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June 18 2019

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Thread Author: NeoBlaze
Thread ID: 5327
Thread Info
There are 12 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 4067 times.  There's also files attached.
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Neo collector from Kuwait
Hey Guys,

New to the forum and excited to be amongst other neo fans. I started collecting for the AES in March of this year and i'm absolutely in love with this incredible system.

Nice to meet all of you!
NeoBlaze attached the following images:
image5.jpg image4.jpg image3.jpg image2.jpg image1.jpg
Hi NeoBlaze. Welcome to the forum. Terry

That's an impressive AES collection you've got there! Pretty cool that you have Twinkle Star Sprites, Blazing Star, Pulstar and Ninja Masters in your collection.

What are your favourite games on the system?
Hi merlin,

Thank you Smile My top 10 games for the system ranking 1 as my favorite are:

1) Metal Slug 1
2) Blazing Star
3) Twinkle Star Sprites
4) Metal Slug X
5) Neo Turf Masters
6) Garou MOTW
7) Last Blade 2
8) Magical Drop 3
9) KoF 98
10) Windjammers

Timeless classics. What draws me even more to the Neo Geo is that you can never get bored of those games no matter how many times you complete them. And as you grow older and raise a family, you don't have the luxury for a 30 hour RPG play through. The Neo Geo gives you that quick kick for a 30 min - 1 hour gaming session. What are some of your favs?
Good list. All excellent games. The first Metal Slug game is also my favourite in the series.

Yes I agree Neo Geo games are great for shorter gaming sessions and have high replay value.

Crossed Swords, Top Hunter, Metal Slug, Shock Troopers, Miracle Adventure, Breakers Revenge, Samurai Shodown 4 and Savage Reign are some of my favourites.

As you will have noticed NGFL is a quiet forum but it does get busier sometimes. Hopefully more people will start posting soon. Nice to have a new member.
Welcome! Good to see people from around the world coming to this forum! Smile
I was just wondering NeoBlaze have you often been to arcades in Kuwait and did you play any Neo Geo games there? I'd be interested to hear what the arcade scene is like there. I found this:


Kuwait has a huge arcade scene and Kuwaitis really enjoy fighting games.

Pretty cool that White Tower has Neo 50 cabs. I've been to lots of arcades but never seen one of those. The arcade in Shuwaikh interests me in particular because I love Sega Aero City cabs (I own one) and any place that has Strider is well worth a visit. Sad that at the time of that report only two of the cabs were working. Hopefully they fixed the other ones.
Wow I can't say I've been to most of these places posted on the blog, but some of the very commercial areas I've seen some of the latest cabinet units installed there. I have to admit i haven't been in the arcade scene for a very long time (10+ years). Yes fighting games are popular here in Kuwait but football games like Fifa and ISS pro are even more popular.

There's not much of an arcade scene here considering how small the population is (1.3 mil locals). So the blog is a bit inflated, but that was 2012 I doubt most of them still exist. That Neo 50 cab looks sweet though.

I have a vivid childhood memory when I was about 10. Every weekend i used to get $20 from my parents and there was an arcades set-up about 15 min walking from my house. Thats when I first got introduced to the neo geo. At that time they had KoF 94, windjammers and SS2. I played alot of Tekken and I sucked at KoF94. I remember they only had candy cabs (blue and white stripes). Good times!
Edited by NeoBlaze on 27. September 2016 12:26
Thanks for the info. Yes it's a bit out of date that blog. Hopefully those arcades still exist. The one with the Aero City cabs did seem very neglected though. White Tower sounds like it would be a good place to go if you want to find some skilled opponents in Neo Geo fighting games.

I also have fond memories of visiting arcades when I was younger. Seeing those amazing Capcom and SNK games on large arcade monitors made a big impression on me. They seemed so much more impressive than the home console games I was playing at the time. It's a pity there are very few good arcades left here in the UK.
Welcome NeoBlaze. Great collection you have there Joe

How did you manage to get so many games since March??? Impressive!!
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Hey Riko! Thank you very much and nice to meet you. Well I did a few things to get those titles at a faster pace.

1) Get to know as much people as possible that collect, sell and buy.
2) Always keeping on eye on online auction sites for great deals and rare listings
3) Have enough disposable income Grin lol

I'm certainly not after a full set, only after the marquee and classic titles. Also, I fear that if i take my time price inflation would go against me considering how fast market prices are going up these days.
Salam and welcome, dude!

Sorry to be late to the party, I've been quite busy the last 3 weeks.

Amazing collection, some really valuable titles among them. Call me jealous! Thumbs Up

Your favorite games are pretty the same as mine. There's nothing better than booting up Windjammers with a good friend once in a while. Returning to those classics clearly shows how timeless they are.

I hope you stick around here, even though it seems not much's going on. It's a bit a coming and going, in those years here I've seen both quiet and really turbulent times passing by.
Salam and welcome to our little community. Sorry I'm late, but hey, better late than never. Bob
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