori's new moves but i can't same thing for new costume.
Yeah I miss his baggy pants that had the weird belt connecting them. Video is friggin awesome though Thumbs Up
It looks fantastic, but seeing as though the game isn't cannon, has no story or endings and will leave out characters that were important in the current Ash saga, they should call it KOF: Rebirth instead of KOF XII.
I actually like Iori's new look.
But i keep watching those vids and it feels strange... i just hope the KOF feeling is still there
Edited by Daaren on 14. October 2008 13:52
I don't know if I like it or not Smile Its a big change graphically from the KOF games I am used to playing (on the AES). It looks a bit like the sprites are too seperate from the backgrounds a little like cardboard cutouts. What happened to Terry - he been taking steroids or something?
I think like Daaren I am worried about it lacking personality.

P.S. Thats not Ralf is it - that huge guy with the bandana?
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terry looks just fine riko Grin ... ralf realy needs a diet he reminds me of SF4 charecters :sweat:
When you make big changes you're not gonna please everybody, but KOF needed a change badly so at least they are doing it.

As wonderful as the Neo is, in 2008 the old, old sprites just didn't cut it when compared to what Capcom, Arc Systems and other competitors were doing.
I watched the video again today - it was more impressive this time round, I like the style of the sprites but now I am not sure about the backgrounds - I think *they* lack personality. - There are a lot of people but none really stand out very clearly - possibly too far from the action.

garu21 wrote :- terry looks just fine riko ... ralf realy needs a diet he reminds me of SF4 charecters

Well ok - Terry's at least been on the protein shakes. I think the style in general is a bit SFIII - with the bulked up muscular characters.

THX-1138 wrote:- As wonderful as the Neo is, in 2008 the old, old sprites just didn't cut it when compared to what Capcom, Arc Systems and other competitors were doing.

Yes you're right. Though - Its like the new Star Wars figures they did a while back where they gave them all big muscles - even Vader had been down the gym!
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Only 20 characters will be in the game, which doesn't bother me considering that Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike had only 20 characters and that was a masterpiece of fighting games. These include:

Andy Bogard
Ash Crimson
Athena Asamiya
Benimaru Nikaido
Elisabeth Blanctorche
Iori Yagami
Kim Kaphwan
Kyo Kusanagi
Leona Heidern
Ralf Jones
Robert Garcia
Ryo Sakazaki
Shen Woo
Terry Bogard

What 5 characters do you think are going to be included?

My best guess:

Mai Shiranui: I think fan service obligates SNK to include her.

Geese/and or Rugal... possibly Mr. Big but that's a toss up.

Rock Howard/and or Gato: I'm thinking Rock will be included if they decide against using Geese. For either character to be included, I would consider it a victory (or Victoly!).

Blue Mary, and maybe Joe. Possibly some other random character that has completely different moves from his previous incarnation will be included.

And for a completely random character to be thrown in there; I'm going with Kain from Mark of the Wolves, and/or the Super Spy.
If Gato ends up in it I want Hotaru Futaba too! She's my favorite MotW character, although they're all pretty awesome. No matter who else they add though this is definitely a must buy.

...they haven't announced Mai yet? How can you have KOF without Mai?
Ah, haven't posted here in a while, but figure I would to post my (likely not to be popular) opinion on how I see KoF XII at the moment. Smile

And right now? Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed with things as they are now. I appreciate that they've made the game look fantastic, and I can't argue with its high visual appeal, but it seems that sacrifices had to be made to get it there. I'd rather take an ugly-looking fighter that plays awesome instead of a gorgeous game with many flaws.

I'm probably judging too soon, and I'm sure I will end up liking the game, but the small roster (less than even KoF 94... even though the Sports Team were three of those characters), supposed abolishment of Super Desperation Moves, and the changes in the movelists of some (in particular, Kyo reverting back to his 94/95 style of play) don't really sit well with me. The lack of story wouldn't irritate me as much as it does if it were in a different circumstance. If this title is a "Dream Match," I'd normally be okay with that. However, the Sacred Treasures arc has yet to be finished, yet this game is labeled "XII" to be allegedly part of the main series. I know it's a nitpick of nomenclature, but I'm with THX, and I'd prefer if it were a KoF gaiden. XII indicates it to be the direct follow-up to XI when it hardly seems to be that way at all.

According to Cyberfanatix, we'll find out all about XII when November 29th rolls about. What they have left in store had better impress me, because... to make a statement that WILL get my lynched on this board (and I know it's bad form to compare the two series), I'm honestly more stoked to play Street Fighter IV than I am King of Fighters XII right now. Sorry, very sorry, but... if it's any discredit to my statement, I did grow up on Street Fighter. :sweat:
"Well, that's that! The exit's that way!"
Nah that's okay... SF4 looks amazing.


Ignition just confirmed console versions. Not surprising, but still cool.
That Game looks awesome, thanks to Shiny for teh Vid! Thumbs Up

I agree, Iori looks a little strange, but I hope his Moves will make up for it. I'm not really bothered bout their gym-addiction, just adds a little humour into it Grin
Although Ralf looks like he's been into the Burger King thing too much, lol!!
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