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January 18 2019

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Thread Author: merlin
Thread ID: 4932
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Recently a new alternative to ArcLive, GGPO, Supercade, MameHub and Kaillera was launched. It's called FightCade and is based on the GGPO code but with some alterations. It supports a large number of Neo Geo games. Unlike with GGPO you don't need to open ports on your router. Also it's compatible with Macs and systems running Linux. The team working on this are planning to update to a newer version of the FBA emulator in the future which means hopefully eventually games like Daraku Tenshi and Martial Masters will be playable there.


YouTube Video
Yeah, I heard about it, but at start was a little bit pessimistic, cause it looked kinda fishy (in terms of presentation, lack of forum, etc.). I registered there a few days ago - the reason was I tried to log on to GGPO but couldn't, plus a link was put to FightCade as substitute.

I had a couple of matches (little bit Garou - this game is unforgiving damn it Smile - and one of Last Blade 2) and it seems fine Smile. Maybe like a marriage between Suprcade and GGPO. Best of both worlds Pfft. You can even watch replays, but it lacks the option (or I couldn't find it), to fast forward matches or happenings between them.

That's my thoughts on it so far, but I'm not very experinced in general when it comes to this kind of things. I think I played most on GGPO (but very rarely). As for Supercade I joined a few moths ago, and played even more rarely. Mostly Samurai Spirits IV and some Garou, but damn it was hard to communicate out a game (especially in the beginning). I believe the first or so week/s I was asking people try out games to see if it wokrs, and often got no replies or refuses. It probably had a lot to do with interface design and the option to be aviable to all the games you can play. Sometimes you don't want to play that games thus nullifying that otherwise cool idea. On FightCade I like the idea of rooms and the possibility to enter others even if you don't play that game. Other than that it doensn't look very much different from GGPO.
Thanks for the feedback Freebie. Good to hear your matches have been ok so far. I've read other people saying the netplay works well. To be honest I have only tried FightCade briefly in single player mode but I'll try to play with some other people there very soon.

FightCade appeals to me because it has quite a large selection of games, you don't need to do any port forwarding and also it's being actively supported, unlike GGPO and Supercade, including plans to update to a newer version of FBA eventually.

I normally use Kaillera (have been using for it nearly 6 years) but it's good to have some alternatives. I've used ArcLive and Supercade before too.
Maybe people tend to stick to the place they first started at Smile?
I used Kaillera trough GGPO once, out of curiousity (but didn't play a game). There is an option to the emulator (you probably know this Smile). It's the same for FightCade (so far). I thought it is added as an alternative when GGPO has problems (but who knows).

I've heard for ArcLive as well. Not sure where exactly (maybe someone mention it on GGPO). I remmeber that people said the best players (in terms of skill at fighting games at least) are gathering there. But given that it is some kind of asian project (Japanese?), it is not surpising.

Otherwise you are welcome merlin. Indeed my matches were ok (though my ass got kicked a lot on Garou Grin). There is similar problems (naturally) to GGPO however (at least I have/had). When you play or observe, or do nothing in the program - for say about an hour, it tends to just freeze. Then you have to restart or wait for a little/not that little bit (as if the client needs time to cath up on what you are pressing/doing). On the good side in-game chat doesn't get that drawback (in GGPO it does/did), and when time passes and you played long time, chat stays active and on point (even if you don't use it). Maybe these issues are not program based, but server. The other good thing is that I didn't get that much of the annoying buzz sound (when game needs to catch up on lag), but I really had only a couple of matches (plus it depends with whom you play and where is he/she living).

I agree with the good points you are mentioning. I looked through their social media comments btw, and they are not planning to update to a newer version of the FBA emulator thus far (as it will be a hefty job if I remember correctly). But they do update very regularly the current one for sure. There are good amount of design/theme variations (for which I personally not care, but people tend to like those kind of things), and probably other things I didn't notice.

We will see how and where the project is gonna go. Hopefully to some good end. Supercade for examle is funded for the last several months through people that play there. And if it doen't meet that monthly goal is probably gonna close down (unless someone else takes it). On GGPO (surpisingly to me), something like this happened at the same time. There was even a message that it is gonna close down at the end of October last year I believe. But people said they don't believe it. Well now it is down, because of DDoS attacks according to their page (which FightCade had as well).
Kaillera has always appealed to me the most because of the vast number of games you can play and also that you can play with up to 4 players (sometimes even 6). I didn't realize you could play on kaillera with the GGPO emulator too.

Yes it won't be easy to update the emulator used for FightCade and it might be a long time before it happens. I just mentioned it because on the site they wrote in the Q&A section: 'We do plan to update FBA to a newer version'.

It's amazing the huge number of players you can find on the Chinese ArcLive/SupArc site especially in the KOF '97 rooms. It's nice that you can have an avatar and there's a leveling system with experience points. Also you can play 4 player games.

Would be sad if Supercade came to an end. I've played on there (and on the old 2DF site) quite a few times with members here. We once even had a MOTW tournament. Unfortunately there seems to be hardly any interest in emulator netplay here any more.
Maybe I should've been more exact, because it is an option in the ggpofba.exe (not the actual ggpo.exe). When you run it, in the "Game" drop down tab/menu there is "Play vai Kaillera" option. Maybe the emulator itself had such option, I don't know. Also I checked on FightCade to verify they had it (cause I though for sure it did), but it looks like it was removed from their version (although the dll Killeraclient fail is still present in the directory...).

