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March 21 2019

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Thread Author: merlin
Thread ID: 4947
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Arcade Zone (developer)
I've been playing the SNES game Legend quite a lot today and have been very impressed so did some reading about the French developer who created it. I read an interesting interview with the ex-Titus staff who founded the company (Carlo Perconti and Lyes Belaidouni) and also tried out two other SNES games they developed: Nightmare Busters and Iron Commando. The developers were clearly strongly influenced by CP System games and they mentioned being fans of The King of Dragons and Knights of the Round in that interview. Iron Commando is obviously very much inspired by The Punisher and Nightmare Busters is similar to Roosters/Midnight Wanderers. I would be interested to hear what other people here think about Arcade Zone's games. I don't remember anyone here mentioning these games before.

After Arcade Zone ceased to exist in 1995 the founders created a new company called Toka. After that company came to an end Carlo Perconti founded HyperDevbox which is based in Tokyo and currently mainly develops Android and iOS games.

Interview with the developers

Arcade Zone (Wikipedia)

Toka (Wikipedia)

HyperDevbox (Wikipedia)

HyperDevbox official site

I really like the art style, music and atmosphere in Legend. Gameplay is very enjoyable but it would have been better if the main character moved a bit faster. Flying kicks are very effective so you end up using that move a lot and not using your sword as much as you normally would in a hack 'n slash. The map screen looks pretty cool and is similar to the map screen in The Revenge of Death Adder. There are some memorable music tracks in Legend my favourite being the castle/inn theme.

Iron Commando is clearly copying The Punisher with a similar character, weapons and feel to the gameplay. Just like in Legend the graphics look very nice. The flying kicks are similar to the ones in Legend although the enemies are better at countering that move in this game. There are lots of weapons you can pick up and use. There are also a few nice auto-scrolling stages where you're on a motorbike, in a mine cart or in a jeep which add some variety to the game. Iron Commando was only released in Japan.

Nightmare Busters was originally cancelled but was released quite recently by the Super Fighter Team. A very good looking game. Stage 2 in particular looks very similar to Roosters/Midnight Wanderers. You can grab the bottom of platforms and move along them just like you can in Roosters. You can also charge your meter and do a dash move.

I'm quite impressed with these games and would recommend trying them if you haven't already.

Super Fighter Team's Nightmare Busters site

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video
Cool never knew about nightmare busters looks great
Had legend n iron commando on wildcard :$
Nice links Merlin interesting read
Glad it was of interest Hitorkori. Smile

It seems that Nightmare Busters can still be ordered from The Super Fighter Team site for $70 plus shipping.

I think all three games are well worth checking out with Legend being my favourite. Anyone who likes The Punisher would probably enjoy Iron Commando.

Arcade Zone developed another fantasy-themed 2D beat 'em up for the Atari Jaguar called Conan which was cancelled. The graphics look impressive judging by the screenshots published in a gaming magazine at the time.


Toka, the successor to Arcade Zone, released a 3D remake of Legend for the PS1. Although I prefer 2D beat 'em ups this actually looks pretty good. From Wikipedia:

The game was one of the first ever to use motion-capture techniques to create the animations of the characters. Unlike similar games that brought the beat-em-up genre into 3D, such asFighting Force,Legendstill retains the same view and left-to-right stage mechanics of the 2D beat-em-ups, instead of open 3D environments.

YouTube Video
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