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August 20 2017

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Thread Author: Shiny
Thread ID: 500
Thread Info
There are 116 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 22726 times.
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Best 2D KoF. Once and for all.
KoF '94 - XI

Ok guys time to vote, let's sort this once and for all. Choose the better between 2 at a time, eventually we'll end up with one winner. '94 vs. '95, then the winner vs. '96 and so on... In the event of a tie I'll train 2 house spiders to fight to the death each representing a game. Either that or let Kaz decide... Wink

One competition per day.

First up '94 vs. '95. Go!!

Me, I vote '95.
'95... But I didn't played '94 rebout yet. :|

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
I declare '95 the winner. No surprises there then... I think I know which is gonna come out top in round 2 too... Wink

Next: '95 vs. '96

Oh, and can someone move this, I just noticed it's in the wrong section...
Edited by Shiny on 25. September 2007 09:35

I guess we will going up this way until we reach '98. Wink
Shiny wrote:Either that or let Kaz decide... Wink

OK I'll decide now to save everyone the trouble - and my choice is Samurai Shodown II. Yes that's right, in a competition not even involving SSII, through the sheer power of awesomeness, it still wins hand down. Pfft

.... ahem! Erm.... I would have picked 95 for sure, and between '95 and '96 definitely '96. Good thread idea btw! Smile

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 25. September 2007 19:31
'96 hands down. '95 was just getting started with separate teams, but '96 was when they started getting everything rounded off in terms of gameplay ect. Plus, I played'96 first..
Long long ago, there were a man..
Maybe one of us should say 95, just to make it more exciting Wink

I wont be the one though :exclaim:

96 is the best out of the two (surprise,surprise)

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
I reckon this is where opinions start to differ, up until '96 it's pretty much a no brainer but after... Will anyone buck the trend and stick with one of the less obvious ones as their fave? Will anyone choose '01...?

I vote '96 (obviously).

And Kaz, you're right, SS2 does own all. Ninja
I think 99 vs 00 is going to be interesting.

I vote 96 by the way.

And SS2 doesn't own 98. Seriously. :eh:
Yea it does Wink

Hehe, perhaps not everyone would agree but SS2 is my favourite Neo Geo game of all time without question.

Kazuya_UK wrote:
Yea it does Wink

I have to agree with Kaz, SS2 is THE 2D fighter as far as I'm concerned. What it lacks nowadays in terms of animation and super-duper mega-combos it more than makes up for with style, character, balance and the tightest gameplay this side of, well, anything frankly. Wink

And the winner is... '96! *fanfare*

Once again no surprise at all. '96 was imo not only where KoF truly found it's feet but also where it started to give opposing franchises the trouncing they so rightly deserved. Back in '96 no fighter looked or sounded as good as KoF.

Next up '96 vs. '97, a slightly tougher decision...?

Me, I'm sticking with '96.
XI easily. Grin
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
A hard decicision 96 or 97...hmm

I say: KOF 96

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Man, between '95 and '96, I'd choose '96. However..

Since the late nineties, I'd have to choose '97. It's always been one of my favorites over the earlier games (although it's kinda obvious which one above '97 is gonna be the ultimate winner here). It may sound kind of weird, but I used to really like that screen where it shows what stage you're going to after picking your team. '96 though..pretty damn good.
Long long ago, there were a man..
'97 is damn good actually, but overall '96 wins out in my book. Also one of the best soundtracks too for the most part, and great atmosphere.

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 26. September 2007 23:15
KoF 96 ftw! The silence in most KoF 97 battles makes me a bit uncomfortable...

Lemme just move this topic to the Neo-Geo discussion section, shall I? Oh wait I already did Pfft
Spooky wrote:
It may sound kind of weird, but I used to really like that screen where it shows what stage you're going to after picking your team.

Not weird at all, I think the presentation in '97 is top notch but the lack of music really hurts it, and it just doesn't have the atmosphere of '96 imo. Plus it has the wimpiest boss of any game ever. Still a great game though, I do recall putting it in my top ten some time ago, so convinced was I of it's greatness... Wink

Unless something drastic happens over night I think I know which competition's up next, and it's one I'm not looking forward too... Better sleep on it.
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