I have to retract some (good) things I said earlier as well. Yesterday I played a longer session on FightCade and chat disappeared after a while in the game, and I was diconected from their program at some point (but at least could continue play until someone decide to leave). Maybe the reason for this happenings is how many people are on the server, but now that I think about it depends as well on how far afar from each other are the players that create the game (or else ping, internet connection etc.).

As for updating the FBA emulator, they probably meant they won't do it in near future but have plans on it (or just marketing Pfft). Actually I wonder what would this new version of the emulator bring to he users. It will perhaps create more trouble/bugs (at least at he beginning) on otherwise good working program.

I had to guess ArcLive is Chinese Smile, I remember reading in recent days about KOF 97 tournament and how much people watched it live (something like half a million in the country alone Ooo). I have to say, I do wonder why exactly 97 is held with such high regard in China, given that 98 or 2002 are being considered the best by many.

Yeah I agree merlin, it will be sad if Supercade go (although I spent very little time there). It is always better to have competition or alternatives, or variety, or whatever you like to call it. But if it is necessary to happen, then it will happen (sooner or later all things must come to an end - I'm going hard on the cliche side Pfft).
Thanks for the explanation and for sharing your experiences of using Fightcade. Hopefully those issues you experienced won't continue to be a problem.

I logged on a few times recently hoping to play some co-op games, especially beat 'em ups, but couldn't find anyone to play with. I watched a few of your MOTW replays while I was waiting Freebie. Entertaining matches!

I'm also curious to know why KOF '97 is so popular in China and '98 and '02 seem to be more popular elsewhere. On kaillera KOF '97 is actually the most popular game!


In the past some people were hoping the version of FBA used at GGPO would be updated because they wanted to play certain games there such as Daraku Tenshi and Martial Masters. There's always p2p kaillera for those games of course.
Just finished an enjoyable session on FightCade playing with a friend who lives in the US. I was impressed with how well it works. Very smooth with no problems. We completed Sengoku 3 and Uo Poko. Uo Poko is so addictive in co-op mode! I was never able to complete that game when playing on a kaillera server because it's not possible to save the game. Highly recommend more people here to give FightCade a go. In addition to Freebie and myself, Running Wild (a member here) also uses it.

My username on FightCade is 'drokmar'.

Justin Wong plays on there too! I think he was playing Breakers Revenge and Magical Drop 3.


It's also possible to play additional games in the 'unsupported room'. I think any games which run on that version of FBA (v0.2.96.74) can be played there.

FightCade Twitter account: https://twitter.c...
Whoah, I don't know how did I missed you previous post:(.

Have to say I'm little bit ashamed that you saw some of my matches (hoplefully not to the end Grin), because I don't think I had thus far any relatively close ones. People are real good there and I still lack something to be able to take more (than a few if lucky Pfft) matches (at least I'm taking rounds Grin). Oh well, as people say more (real/vs others) practice will do the job.

merlin, I think FightCade said (somewhere), that they can add games if someone sent them a savestate of the game (I'm not sure why they need it though). So probably it is possbile if the game is on the emulators list or besides that. I guess it's worth a try if someone is interested Smile.
Damn, I red your last post just now and you mention that Smile.

It's good to hear you had a good time Smile.
I only watched a small number of your matches Freebie but I think you fought well. No need to feel ashamed! The skill of many players on these kind of sites is often high. It's not easy if you're playing against people who have played a large number of matches online. If you keep at it I'm sure you'll soon start to win more matches.

Yes that's a good point about submitting save states. I'll test out some games in the unsupported games room and if they work fine hopefully they can be added. I would particularly like to see Denjin Makai 2, Golden Axe, Knights of Valour, Nemo and Three Wonders added.

It's great that you don't need to do any port forwarding to play on FightCade. I had trouble doing that in the past when I wanted to host games on Supercade and could only host if I disabled my router firewall.

Some FHD matches on FightCade featuring Justin Wong:

YouTube Video
Had another good FightCade session last weekend completing Gaia Crusaders and Captain Commando. A bit of stuttering to begin with in Gaia but apart from that it worked really well. I'm not going to post here every time I play there of course. Just wanted to give some feedback about my experience of using the site and was hoping to encourage more people here to give it a go. Apart from Freebie and me I know of another three NGFL members who play there. I'll try to be there most weekends.

It's nice being able to spectate which is something you couldn't do at Supercade. Unfortunately Supercade has now shut down because damdai didn't receive enough donations.
eccentric cat
I might try this if anyone's willing to have a go. I need to brush up on my NeoGeo skills anyway. Fun times.
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
Good to see you're interested too Cat. I'm not playing fighting games there at the moment but would be nice to play some TSS with you like we used to. Always up for some co-op games too especially Uo Poko. My username is 'drokmar' and I'm usually on there on Saturday evenings (US time zones).

I think even if people here have plenty of 'offline' friends to play games with it's also nice to play with fellow NGFL members very few of whom, if any, you will ever meet.
Hey Chode. how easy is this to install? I'd be interested but the setup process, for these types of programs, is always a fucking pain in the arse.
Edited by LIFE_IN_2D on 15. February 2015 18:28

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
It's very easy to get set up 2D. After creating an account and downloading the fightcade client, run it and then go to the settings menu and tell it where your rom folder is. No need for any port forwarding.

You don't need to open any ports on your router: FightCade uses a modern NAT traversal technique that allows to connect two players without having to forward ports, making the setup easier

You might be interested to know 2D that there are many KOF '02 players on FightCade. When I was there yesterday there were 110+ people in the KOF '02 room.

GGPO is down due to site maintenance so that means FightCade is even busier at the moment.

I enjoyed playing through The King of Dragons and Shock Troopers there yesterday.
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