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April 20 2019

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Thread Author: Raiken
Thread ID: 502
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There are 57 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 12826 times.  There's also files attached.
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I'm in Japan bitches!
That's right. Just got here a day ago and have been running around trying to get to my host family's house. Finally settled down today. Needless to say I'm friggin exhausted right now but I'll be back later hopefully to post a full story of my awesome trip. I was lucky enough to find a wireless connection here I can leech off of. Gonna sleep now Shock
Hope you have fun there! Smile
Have year I'm going back to Japan, I can't wait.
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
Glad to know you got there safe and sound! Hope you have an awesome time, and that you get the chance to keep letting us know how you're getting on! How long are you there for again dude?

Oh we are all expecting some souvenirs btw, so go out and buy us some cool stuff! Pfft (j/k)

Heheh I'm curious of any sorts of culture shock you may have staying in a foreign country Pfft
Well as for culture shocks, I think the biggest one could be what you mentioned before Suko (think it was you?). If you see someone holding their hands together with their index fingers pointing out... run away or at least don't point your back towards them! LOL


Kazuya_UK attached the following image:

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 25. September 2007 19:32
Glad you made it ok man, we're all sorting out our Xmas lists now... Wink
Kazuya_UK wrote:
Well as for culture shocks, I think the biggest one could be what you mentioned before Suko (think it was you?). If you see someone holding their hands together with their index fingers pointing out... run away or at least don't point your back towards them! LOL



Culture shock for westerners indeed! We also have that prank in my country, but not as much apparent as our east asian neighbors since we only ram our schoolchildren fingers against other students, not teachers and foreigners LOL
Culture shock wise I was amazed at how insane the traffic is here. It's terrifying.

Anywho I basically drove 2 hours from my house to my aunt's to stay the night. I woke up around 6 to check in early for my first flight. 3 hours later I take off for Chicago and arrive in an hour. I exchange my money for basically 500 bucks worth of yen. An hour later my next flight leaves for Tokyo. 12 hours, a couple of naps, a lot of plane food and 3 cans of coke later I arrive in Tokyo. It takes way too long to get my bags and after transferring terminals I show up only to find out my flight to Fukuoka has just left.


So I chill for a moment and consider my situation. I get them to give me a flight to Fukuoka in the morning. I go order a room at a nearby hotel and drag my bags outside to catch the next bus to the hotel. A half hour later I'm at this pretty nice hotel and check in. I grab a few sodas from a vending machine inside and snap a few photos while I'm there. Narita Tokyo is pretty much a giant airport with 30 hotels and tons of stuff under contruction. I call the guy who was supposed to pick me up in Fukuoka that night and tell him I'm going to be late. I have to guide myself to Nagasaki with his instructions.

I get up around 6 and prepare myself. I check in early for my flight to Fukuoka and wait 4 hours for my plane. Another hour later I'm in Fukuoka. I get my bags and take a terminal bus to the other end of the airport. I buy a bus ticket for Nagasaki and wait about a half hour for it to show up. 2 hours later I'm finally in Nagasaki. I get off the bus and hail a taxi to take me to the school so I can meet my host family. I meet them on the campus and head back to their house via another taxi. I have two other guys from America living with me but they actually are in an apartment across from my room in the family's house on the 2nd floor.

That's about it for now. I had orientations and medical exams today and start classes in a couple of days. I'll post links to my photos once I get them uploaded to my blog.
Damn, that always sucks. Glad you made it to your final destination safe. Btw, have you learned much Japanese yet?
Goemon wrote:
Damn, that always sucks. Glad you made it to your final destination safe. Btw, have you learned much Japanese yet?

Well I already have studied it for 2 years in high school and 1 in college. I'm doing pretty good right now. There's 2 other American guys I live with, one who knows next to no Japanese and the other one should be slightly ahead of me but for whatever reason he has more trouble then I do so they're kind of relying on me to help talk with my host family lol. I'm also actually the oldest of the three.
Looking forward to the photos man!

I actually found out that Leicester College has Japanese back on the prospectus again, so if I can I will taking classes to learn it again. It's been many years since I last did it so I really need to start again asap.

