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October 21 2019

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Thread Author: Master Tasuke
Thread ID: 4933
Thread Info
There are 7 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3942 times.
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Ah My Goddess (KOSUKE FUJISHIMA/KODANSHA, 1988/2014)
Master Tasuke
so, who else here is a fan of Fujishima-sensei's masterpiece?

http://en.wikiped...My_Goddess !

i have a small collection, centered around the 2005/2006 T.V. series which i absolutely adore.
i have yet to see or own the 1993 OAV series, so i need to do myself a favor someday soon
and procure it on LD and/or DVD.

at any rate, here's my modest-but-growing collection, feel free to show us all your own;
Never seen it, but have often seen the characters around the interwebz.

Why does the head of that doll look so different (stylistically) from the body?

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Master Tasuke
the body is an aftermarket "OBITSU BODY" just about the all round best 27cm./11in. female doll body you can get.
they are available in natural or pale toned skin, and three sizes of bust, from small to medium to large.

every 1/6 Anime doll i have is based around an OBITSU. some fit better than others, but all befitted greatly on the whole
from being moved off their usually awful stock bodies. so long as i keep adding to my 1/6 "Harem" i'll always have need for more OBITSU products;
Edited by Master Tasuke on 11. January 2015 14:53
Holy shit, did you just say "Harem"?

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Master Tasuke
LIFE_IN_2D wrote:

Holy shit, did you just say "Harem"?

well, i figured i might as well refer to my collection in such a fashion, even if only facetiously. after all, they do kind of resemble one, do they not?

in any case, her original outfit;
Edited by Master Tasuke on 12. January 2015 20:32
Master Tasuke

i've finally got her hair in some semblance of order. straight out of her box, it was a real ugly mess.
definitely higher maintenance than the hollow vinyl molded hair of my Mikuru-chan. Belldandy's such an Angel, she makes it all more than worth the trouble.

just in case anyone might not be aware of it, Bell-chan is literally a Goddess, loosely based upon a spiritual entity from ancient Norse mythology;


http://en.wikiped...My_Goddess !
I've never seen the anime but I have read the first 60 - 70 chapters of the manga. I found it quite enjoyable at the time, but Keiichi can be quite frustrating.

I also quite liked You're Under Arrest / Taiho Shichauzo. I had the two collected manga volumes and I'm sure I remember having the first anime DVD box set, but that was a long time ago.
Beard Complete UK/Euro Clamshell NEO‚ÄĘGEO Pocket Collection Headbang
39 Color & 2 Cover Variations, 5 B&W
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