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August 20 2019

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Thread Author: reelmojo
Thread ID: 4893
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Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V has been revealed at this weekend's Playstation Experience show! It was announced as a Playstation 4 and PC exclusive. I thought the word exclusive implied only one system, but I guess that's just their way of saying we're not getting it on XBox One, Wii U, or even in the arcade.

YouTube Video

Some things of note in the trailer:

It seems the characters can activate some sort of EX mode where all of their specials are enhanced in some ways. I'd imagine this is either tied to the super meter or a separate meter altogether.

Ryu seems to be a bit less like his SFIV incarnation and a bit more like his SFIII version, which indicates that this may take place much closer in the timeline to SFIII. He even ends the trailer by using a Super Art from SFIII.

Aerial combos seem much looser than a typical Street Fighter, but still no where near as crazy as a VS game.

Chun-Li smashes Ryu through a wall and the stage becomes wider like the Real Bout Fatal Fury games.

Things I want:

Less SFII characters would be great. I'd love it if the returning characters were mostly from SFIII and the SF Alpha series. Aging returning Alpha characters (like Karin) would be very interesting. For returning SFII characters I'd limit it to the really popular ones. Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Chun-Li, Guile, and Cammy would be my picks.

Make it take place after SFIII. And let dead characters stay dead for a change. How many times does Bison have to die? I know the story matters much less to Capcom than KOF's story matters to SNK, but after SFIV I don't really care about any of the characters anymore. Setting it after SFIII would certainly help make the storyline interesting again.

The trailer shows guard crushing, extended juggle combos, and an EX mode activation that makes you more powerful so it seems that this game is going to really be focused on aggressive play rather than defensive. So please, no focus attack or parry mechanic. My fighting style in pretty much every fighter I play is very aggressive so I hope I'm right on this one!

Confirmed Characters:
Edited by reelmojo on 18. December 2014 19:01
green beret
Interesting to have a continue in the series. I still have to buy Ultra IV for both 360 and PC
I honestly put very little time into Ultra after buying it. That in no way means the game isn't great, I just have a ton of games to play and tend to focus on other things. None of my friends in real life are anywhere near as good at fighting games as me so I typically don't have that competitive drive to keep playing new fighters, especially if it's an iterative version which means the online community will be leaps and bounds ahead of me. I played SFIV and BlazBlue a lot online after they first came out, but USFIV and BlazBlue Continuum Shift? Not so much. So I look forward to SFV hitting the reset button on competitive play.
Its good that sf5 is finally coming but only for ps4 and pc. These exclusives are really annoying. Xbox1 has rise of tomb raider and ps4 sf5. Still maybe i will buy ps4.. :/
Thanks for posting Mojo Thumbs Up

For me SSF4 andf USF4 are pretty much perfect games, and I'm way off mastering them, so I'm not sure if I want a SF5 yet. It terms of gameplay it seems like it's only going to complicate things, but I know not everyone liked SF4 because of it's back to basics approach so maybe this is a good thing for them

It's weird but wathcing the fight footage reminded me of the Tekken demo from when The PS2 was first announced. I think just because it has a more realistic look and is set in a city (Tokyo?). I do like that Chun-Li no longer looks like a man

Surely this will be a timed exclusive though? unless Sony really is paying Capcom a huge amount of money to make up for lost sales?
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I would bet that Sony is paying Capcom a huge amount of money. Every single person who even remotely considers themselves a member of the competitive fighting game community just decided to buy a PS4. Even if it does end up being just a timed exclusive, I'd bet it stays that way for a long time.

I wasn't sure if I wanted SFV just yet either, but after seeing the footage I'm finding myself more excited than I thought I'd be. Guard crushes, EX modes, dynamic stages... these all seem more like features that would have been included in CVS3 rather than a main series Street Fighter title. And it just now occurred to me that that could be true... they could have been working on CVS3 before cancelling it and using all of their work to just make Street Fighter V! [/wild speculation]

NEWS... kinda
Based on an Amazon listing it looks like it's tentatively scheduled for release in early 2016. Take that with a grain of salt.

EDIT: The Capcom Cup just ended and as promised they held the first ever live SFV match on stage.
YouTube Video

Edited by reelmojo on 14. December 2014 18:14
More news validates double post?

The game's development is 20% finished.

They're using Unreal Engine 4, which would make it very easy to port if they were to bring it to XBox One later. It's the same engine Namco's using for Tekken 7. Mortal Kombat X and Guilty Gear Xrd both use Unreal Engine 3.

Charlie confirmed! We always assumed he was still alive somehow and he was resurrected in a few non-canon games before but now that he's reappearing in the proper Street Fighter universe I'd be shocked if he wasn't somehow drastically changed. My guess... Mecha-Charlie.

Ono said they're really focusing on making each character more unique than ever before. I'd bet they're using EX mode for that. I can picture Ryu and Ken being as similar as they always are but with EX mode making Ken shoot two fireballs while Ryu just throws one that hits twice for example.

EDIT: Added a "Confirmed Characters" section to the first post.
I liked the noodles in the main match. It has a different rhythm to SF4 and to me now seems reminiscent of SF3 in some ways.

One thing I want to say is : remember how Sagat and Ryu aside, Capcom came up with all those new awesome character designs for SF2? I would love if SF5 had done or does that. If they just shove a load of characters from other Capcom games and SF games into the game I'm not sure it would be that great. A lot of the updates to SF4 have been underwhelming for that reason.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I think they're afraid to do that still after Street Fighter III saw a bit of backlash from the mainstream fans for it's mostly original cast. Maybe a compromise would be a lot of returning characters with some major overhauls. We can already guess that Charlie will probably look and play a bit different than we're used to, and it would make sense if anyone else returns from the SFA series that they'll look different too with how much time has passed (except for Sakura who will seemingly never stop wearing that school girl outfit!).

One reason I liked SFxT was because it felt like a new Street fighter game, but one where more than half of the roster was made up of all new characters. So I'm definitely on board with more original characters being included. I do kinda hope someone other than SFIV's character designers works on the new ones though. Of the new cast in the SFIV series I only really liked C. Viper, Juri, and Gouken.

Maybe they'll gauge how well Mortal Kombat X sells since it is going to have a mostly original cast before really deciding how many original versus how many returning characters to include. As of now it looks like MKX will release a year before SFV so if it outsells MK9 (which was almost entirely comprised of familiar characters) they'll have proof that fighting game fans will welcome a fresh roster.
Not hyped for this game yet. Knowing that companies usually release more versions down the line, I think I'll wait until the final, definitive version comes out before making a decision.
Edited by marktheshark on 24. December 2014 10:33
Just a quick note on this, but I liked what I saw of SFV in that video.

I'm 1000% with you ReelMojo; I really hope they shy away from SF2 for once (really, I'm not all that interested in most of the SF2 cast nowadays) and they should just stick with: Ryu, Ken, Guile, Chun Li as staples - and also have Sagat and *maybe* Fei Long, Cammy & Deejay - as they were interesting SF2 additions.

I'd like to see them do an 'SFIII' as I was really fond of the fresh start (alway shave been), but they'll chicken out.

Only new addition to SF4 I cared about was Abel. I really like him.
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