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August 20 2019

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Thread Author: chojin
Thread ID: 5249
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There are 9 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 4065 times.
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Where are you buying?
I was wondering if there is some really good source where you can get Neo Geo games, trustable and not too overpriced out in this world.
So far I went through the following steps:

First I looked up all the online stores in Japan (which are cheaper then eBay) and ordered a couple of games but found out the quality is mostly not so good and they are overpriced compared to Yahoo.

Next I bought a couple of games on Yahoo which is ok but I found that even Yahoo prices are beyond local store prices in Osaka but they generally have no selection. (I found Nipponbashi to be around 10-20% below Yahoo prices)

Then I found a wonderful store group called Ojamakan - they have various stores in Kansai and most of them have NeoGeo. The quality is decent and they are really cheap for nowadays prices. I even found a mint Pulstar!
But after going to all their stores getting what I was looking for - my guess is that they won't get too many new games in again. (They are very local)

Looking up the Internet there are low prices and no stock or extremely high prices.

Where are you getting your games besides eBay or Yahoo?
Do you have any stores you can recommend in Japan who has a little focus on NeoGeo?
(Like Trader in Akihabara years ago)

I would love to hear your experience!
Some people trade here or on Neo, but can be very slow waiting for a particular game to come up. There must also be a general arcade forum where you can trade. Hopefully one of the guys here will know one.

Myself, I think I've bought everything from Ebay. But you're right - Neo Geo games are really overpriced these days. Although it's possible prices could keep rising. It is the most prized 2D system and it has the fewest games available. When you look at the prices of some SNES games now, it does make you think Neo Geo prices could go even higher.

A tip on Ebay is to enter the bidding auctions. I've been watching Metal Slug 2, and the one I was watching finished around £800 at an auction where as usually on 'Buy It Now' it seems to be £1000+. There's one on Ebay at £2000 at the moment Shock
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Hey Riko,

thanks a lot for the feedback. I experienced the same on Yahoo - got my Metal Slug X for 170.000 Yen while its for over 400.000 on Ebay.

I was looking for some PC Engine games lately and everything looks almost cheap after being into Neo Geo for some time ShockGrin

Seems here people are not selling too much though
People probably not selling much here because there collecting too, but green beret put a quite a big list up not so long ago and sensi got some amazing games from him you just have to keep a eye on the marketplace here also but be aware that on .com if you are not a know member they are not going to sell you jack shit you may even be banned.
Chokin wrote :- thanks a lot for the feedback. I experienced the same on Yahoo - got my Metal Slug X for 170.000 Yen while its for over 400.000 on Ebay.

You're welcome Chojin. Around the time I joined here (2008) I remember seeing Metal Slug X AES going on Ebay for £300 and thinking it was too expensive! Damm should have bought one! Also I bought my Metal Slug 3 (AES) for £180 around the same time. Ridiculous what's happend with the prices.
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Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
@vas: I already experienced the shit storm at not knowing HOW sensitive they are at their market place... Didnt really understand even now why they are so aggressive over there..

@RiKo: fuck...300..... I am travelling to Japan since 99 and I remember the good selection of titles in Akihabara but not the prices...should have bought a whole bunch of slugs and blazing stars.....

Do you guys think the prices will go down again and its just a hype right now or will the situation just get worse?

When I see the amount of Chinese and foreigners in the Retro shops here in Osaka I cannot imagine it will get any better though...
LIFE_IN_2D is a great place to buy. Unfortunately they don't take kindly to newbies who are not "contributing members" trying to buy in the marketplace. I don't blame them though; there are lots of flippers who took advantage of the forum and made prices inflate by gouging gullible buyers. The whole "scene" has gone to shit these days. Due to prices sky-rocketing the past 3 or 4 years, I am pretty much done Neo-Geo collecting.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
I agree... the prices are just sick nowadays....
not confident this will resolveArgue
Another website to buy neo geo stuff and arcade stuff in general is Forums are very good and members are kind.
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