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December 19 2018

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Thread Author: godzilla43
Thread ID: 4913
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Rant about resellers
I just watched from gamester81's new youtube video about these couple of dudes who are resellers and have a store in ebay. The video was kinda intresting how they bought lots and made deals. They made good deals and the knew what they were doing. Like 13$ on complete nes games they can make some okay profit on those etc.

So i looked in to theirs ebay store. Some capcom complete nes games for under 30$ not bad, boxed genesis for 90$ not bad, NEO GEO NINJA COMMANDO 1200$ WTF?!??!

Really they have bought that game probably like 150$ dollars max and now selling it for 1200$. Top dollar for that game shipped is maybe 400$. Yeah some person who has 1200$ to spend on Neo Geo games is probably thinking hmm... i can have japanese MS2 or MS3+MSX or kizuna+lb2 or US ninja commando. I think i will buy ninja commando Grin

Luckily there is still some okay deals in ebay even thou these resellers are making games cost more. I bought two neo games i will upload pics when i get them Smile Also some person really made a good deal on ebay on 1 game but im not going to say what game that was cause i am just trying to forget that deal cause i didnt see that auction:(
Sometimes people give resellers way too much shit because that's so much easier than being an informed consumer. You're clearly smart enough to just not buy Ninja Commando at $1200 so you just let the reseller stupidly ask for a price that they'll never get. A lot of resellers are very dumb like this and they give the entire game collecting scene a bad name. People go on Ebay and see a game overpriced and they don't bother to notice that the fact that it's a Buy it Now sale means that one guy named that price. Find the same game in an auction and you'll likely pay much less.

Recently I bought The Misadventures of Tron Bonne for my friend as a Christmas present. There were several Buy it Nows on Ebay asking $250 but being an informed consumer I knew that it wasn't worth that much. I waited until one popped up as an auction and got it for $150. Other auctions consistently end at around that same price therefore the market has spoken and that is the game's value. So why do resellers continue to list their Buy it Nows at $250? Well, a sucker is born every day and they're obviously just hoping someone is foolish enough to buy it eventually. Good on them if they succeed. As consumers it is our responsibility to know what we're getting into, especially in the high stakes NeoGeo scene. I wouldn't ever buy an AES or MVS game without doing a massive amount of research. It's just too much money to not 100% know if I'm getting a good deal.

That said, I've sold a few games on Ebay in the past and my strategy was always to set the opening bid at about the lowest I'd want to sell it for, and set an optional Buy it Now price somewhere between the price where auctions normally end and other Buy it Nows are set. That way if someone doesn't want the hassle of an auction and would rather do a Buy it Now mine is the cheapest. If they're willing to pay slightly more to not have to wait for an auction to end I'm willing to let them. It's win/win.
green beret
When you search for the right price for an AES game, you must also be 100% sure it's a genuine cart Smile
green beret wrote:

When you search for the right price for an AES game, you must also be 100% sure it's a genuine cart Smile

Yep, every game that is over 200-300$ has that risk under that it probably just would not be good business for those conversion makers.

I thought a reason why reseller might ask way too much on a rare game cos there is might be some collector who wants to complete a collection. In this case thou i think it would be really strange that US collector that would have all the other games would be missing Ninja Commando and again he/she could find it much cheaper anyways.

Pat the nes punk on one video talked about some NES game that he was missing which was like 8$ value but ebay only had resellers that asked like 40$. So he waited like year until there was one in auction which he had like 8$ Grin

So in that case i kinda understand that if you have bought most copies on some unofficial NES title and selling them to collectors for 40$ you might make some deals happen cos lot of them dont want to wait a year for 8$ copy. 1200$ is diffrent story thou..
Right, that's another complication added into the mix when buying AES games. And if you're a collector it's a very important one too. I can't imagine spending hundreds of dollars on a game only to discover it's a bootleg.
green beret
reelmojo wrote:

Right, that's another complication added into the mix when buying AES games. And if you're a collector it's a very important one too. I can't imagine spending hundreds of dollars on a game only to discover it's a bootleg.
You may have a heart attack!
Many items on Ebay are being sold this way.
In the early days of Ebay you could make many nice buys, but unfortunately these increasing stupid high prices does keep some people away.
When I complete regular games (Xbox, Playstation) I sell them at Ebay.
In the same way Mojo mentioned; a minimum price and sometimes with a Buy Now option, just for people who don't want the hassle of a auction.

You have to keep in mind your public. I live in The Netherlands and Dutch people can be very parsimonious (if I pronounce this right). After allowing international buyers, I sold more easily, even for higher prices.
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