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November 14 2019

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Thread Author: STE C
Thread ID: 5366
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There are 5 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2641 times.
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Is King Of Fighters 95 the best 2D fighter of the mid 90s
I think it is despite 98/99 being more complete I feel that 95 represents SNK giving Capcom the middle finger & saying we are better than you. I just sold Cyberlip on NGCD for £130, its not a bad game but considering it cost me about £15 maybe 7 years ago shows how daft NG prices are now.

I would love this site to be like it was 2008/11 it was such a great community with cool guys. Many of you still around glad to see, esp Merlin & Riko. Hey Merlin that offer to lodge at mine one night ( still stands)if you are visiting your family in Glasgow as Carlisle is on the main train route.
KOF 95 is a great game but for me personally for pure enjoyment I'd go for Breakers, Art of Fighting 3 (very underrated) and Marvel Super heroes above it. I usually prefer single verus fghters rather than team games so that's why. If you talking about balance and playing competitively I think KOF95 would be up there at the top though.

Congrats on selling Cyberlip Ste. Even those early games command a high price. I'm keeping hold of my Cyberlip though Smile

Not sure if this site will ever be as busy as it was sadly. The Facebook page is much more active but it doesn't really seem to advertise the web site much. I might have a word with Kaz about someone taking over the Twitter page since that could bring in more people. Maybe advertise Game of the Month and High Score Competitions there too.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Hi Riko nice to hear from you. My reason for selling NGCD games is because the good ones I own on MVS or plan to pickup + I have all on Pandoras box pirate cart you see on ebay. My NGCD collection cost very little years ago so I am making good money on sales which I am putting in to MVS collecting.

This time round I am only buying games as kits or in shockboxes
KoF '95 is almost a hidden gem, since it's not often mentioned as the all-time favorite game of the series. The whole presentation such as music, artwork and background stages are incredible as well. You gotta love Iori's stage.

What slightly annoys me are '95's move sets, which are an awkward leftover from '94. Everytime I fire up either '94 or '95 I catch myself looking at the movelist, since it's so different from the rest of the series.

I still love the fact that the KoF series introduced the Team Attack move to the fighting game genre (or is there any other I'm not aware of?).


By pressing A+B+C when being dizzy you can let your team mates in the background come forward to kick your opponent's ass.

As for the site, yeah, I too miss the days around 2010. Those High Score Challenges were really something back then, man. Nowadays everyone seems so busy because of either work or family, so I mostly can't blame anyone.

I'm still glad you guys are around after all. There's a good reason why we always return to the Neo Geo, its timeless library and this site. Thumbs Up
The Pocket Gamer
I remember when 95 first came out. That was actually the first KOF I played in the arcades. I never owned the real KOF 95 unfortunately... and back then being a 5 year old kid, I thought the game boy version would be the same exact KOF 95 game, but I was very wrong about that. LOL. It was still a good game for the Gameboy though. Anyways... I enjoyed the KOF series more than I did the same old street fighter 2 in the 90s. But when Street Fighter 3 started to come out, that's when all the Capcom vs games started coming out. I hope they make a 3rd Capcom vs SNK.
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