Kazuya_UK wrote:photos man!
Goemon wrote:
Kazuya_UK wrote:photos man!

lol I know I know. It seems my blog won't allow me to upload photos from my wireless so I'm going to have to take the photos to school and upload them their via one of library's computers. I didn't have any time to do that today but my classes end early tomorrow so I'll have everything up then.

Edit: finally got the photos up! Still need to compress my videos though before I can upload them to youtube.


Also, heres some pics of my room in America I took before I left:

Ah, Japan, I love the architecture. It's got so much character.

Raiken wrote:
Also, heres some pics of my room in America I took before I left:

Lol, reminds me of my old room at my parents' house. And just as dusty. Wink
Nice photo's sir. Thanks for sharing. Also, holy fuck... that's alot of anime.
lol Indeed. I've been amassing it for quite some time. Won't be buying all that much while I'm in Japan cuz it's too expensive but I'll be buying a ton again when I return.
Ok new arcade related stuff. I posted about this somewhat in the 'games currently playing' thread but I went again recently and had quite the experiance.

This little arcade I go to has a 2nd floor where all the fighting games I play seriously are(Guilty Gear Accent Core, Melty Blood and Arcana Heart although I just started that one). I went in there earlier and basically fought a Kohaku player in Melty Blood that was god. It's true I had a disadvantage since I play Nero and his tall crouching hitbox makes him susceptible to some nasty mixups but this guy simply knew his shit. He basically pummeled me and the other Japanese guy I kept switching with(he played Nanaya) although he never managed to perfect me. I even managed to get a round on him once.

Both of us got tired of playing the guy and waited for him to leave lol. Then the Nanaya player went to the other side of the vs cab and played Ciel. I jumped in and fought a few times. He played a damn good Ciel although he didn't give me as much trouble as the Kohaku player though and I nearly beat him a couple of times. Other then that I didn't do anything aside from one game of Guilty Gear where I lost to a pretty good Anji player.

If I learned anything from this experiance it's that Japanese players are masters of controlling the flow of a match. But if I ever manage to take it away from them I hurt them severely. That was totally the case when I fought the Ciel player.
Edited by Raiken on 16. November 2007 04:30
Thank for the update Raiken. I've just recently got heavy into playing GG and MB. I wish i had someone to play:(

I used to use GG as an example to convert my friends that cared only about visuals into play SNK games. I would viciously attack them, get them in a corner, finish them off then tell them "See how easy it was for me to rape just by going off on the controller. This is ridiculous, now this other game..." I used to take advantage of being faster at doing moves to prove something that i now feel the complete opposite about. Within the past months of playing Accent Core and Melty Blood. Through much
practicing, i'm starting to see how learning long juggles require just about as much training and rhythm as 3rd strike's "parry" system. Melty Blood has a parry system on top of that.

The sad thing is, now that i've turned everyone i know away from games like GG i can't get anyone to play them with me. Also, now that i've learned some of the longer juggles, they consider the games especially unfair.

Anyways, keep enjoying yourself and sharing with us here!
Payed another visit to the arcade today after I met with my language partner. I didn't have a lot of money this time but it went well since I actually won a few games.

There wasn't anybody playing either Guilty Gear or Melty Blood when I went in so I sat down and played Melty Blood hoping somebody would sit down and play me. Nobody did and I beat the game on one credit. I then sat down at the Guilty Gear cab and started playing it. Soon after a guy jumped in and played Faust on me. He was probably just learning Faust cause I beat him fairly easily. He then switched to Sol which gave me a good deal of trouble. I lost the first game then won the second. He switched to Anji.

His Anji was damn good and beat me pretty badly. He kinda gave me a few rounds though for whatever reason so I lost the first game and won the second. He switched to Axel. His Axel was awesome too although I put up a much better fight this time then I did against his Anji. He never dropped his combos though so he hurt my Chipp really badly and I lost. I was out of money so I stayed and watched him for a bit.

There was a guy on the Melty Blood cab at this point that I really wanted to play but couldn't. He beat the game then played the other guy at Guilty Gear. He played a really good Venom, Potemkin and Ino but lost to the Axel player every time. I was happy I actually blocked about 80% of his Axel's overheads unlike the guy after me(I've never seen so many Axel bombers in my life).
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