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March 24 2019

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Thread Author: unhipzero
Thread ID: 5275
Thread Info
There are 11 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 5647 times.  There's also files attached.
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neo geo portable
Hi all,

Thought I'd come online and get some opinions and advice here.

I've made a quick concept (though nothing is license currently and its for personal use at this stage) of a Neo Geo CD pad with built-in screen and functionality.

I'm a HUGE neo geo fan and was highly disappointed with the Neo Geo X. So I thought wouldn't it be cool to maybe make a project device using a custom board/Raspberry PI to play Neo Geo games on the GO.

Let me know your thoughts and if anyone has attempted this already?


unhipzero attached the following image:
What I do know is that already several portable MVS handhelds were built so far, this one for instance:

If it's technically possible to do the same with a NGCD I can't say for sure. It must be a huge power-eating thing with a built-in CD-ROM drive, unless it doesn't load the files from another storage medium.

But if I remember correctly, several "portable-ized" versions of consoles with built-in CD-ROM drives were assembled in the past as well, for example for the PSX, Saturn or even Dreamcast.

I can therefore imagine it should be possible to do it with a NGCD/NGCDZ as well...

If you turn this into a project, let us know about your progress. I'm sure the net is full of people who could help you out more specifically (like the Ben Heck guy mentioned before).
The projects which Murikov mentioned are indeed good examples.
Why were you so disappointed about Neo Geo X?
Sensi wrote:
Why were you so disappointed about Neo Geo X?

Well, if anything, and a fact, NGX is just a handheld with a build of Final Burn Alpha emulated onto it.

The system didn't last long, and not the whole NG library was released on it. But its at least useful for another modders toy or something.
Thanks guys!!

Very Much what NeoStrayCat mentioned Sensi - lack of complete library and design aesthetics makes the Neo Geo X a poor successor to champion the brand.

I'm just considering some ideas at the minute. That concept what made on some down time so I'm just wondering if its worth taking the time to explore and begin building a prototype.
Meh, I guess I got your question wrong the first time - sorry!

If you rather are looking into custom handhelds with in-built Neo Geo emulation, then you could also take a look at the various third-party handhelds that flooded the market a while ago like the Dingoo, GCW Zero or Caanoo. Some of these have been discussed here as well:


In general I've heard that Neo Geo emulation works pretty well on these above-mentioned.

Personally I still own a first generation PSP with custom firmware. There was a top-notch Neo Geo emulator called MVSPSP which had tons of settings and even WiFi compatibility for 2 players. I was absolutey satisfied with the emulation and played the shit out of it.

Now as for your original idea, personally I don't think it would be possible to take an existing Neo Geo controller casing and to build in all the custom hardware with a centered screen as imagined in your sketch. The original dimensions are simply to small. Unless maybe the screen was installed above the casing, similar to the screen of the GBA SP...?

I guess if you want to maintain the original design and form you would require a custom designed and built casing with enough space to build in the screen and the rest of the hardware. Everything else would be otherwise quite a clone of the above-mentioned handheld emulation consoles.

As you already suggested, I too imagine that the Raspberry Pi would be an ideal choice of platform, like portrayed here:

Hi Murikov

Wow again thanks for the advice.

At the minute I'm thinking emulation purely for simplicity since my knowledge of electronic is a big fat zero.

So my current plan was to fabricate a larger shell by modelling/3D capturing the original pad and then extended it's design.

You are completely right - to encapsulate existing neo geo circuitry into the tiny pad would be close to impossible.

I love the neo geo styling and branding so its essential to build something with this in mind hence why i was thinking of using an existing controlling.
unhipzero attached the following images:
59_1.jpg 57.jpg
If you decide to do it, I would only go for the real thing.
Emulation has done on various platforms and I can't imagine building this whole thing just for emulation in the end. Something like Ben build, but it looks (with nada electro experience) a very difficult job to pull off. So think carefully before you even begin or stop with it.

Neo Geo X is for me just a little extra gadget who came with the system and to play some games on the go. The console sells the package, not the mobile version of it.
Xian Xi
Jamma Nation X
JNX Lazy Finger Rapid Fire Device for Neogeo and Superguns, On sale now!!

Now that's some nice MAME machine. In comparison with most MAME cabs it's compact, it has everything you need and it doesn't cost a fortune either.

It also reminds what a turd that Neo Geo X was. It can't be that hard to bring out a decent product?
Xian Xi
Murikov wrote:

Now that's some nice MAME machine. In comparison with most MAME cabs it's compact, it has everything you need and it doesn't cost a fortune either.

It also reminds what a turd that Neo Geo X was. It can't be that hard to bring out a decent product?

It isn't hard, I think they make POS like the NGX to maximize profit. If they made one like in the video it would probably sell for about $500 even though it costs way less to make. I think he said the front end is Hyperspin, it looks like an excellent presentation. I'd love to have one.
Jamma Nation X
JNX Lazy Finger Rapid Fire Device for Neogeo and Superguns, On sale now!!
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