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March 24 2019

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Thread Author: merlin
Thread ID: 5223
Thread Info
There are 22 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 7970 times.
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Ninja Commando: NGFL High Score Challenge
Once again it's time for a new high score challenge. This time we'll be competing for the highest score in Ninja Commando by Alpha Denshi (ADK) as requested by forum member Henke.

Since in the Japanese version you have two lives and in the Euro/US version you only have one life, there will be two separate high score tables for this game.

If you're new to the challenges please read the rules carefully. Please state which platform you played on and write your entry in a standard way so it can be easily copied and pasted into the high score table.

Link to game of the week:


The rules:

* Play whichever version you like: NEO GEO MVS / NEO GEO AES / NEO GEO CD / EMULATOR

* Difficulty: MVS - level 4 / AES - MVS setting

* Lives: Default setting

* Credits: 1

* Multiple runs as training is of course allowed. Also if you manage to surpass your previous score then just post it and I'll update the first post.

* No cheating with any kind of UNI-BIOS is allowed.

* No cheating in Emulators such as autofire, Pausing or infinite lives are allowed
(or any other effect you can use in emulators to make the game easier, score higher etc)

* Photographic proof is not needed as I believe that we are all honorable people. If you like though you can attach a photo or a mini-clip with your highscore.

* State which platform you played this game on.

* The goal: Highest score possible.

G O O D Blue Mary L U C K

Scoreboard EURO/US version

1. Henke: 148,890 , AES EURO

2. ?

3. ?

Scoreboard JPN version

1. Merlin: 2,386,590 , game completed, Character: Joe, played on Mame 32++0.119

emulator input file: http://www.mediaf...nd_n00.inp

YouTube Video

2. ?

3. ?
Thanks Merlin, here is my best so far, but I'll try to better my score.

Henke 148890 AES EURO
Good job Henke. Thumbs Up The scoreboard has been updated.

Really enjoying this game at the moment. I'm playing the easier Japanese version for the time being. Didn't realize Joe's d,u+ attack move was so powerful. So useful during boss fights. Also I forgot that if you kill certain enemies with a special move then you get larger coins worth more points. The boss in the feudal Japan stage causes me a lot of problems. I can never get past that fight on one credit.

Merlin: 183,270 , Stage 3, Character: Joe, played on Mame 32++
merlin wrote:

The boss in the feudal Japan stage causes me a lot of problems.

Yeah, really annoying guy.
I've now realized it's just a question of staying directly below the samurai boss most of the time, moving slightly to the side when he strikes and repeatedly doing d,u + attack. That special move drains his health very quickly. In the past I often went too far to one side and got hit by his sideways attack.

Have made some good progress today getting to the stage 5 boss. My tactic is basically constantly do Joe's d,u + attack special move. You can do that move, scroll upwards and destroy enemies before they have a chance to do anything.


Japanese version:

Merlin: 610,900 , Stage 5, Character: Joe, played on Mame 32++
Still playing this awesome ADK game and made some more progress. The train in stage 6 is hard to deal with.

JPN version:

Merlin: 878,500 , Stage 6, Character: Joe, played on Mame 32++

This is another great 1CC video that includes some different tactics to the earlier one I linked to.

Cool , don't think I have ever played this.

I'll will give it a bash tomorrow
It's a great game Vas. I think you'll like it.

Finally got the 1CC. The boss rush in the final stage is not easy but being able to earn extra lives in the game really helps. It's possible to get there with four lives. The final boss is actually pretty easy once you've taken out it's gun turrets with a desperation attack.

My advice for this game is to pick Joe, use his d,u+A special move constantly and scroll the screen quite slowly so you only have to deal with small numbers of enemies at one time. The desperation attacks are very useful in boss battles and do a lot of damage. The health cost doesn't matter so much since you get some of your health restored at the end of each stage.

JPN version:

Merlin: 2,386,590 , game completed, Character: Joe, played on Mame 32++0.119

emulator input file: http://www.mediaf...nd_n00.inp

YouTube Video
Wow, really good job!
Congrats to the 1CC!

Hopefully I'll find some time to spend on this game soon, I really like it but haven't managed to get very far yet. I think I'll try your advice and play with Joe. Usually I play with the others since they're so much cooler, haha Ninja, but it would be nice to make some progress.
Fantastic job Merlin, well done!
Never played the game though.
Thank you Henke and Sensi. I'm glad I was able to defeat Spider and the Mars Corporation and 'defend the history from enemy' (Engrish!).

Henke if you use that d,u+A special move all the time instead of Joe's normal attack I think you will make rapid progress in this game. It is a bit harder for you though starting with only one life in the EURO version.

Sensi it's a really fun game and would make a great addition to your collection.
Well, Kaz wasn't very fond of it, regarding his review on the site.
So, I never made haste to add this one to the collection.
How does it compare to Nam-1975 or other shooters?
Why not give it a try on Mame Sensi and see if you like it enough to want to add it to your collection. I predict you will want to. Although Shock Troopers is of course a better example of the vertical run 'n gun genre, this is still a very fun game with nice graphics and a decent amount of moves. I like the cutscenes between stages which tell the story.

Are you talking about this review (not written by Kaz)?


I think very few people would give this game a score as low as 3.5/10. There's not really much criticism of the gameplay in that review, he just writes that 'you can only aim upwards with your regular attacks' and it's 'not too much fun to play'. Disagree with all of this:

this could easily have been a first generation sega genesis game

this is a pretty poorly made game combat (which is a much better game...)

Here are some much more positive reviews:



Thank you for the links Merlin.
Yeah, I meant the review on this site and I don't know why I came up with Kaz as reviewer. Hereby my sincere apologies to the (co)founder of this beautiful site, I pray for foregiveness.

So if you like NAM-1975, this one will be a safe bet? Lately I saw the MVS version but after reading two negative reviews, I didn't look further into it.
Your gametips are normally great Merlin, thanks.

So if you like NAM-1975, this one will be a safe bet?

No, gameplay is totally different. If you like NAM, Wild Guns for snes is a good choice.
Yes NAM-1975 is a different genre. I agree about Wild Guns! Excellent game. If you really want another arcade game similar to NAM-1975, perhaps Blood Bros or Gamshara would interest you Sensi. If you want another Shock Troopers style game Ninja Commando is well worth adding to your collection.
Do you have to charge down for that move? Im talking about the d,u+A move.

Please list the moves?

How the fuck does this guy do the circle move so fast, how does he get the attack to be so powerful?

YouTube Video

I can do the circle move, but the burst is short and weak.
Edited by LIFE_IN_2D on 22. August 2015 21:12

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Yes you have to charge down first. It's just like doing Guile's flash kick. Your character starts flashing once you've pressed down long enough.

It's amazing how fast Gemant can pull off those qcf special moves in that video. I can't do that! I see what you mean about them seeming more powerful. I notice he does do a double tatsumaki shinken move occasionally but the vast majority of the time is just doing the normal version.

99% of the time I'm just using d,u+A. I think where doing that qcf move rapidly would particularly help is during the boss rush in the final stage. A few of the bosses have respawning enemies with them which make those fights much harder.

What do you think of the game 2D?

Here's a complete move list:

Well done on one 1cc merl , still haven't had a chance to play if I am honest with the school holidays and all. The kid thinks it's funny to stay up till 1 in the morning.

Soon as he back in school I'll be on it like sonic Smile
Thanks Vas. Hope you enjoy the game when you have time to give it a go. Smile
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