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August 20 2019

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Thread Author: Majestic_Lizard
Thread ID: 4934
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There are 5 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3208 times.
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Multi-Cart Game List (Most Versions, 161, 138, 120, etc.)
I need to update my list with the following information:
The ROMs on the 120 in 1 are slightly different.
* King of Fighters '99 on the 120 in 1 is a the prototype version.
* King of Fighters '94 on the 120 in 1 is the full version with no flickering text or animations.
* League Bowling on the 138-in-1 is missing a sound channel.

This is a list of all of the official (non-hack) games included in the majority of multi-carts you can still find on various internet shopping sites. Hacked games (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Magic Plus, etc) are not included on the list).

Unlike the lists provided by the manufacturers, this document is in alphabetical order and only includes original titles.

Note: I made a mistake in my notes at the bottom of the pdf. The 138-in-1 does NOT include Pulstar, the 120-in-1 does. However, the chart does show that it is the 120-in-1 that includes Pulstar.

Link to PDF:
Spoiler Alert! To See The Content, Just Click On The Image!

(To see the above PDF, first click, then right click on the link and select view)

Click on the link below and magnify to see the entire list.
Edited by Majestic_Lizard on 24. January 2015 16:02
Thanks for your post. I was tempted to buy this kind of cartridge, but now we can see there is no Fatal Fury games then no Windjammer. Maybe I will considering PC emulator because the prices of Games like Garou is too high for me. (I got a MVS slot, but still too expansive.)
Actually, the 161 in 1 does include the original Fatal Fury.

However, I would not recommend either the 150 in 1 or the 161 in 1 (unless you can get it from someone that you personally know who can confirm the cart works) because many of these cartridges are defective. I purchased a defective 161 in 1 myself and I know of at least two other people (one user on the KLOV forums and one user from the Neo forums) who also wound up with defective 161 in 1 cartridges.

Even the people that have working 161 in 1 cartridges report games like Metal Slug X and Last Blade 2 randomly resetting during game play. There are also several bad dumps, with Samurai Shodown having an entire playable character corrupted.

The reason the 161 in 1 and 150 in 1 carts are more likely to be defective is that they have a lot more parts (three PCBs) than any other Neo Geo cartridge, yet they are still made by hand out of recycled integrated circuits. So, there is more risk of a manufacturing error. More components also means higher risk of damage during shipping.

Another problem with the 161 in 1 and 150 in 1 is that they draw more current than any other Neo Geo cartridges, so they can cause problems in the older Neo Geo MVS consoles that are more sensitive to voltage issues.

I would stick with the 120-in-1 and 138-in-1 (if you can make custom dip-switch).

Note: I made a mistake in my text at the bottom. The 138-in-1 DOES NOT include Pulstar, it is the 120-in-1 (which uses similar PCBs to the 138-in1) that has Pulstar.
Edited by Majestic_Lizard on 09. January 2015 02:10
Thank you for your post. Very interesting.
Juju_37700 wrote:

Thank you for your post. Very interesting.

You are welcome.

I've fixed the errors on the main document and on the image now.

I have to disagree about emulation. I've been using emulators for the Neo Geo since the late 90's (MAME, KAWAKS, Final Burn, etc). None of them hold a candle to the real hardware. The closest you can get is Final Burn Legends on the original XBOX, connected to a CRT television through RGB or S-Video. Even on that there is lag. MAME on the PC with fake scanlines also comes close, but it still isn't as good as the real hardware.

The Neo Geo Gold X console is simply Final Burn Alpha running on a cheap Dingoo with a plastic case that looks like a Neo Geo. It is actually worse than a Dingoo due to the restrictions.

Another important note to add is that most of these multi-carts (except for the 138-in-1) have roms that are slightly altered to accommodate the menu system that allows you to exit the game by holding start for six seconds.

As the 138-in-1 uses a sub PCB (or a dipswitch hardware hack), many of the games are not altered and are more stable. I have no problems with the 138-in-1 on an MVS-1F (MVS-1FS, actually) CMVS.

The MVS-1FS is simply an MVS-1F that was sold in Mexico. The "S" is for Spanish. I'm pretty sure an MVS-1FS with a UNI-BIOS 3.2 in it is going to be identical to an MVS-1F with a UNI-BIOS 3.2 in it, as the language the BIOS menu was in was probably the only difference between the two models.
Edited by Majestic_Lizard on 11. January 2015 17:23
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