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October 22 2019

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Thread Author: ying
Thread ID: 5313
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There are 14 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 5579 times.
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Hello from Sweden!
Hi folks!
I am looking to get into Neo Geo again after 25 years.
I had an AES back in 1991. Endless hours of fun playing Baseball Stars 2, Ninja Combat, Sengoku, Super Baseball 2020 and Fatal Fury Grin

But I do not know which way to go. I understand that there are many variants these days, from AES to CD to MVS to CMVS to Supergun.

How do I find my way in this jungle?

Thanks a lot Smile
Edited by ying on 29. July 2016 21:45
Hi Ying, welcome to our humble forum. We are not so active as infamouse but we are so much more friendly here Wink Awesome you're from the release era.

If you want to solve your question, you should answer yourself honestly; how much can and should I spend? Neo Geo prices has gone skyrocketing since release, so be prepared. Some early AES games are still friendly priced, the same for the system, so you can safely get these.

To play the rare AES titles, a supergun (with the MVS versions of these titles) are a good alternative. Much cheaper but beware, also some of these prices are increasing (fast). A combination of AES and supergun is still great. I can't recommend the CD system, never owned it. A cabinet is also great but you should have the space and technical knowledge for it.

Please add a topic in the appropiate section, I'm sure other members can give you more tips and tricks!
What? Another one from Sweden, welcome! Where in Sweden do you live?
Thanks for the welcome!
I live in Stockholm. Back in 1991 I drooled over Neo Geo at the big, luxurious department store NK. In the simpler part of town there was a store trading second hand neo geo and other systems, on Ringvägen, that´s where I got my stuff Smile
And of course, you had buy and sell in a newspaper style weekly paper called Gula sidorna (Yellow Pages). That´s where I made my biggest mistake, selling my AES...
Ahh haha I remember buying Gula Tidningen and read everything even though I could never buy anything. Sweet self torture. Smile
Welcome Ying! Terry hope you enjoy it here at NG4L
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Many thanks Sensi!
I am not looking to overspend. An AES, or Cmvs, would be nice of course. And then making do with cheaper games as I find them here and there.
Or a CD , just for the much cheaper games Smile
Hi and welcome to the NEO GEO forum that counts, Ying Thumbs Up

Avoid the NEO GEO CD if you can and go for the real deal either an AES or a CMVS.

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
I am back in business!
Proudly playing on a neo geo cd, the old fat one Smile
Right now playing Samurai Shodown 2, awesome Grin
Thanks for all the help people!
Great! What other games do you have for the NGCD?
HENKE: I have Pulstar and Fatal Fury 3.
Looking for platforms and sports games Smile
Welcome to the forum ying.

Congrats on getting a Neo Geo CD system. That was a good decision. Hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

People are put off getting a NGCD because of the loading times but for many games they are short. There are quite a few games which only need to load at the start so it's pretty much like playing the cartridge version e.g. Last Resort, Viewpoint, Nam 1975, Mutation Nation, Fatal Fury, Crossed Swords, Cyber-Lip etc.

I think having both a CD and a cart system is a good idea, playing the games which have longer loading times on AES or MVS instead.
Ive got 6 CD machines here now, i love them all!
I'm also trying to buy NGCD games. If you know a place in Europe where find them cheap please let me know. Welcome to the forum!
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