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January 17 2019

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 52
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There are 8 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 1928 times.
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Site progress update & small request
Hey guys and gals, just thought I'd update you on how far the site has progressed:


All the Neo Geo reviews are done, and for this I owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to Phry, as he did around half of them. Without him helping out it would have taken MUCH longer!

I have also added the Neo Geo CD page and finished off the reviews there, and have started on the NGPC section (as reviews for the Pocket will not all be here, rather than having their own separate site, as there doesn't seem any need for that anymore). It wont take long to finish all those reviews off, and then there will be just a handful of other reviews (DC, PS2, GBA, retro), which I will be able to complete very quickly.

After that I just need to upload some of the other content that was on the old site, like shock box inserts, and then we will be ready!

Neo Geo screenshots and artwork

All of the screenshots for Neo Geo and Pocket games are uploaded into the photo gallery now, but there are a few games that we have never had all that many screens for. I'd love to get a few more added, although it isn't a priority now. However, if any of you fancy taking a few screenshots of games that don't have enough already, feel free - you can easily submit them to the site using the "Submit a Photo" link to your left. Don't worry about a description or anything, just make sure they go into the right album, and that you put some sort of title for it, like (Turfmasters screenshot) or something like that. As soon as I see any submissions I will add them to the site.

It would also be great if people could add a few things to the following albums:

- Miscellaneous SNK Artwork
- Official Wallpapers
- Fan Made Wallpapers (only if you made them though, don't take other peoples work without permission!)
- Sprite Rips

Again, I will be working hard on adding stuff to these sections when I get round to them, but my main priority right now is to finish off the reviews section. If any of you could add anything to those albums at all, it would be really appreciated.

I am going to look at getting the fan art section going again - the old gallery went absolutely haywire, but if enough people want it back again I will get it sorted out! Thumbs Up It might be possible to install the same coppermine gallery again, and actually make it so everyones logins on the main site will work on the gallery too. I'll look into it later though.

The reviews section is nigh on complete - all of the Neo Geo reviews are done, the Neo Geo CD and Neo Geo Pocket reviews are finished, and I now simply need to finish off the "other" reviews, so basically a handful of retro and DC/PS2/GBA stuff. Altogether that is only about 11 pages left to do, so I will be able to get it finished by tomorrow.

I have also added a bunch of official wallpapers to the site, and have a few more I will upload later. I will also be making additions to the sprite rips section, and also adding a photo gallery for game scans (so all the arcade flyers and the like that were on the old site will go in here, along with new stuff in the future). This won't take long, and after that I think the site will be just about ready to launch. I'm hoping to have it alive and kicking some time this week, but I will keep you all updated on that!

The shock box inserts also need to go up, but that can probably wait to a later date... not too much longer though as they are still an essential part of the site!

Just thought I'd mention that whenever you try to go to a review in the "top reviews by this author" box, the link doesn't work. That aside I'm gonna try to throw together a review or two in the next few days.
Yeah, I have not fixed all those up yet - the top reviews boxes are actually separate text files that get inserted into each review, so if I want to change the links on every single page I only have to edit one file... so far all of them have just been copied across from the old site, so the old links are still in place. That will be fixed once I have the remainder of the reviews online (pretty much just the retro ones left now). Hoping to do that by later today!

Will look forward to your review - by the way dude, I think I have it but just in case could you please send me your Twinkle Star Sprites review again?

If you fancy messing with it, I can give you access so you can add the review yourself? I don't mind doing it for you, but if you want to mess about with the admin side of the site a little then shoot me a PM! Smile

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 02. January 2007 20:47
7 reviews left now, one of them will be a pain in the backside (the Max Impact review because of the multiple pages and images), but it won't take too long. I did a lot of work on the site today, but didn't manage to get every review added because I was doing other things at the same time too.

It's looking good though, and we're very nearly there! I cannot wait to get this baby online officially! Cool

I've been doing a few things to the site over the past few days, just generally tidying up a few loose ends that needed doing, but there are still a few left... I need to write a list really, as I keep remembering things and going "crap I still haven't done that"! LOL

Anyways, in between that stuff I have been finishing the last few reviews. Got one thing to say:


The only thing left to do now is to update the review links in the "top reviews by this author" boxes, but that is a faily small job that won't take much longer than half an hour or so.

Hopefully the site will be online officially by the weekend, or Monday/Tuesday next week at the latest! Grin

Raiken wrote:
Just thought I'd mention that whenever you try to go to a review in the "top reviews by this author" box, the link doesn't work. That aside I'm gonna try to throw together a review or two in the next few days.

Fixed - all links on those boxes should now work fine! Smile

Search is now fixed, searching the forums or whole site will no longer give an error message. Really glad this search script works ok, I didn't want to go back to the standard one because it is not as good!

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