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May 28 2018

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Thread Author: Raiken
Thread ID: 502
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There are 57 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 12160 times.  There's also files attached.
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I'm in Japan bitches!
Thanks for sharing Raiken. Who else do you play seriously in AC other then Chip? Just curious.

I've been training with alot of different characters recently but my best thus far have always been Baiken and Slayer. (relatively easy characters overall)

Being a fan of ninja's (ohh, how unique Smile ) i've been training with chip a lot and he's a very fun character to play.

Speaking of Anji, he's one of the most annoying adversaries for my style of play.
Edited by Goemon on 28. November 2007 21:07
I used to play a lot of Testament back in the days of #Reload but I pretty much just play Chipp now. I've used him since GGX. I like using him cause he's straightforward and fast as hell. Sucks that he stills takes so much damage though. In Melty Blood I play Nero and Ciel but I haven't really picked up Ciel yet.
I've been playing Chipp alot lately and it's been quite fun. He's way more complex imo then characters like Slayer & Baiken. (which i've about mastered at this point)

I just wish i could get more people to play me. That's one thing i can envy in your current situation Wink
Yeah Baiken especially isn't too hard to play and she's way too strong in Accent Core. There's lots of stuff to learn with Chipp.

I got a four win streak on some random Ky player awhile back. I can now block that damn greed saber correctly on reaction now so I didn't have much of a problem with him. Time after that I had a run in with some Potemkin player. He won the first couple of games then I beat him and he got up and never played me again(bastard :twisted: ). Last time I went I just played Melty Blood with my friends for a couple hours. My arcade has set Guilty Gear and Melty Blood to 2 games for 50 yen now so I got to play a lot. My Nero is getting much better.
Edited by Raiken on 05. January 2008 15:16
Raiken wrote:I can now block that damn greed saber correctly on reaction now

Hehe, one of my friends always spams that move when he plays me. The whole blocking system was a bit weird to me for a while but i've pretty much got down what specific kind of block is required for atleast all the characters moves that those i can get to play with me use. It makes things a whole lot easier when you're playing people that are terribly predictable though Grin

One of my friends has an endless habit of blocking constantly in every fighting game we play. I throw him so constantly that he can't stop bitching about any grappler being "unbalanced" :twisted: Considering that i'm a person that practices almost every character in every fighting game i play, it's hilarious to see him call every single character in the game unbalanced except the couple characters he uses. (Then when i beat him with his fav. characters, he just says "i'm having a bad night!" Grin )
More trips to the game center. This time there was a ton of people playing Melty Blood. I got in a ton of games but didn't do so hot this time around. There was a really good Nero player there. I put up a good fight but being a Nero player myself I could tell this guy clearly knew his shit. His execution put mine to shame.

Went back on Monday. I meant to just walk in there and see what was going on but I ended up staying there for 3 hours LOL One of my friends happened to be there at the time so I got to play a bunch of really good games against his Arcueid and Akiha in Melty Blood.

He left and then some random Nanaya player came up and challenged me. I beat him both games so he gave up and went to the Guilty Gear cab. After I finished my game on Melty Blood I went over to the Guilty Gear cab and challenged the guy's Sol. I beat his Sol so he got off the cab and walked out of the arcade(some people just don't like losing to gaijin :twisted: ) I finished my game of Guilty Gear then went over and played some Garou on the 4 slot cab they had in the corner then went home.
Edited by Raiken on 15. January 2008 03:53
I was starting to consider making a post commanding you to cough up some more stories Grin

Shame about some people being poor losers. (being upset because of losing to a foreigner, as if video games aren't international...)

Btw, play some SNK dammit! What's wrong with you!? Wink
lol Yeah I probably should play some KOF 2001 since they moved it upstairs and made it two games for 50 yen. A good number of people play it here but I need to sit down and practice a bit with my emulator. Crazy to think it's been so long since I've played it. But it's a shame they put it in the Arcana Heart vs cab and moved AH to a single cab with one stick(what's the point in that? If I want to play alone I can just do that at home).
Wait, just kof 2k1... and on top of that, it replaced an AH board...

Has AH had a falling out in some Japanese arcades? That was quick.
Edited by Goemon on 16. January 2008 01:35
Well there was a lot of controversy surrounding AH because the upgrade for it that switched it to Arcana Heart Full cost as much as a full game. Usually that sort of thing is much cheaper if not free so a lot of arcades refused to get the upgrade. So far out of the 6 arcades I know of only 2 of them have Arcana Heart Full. The others don't even have the game at all.
Edited by Raiken on 16. January 2008 11:21
Hey Raiken! (as if this wasn't a two way discussion Grin ) Gimme some Chipp tips. What's the longest follow up to his double qcf+S combo? (I believe it's called "Resshou"Wink
My standard ground combo is s, s, hs, qcf+s, qcf+s(the mid and then the low), roman cancel then dash in and continue with s, foward punch, s, foward punch, low dust.

The only real hard part of this combo is the dashing in after the roman cancel but it shouldn't take you too long to get it down. You have to use close slash otherwise you won't be able to buffer into foward punch. This combo does very nice damage(tons if you manage to get your opponents guard gauge flashing beforehand) and it ends with a knockdown. It's a perfect time to activate invisibility which makes Chipp's already hard to block wake up game even harder to see.

