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September 17 2019

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Thread Author: STE C
Thread ID: 5277
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There are 5 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2220 times.
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Well done Murikov I nearly forgot to do this one.


All PS4/XBONE games to run in 1080p 60frs ( no excuse nowadays it should be standard.

At least 8 games worth buying for the above consoles and for studios to push them a bit, for god sake my 4 year old pc still runs games better than the new gen.

SNK what is gong on nobody wants a 3D KOF, the last KOF was great that brought 2D into he present. How about even making a new game more than every 2 years, I mean how do they keep afloat & pay wages ect.

Close the UK borders until immigrants can learn to behave ( ref New years eve Cologne & other German cities) it will happen here no doubt. Skilled workers & medical staff are more than welcome and required due to NHS strain.

Discovered I have a 12 year old son last year so maybe get to know him but it is very complicated ( he doesn't know about me ect) time will tell.

Be great to see a bit of Shenmue 3 at E3

*** that was very sweet of you to say you miss me Riko I am very touched by that buddy**

Continue to enjoy good health

Not be consumed by past demons and addictions

Post more on NG4L
Ste wrote :- All PS4/XBONE games to run in 1080p 60frs

It's ridiculous this doesn't happen but there's a simple reason (beyond poor programming). If you half the frame rate - you can render twice as much detail per frame. Which makes the game look great in screen shots, and people are generally used to 30 fps for 3d games so will just be happy that the game looks good.

Ste wrote :- *** that was very sweet of you to say you miss me Riko I am very touched by that buddy**

you're very welcome bud, hope to see you on NG4L more this year Thumbs Up Good luck with your son, I hope things work out the way you want.


I want

NO LOADING TIMES. We have always had this with all the cartridge consoles, and I suppose download games are helping the cause. But otherwise seem a long way off.

NO CRAP - Logos telling us which middleware packages the developers used are not welcome. My favourite game is (still) Ultra SFIV but its crazy, you have to skip the intro, then press start again to get to the menu screen then when you choose an option - it actually has to *load* in the next menu page. This game isnt even the worst culprit, but they should be making it faster for the user to start and restart a game.

NEO GEO 2 - Backwards compatible obviously and resolutely 2D although I might allow a Star Fox style chip. It will come with a choice of 2 games : Mark of The Wolves 2 and a Blazing Star sequel.

Sega to release DREAMCAST 2 which will be 8 times as powerful as the PS4 and will launch with Shenmue 3 and a full immersion VR helmet (before everyone else!). Go Sega!

Also 100% good health.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
All I want for the New Year is lots of slags... lots of slags...

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
For sweet '16 I WANNA WANNA WANT...

+ a decent KoF XIV, even though it still looks bland as f***
+ dropping Neo Geo AES prices...? Nah, not happening.
+ maintaining health, friends, family, blahblah
+ a smooth quitting of my current sorry ass job
+ at least another two months of backpacking in Asia
+ another month of military service, reducing my remaining days of duty
+ a good start into studies (finally)

- less BS going on in global hotspots like the Middle East
- eating less bland junk food at work, rather to cook more
- showing a bit of more ambitions in my sluggish gotten thing I call career
- being less of a lazy and unresponsible bastard once in a while

And especially
+ Show up more often here on NGFL. You guys still rock.
+ Eating more Japanese food (at my favourite restaurant)
+ Playing much more Neo Geo. Heck, so many Neo games briefly touched but never got into.
+ Writing Neo Geo reviews will go naturally
+ Tasting more great wines
+ Start to drink whisky
+ Shenmue 3 (PS4) + Thimbleweed Park (PC) from hero Ron Gilbert
+ Enjoy and caring for mine guest cat Okami
+ Post a little bit more and win a betting game of 'how many times will go offline this year'.
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