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January 18 2018

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Thread Author: Lord Thag
Thread ID: 5219
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What is it about the Neo Geo
Lord Thag
I have a pretty big game collection but I have noticed something about the Neo Geo vs. the rest of the consoles I own. For the most part, the good games on it haven't really aged much. I love my Genesis and turbografx, but they are very obviously children of the 16 bit generation.

Yet every time I fire up one of the better fighters or shmups on the NG I am always struck with how well it has aged. Many of the games could be current releases on the Xbox live, say, and I wouldn't blink an eye if I didn't know better. Hell, even the first metal slug has better 2d graphics and animation than anything since outside of a Vanillaware game.

The system is just so much damn fun. And more than that, many of the better games just have timeless gameplay that stands the test of time. The NG easily still competes time wise with everything I own after. It's unique in that respect.

What do you guys think?
For me it's mostly nostalgia. Growing up in the age of Arcades. Neo-Geo games are a product of simple times, fun times.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Lord Thag
Its funny, for me it isnt the nostalgia. Didnt play much neo geo as a kid as we had limited options as a kid. As an adult though, you are totally right thatbit hearkens back to a simpler time. Thats the appeal.

A lot of modern games are super story driven. Very time consuming with lots of time spent waiting foe the next set piece.

I am new (last 5 years or so) to many of the franchise games that SNK did. Most have aged really well, and I like that if lip the on switch and am neck deep in good gameplay in a few seconds. I find the older, simpler, more game-like titles from that era fit with a busy adult life.

And the neo has a lot of great pick up and play titles.
It's not exactly nostalgia for me but I do remember the Neo Geo being totally out of reach for me at the time. So when I was older and could afford one it was pretty amazing. Also the fact that every game is a game you would have found in an arcade and is *exactly* the same. This seems incredible to my 15 year old self. That's not something you get with any other 2D console. Even the Saturn and Dreamcast versions of Neo Geo and arcade games (DC Crazy Taxi isn't exactly the same as the arcade) aren't as good as the originals plus you get 'loading times'

I can't be bothered with a lot of modern 3D games - lots of time spent doing nothing - pressing 'X' while standing in front of obvious markers. So that's another reason the Neo Geo appeals to me.

The one bad thing about the Neo Geo is (ironically) that it's an arcade system so some of the games are a bit shallow. They are good fun but the appeal can fade unless it's a really great game. You don't get the deeper more involving 2D games you might find on a SNES or Playstation for example. I feel homebrew programmers should be filling this gap but no one really is yet. Still an awesome system though Thumbs Up
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Like Riko said; the system was totally out of reach when being a kid.
I always admired the system and I still do. It's still mystic as ever and being a adult, you'll notice more fine details.

The Dog Tag on EURO boxes for example. A cool agressive seal who Nintendo or Sega wouldn't never dare to use. I really like all the 'exaggerated' text and shouts on the boxes and manuals, like MEGA, MEGS, MAJOR etc. It's just plain cool to read and feel that vibe.
The art of the graphics and boxart makes for me the Neo Geo feeling, it's doesn't compare with anything else, so it's unique in all it's flair.

Lord Thag really put it in good words.
Wait, the Dog Tag is used on US games, not EURO I believe.
No way that I could obtain an AES console in the 90's... but the arcade was where it was at. Even if you couldn't play from the comfort of your own home, you could still play the same exact games in the arcade.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Lord Thag
I totally agree on the Neo being an almost mythical beast as a kid. I saw one at Toys R Us back in the day and it was impressive as hell.

I have a pretty large Genesis and TG16 collection as I really like the 16 bit era games. When i was given (yes given, a story I'll post sometime) an AES it was pretty amazing. The Neo Geo was a completely next gen console compared to everything else. The other consoles struggled to emulate Fatal Fury ONE, much less Metal Slug ir Last Blade. I am still amazed at how well it holds up.

The fact that I own one and a bunch of games is pretty damn awesome.

I cant imagine what it would be like owning Last Blade or Blazing Star when everyone else was playing snes and genesis.

Mythical beast indeed
Henke wrote:

Wait, the Dog Tag is used on US games, not EURO I believe.

Oh yeah, pleae correct me if I'm wrong!
A shame to hear it's the opposite way after all those years, LOL.
Well, I thought so. Most sites I've seen lists / consider them to be US.
I forgot -----> "BIG SPRITES!"

Those early games with the huge sprites really seemed impossible on any other system.
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