Alternatively, after the roman cancel you could do f+hs and then alpha blade. I only really use this if I think I'm too far away to dash in and continue the combo. This too does very nice damage.

I would also strongly recommend mastering Chipp's FD cancel involving his jumping down+kick move(the spinning dive kick). What you do is hold down and back, hit kick then immediately press any two of the buttons you would use to faultless defend. If you do it right Chipp will stop in midair but his dive kick won't come out. This is perfect for positioning yourself over somebody after a knockdown because you can then do a cross up attack that is very hard to see. It's hard to pull off though(I only get it about 30% of the time right now). I usually knock down somebody, dash, then jump and the instant I leave the ground I start holding down-back so I can press the buttons right when I'm above the opponent.

The dive kick can also be cancelled with a slash-back parry(s+hs while guarding) which is what I do. This is even harder to do since you have to go from hitting the kick button to hitting slash and hard slash together as opposed to simply hitting kick again along with one other button to FD. This is actually a better idea though because you continue to build tension right after slash-back as opposed to faultless defending.

If you wanna see a good Chipp player watch any of Samitto's vids. He's most likely the best Chipp player in Japan right now. There's a perfect example of him doing the dive-kick cancel during 0:38 of the first vid. I dunno why he uses FD as opposed to slash-back but he's so damn good he doesn't really need it I suppose.





Other really good Chipp players include KD and Torowa(I seriously consider KD to be my Japanese doppleganger because he's less showy then the other Chipp players and tends to use rather lazy attack patterns Wink )





As for basic stuff, use low dust like crazy. It's seriously like the third most prioritized move in the whole game(it'll often beat Slayers low hard slash which is supposed to beat lows lol). Don't be afraid to use his hcf+k command grab(genro-zan) occasionally. Especially since he can now cancel it into his force break which is really fast and safe. Foward kick in Accent Core can combo into low dust which is nice since the kick is very fast(about 6 frames) and makes for a nice poke.

On that note, I went to Osaka! I went and saw the new dot hack movie. I'm probably the only dot hack fan on this forum but here's a long post about the whole thing if anybody's interested.


The following day I explored some more(I'll have the photos up real soon, gotta wait for class to start up this week) and went to Club Sega in Namba Osaka. I fought a Ky player and lost although I could have done a lot better. Then I fought a Testament player for the first time and got my ass handed to me LOL The second round wasn't too bad(I almost got him) but the first and third rounds I nearly got perfected. I'm definitely going back to Osaka again before I go home.
Edited by Raiken on 22. January 2008 12:19
Thanks for everything broseph, after watching those vids i realized that i really needed to work on my air juggles most of all. (i'm still having a bit of trouble mastering the mid air dash cancel)

In terms of ground play i wasn't able to catch anything from those video's that could especially improve my average strategy but after getting down your standard combo (i had no idea that a dash was possible after the dual qcf + s combo) i feel way more secure (and devistating Smile ) with my ground play. (before, i would only sweep or tap f + hs after the dual qcf + s and i was never content with it)

Raiken wrote:
The dive kick can also be cancelled with a slash-back parry(s+hs while guarding) which is what I do. This is even harder to do since you have to go from hitting the kick button to hitting slash and hard slash together as opposed to simply hitting kick again along with one other button to FD. This is actually a better idea though because you continue to build tension right after slash-back as opposed to faultless defending.

Oh yes, this has been an immensely helpful option in my arsenal :twisted:

Anyways, at this point i finally feel that confidence that i have in 3rd Strike and Melty Blood of being able to easily take anyone (atleast with Chip Grin ) that hasn't atleast trained.
Edited by Goemon on 26. January 2008 21:23
Woah, that's a lotta good info I wasn't expecting to find! It doesn't really apply to me yet as so far I've failed to pick up GGAC, but I really wanna get it soon. Also I only have GGJ for my PSP, but like I said I'm really commited to picking up more fighters.
^ Where do you live, maybe we'll get together for some matches Wink

Welcome, btw.
Edited by Goemon on 27. January 2008 01:28
Thanks for the welcome!
Edited by DestronPrime on 27. January 2008 00:55
Another Saturday and thus another trip to the game center. Played my friend again. I beat his Aoko but then he switched to Nanaya and I could never quite beat him. Later I played his Kohaku and had trouble with it(I've beaten it before though).

I took a short break to play some guilty gear. Eventually some dude sat down and played me. He tried Zappa but I beat him so he switched to Chipp(I dunno why but 50% of Japanese players feel the need to beat me with my own character). I lost the first game but still had one left. I played him again and beat him. His Chipp was crap(mine isn't much better to be honest) but I was satisfied I got the last win. He got up and left the arcade.

Next some other dude came in and played a few games with my friend. My friend lost then won, then the other switch to Hisui and Kohaku and pummeled my friends Akiha. My other buddy Tsukikawa was there too and he tried beating the guy with Len but couldn't win either. I tried with Nero but got my ass kicked. We all got tired and went home. That guy was really good but I'll be back :twisted:
^ How goes the KoF scene at the arcades you visit? Have you seen any exceptionally good people? Played any decent people?
The KOF2k2 scene has been fairly strong lately. Nobody looks particularly good but I haven't had a chance to face anybody yet. I would have last time but by the time I was done with the other games the guys playing KOF had left.
Play some shmups yo. CAVE!!!!!
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