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September 19 2019

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Thread Author: Master Tasuke
Thread ID: 4876
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There are 12 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 7003 times.
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Master Tasuke
i've wanted one of these for years, and this one is now mine. one owner-low usage, damn-near pristine cosmetics,
fresh tune-up/maintenance work in the service shop, and 40 of the better quality late-80's S-VHS cassettes...
Tasuke? How much did you pay for this... relic?

Also, not to be a dick... but...

Why are you so fascinated by this archaic technology? No matter how great VHS got, it was never as good as DVD. No matter how great audio cassettes got they are inherently degenerative (as are VHS tapes).

I understand the nostalgia, but I'm sure most of the stuff you're listening to and watching can be found on CD/MP3/DVD/Blue-Ray.

Remember you're not at here, this is an honest inquiry.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Master Tasuke
indeed, most better known/popular Films and Video media can be readily found on DVD and BRD, but there remains a treasure trove
of obscure, niche and cult media out there that can still to this day be enjoyed only on VHS.

i have a good sized collection old rarities and oddities that i'm adding to any chance i get,
so i might as well own the best high-end VCR i can get to enjoy it all with, and this U80 is my personal A no.1 pick.

aside from that, just imaging the sight of this this incredibly gorgeous and formidable looking machine in my system
throws me into a drooling wet dream right on the spot. this thing was damn near two grand when it was marketed in 1988,
ain't no way in hell my parents could have ever afforded to own such a beast, but 20+ years on i actually can,
and it looks to promise to be well worth the wait, as well as the 1/10th the original MSRP i paid for it. ($200shipped)

just you wait until it arrives, and i take some DSLR photos that REALLY show this sucker off properly...
Edited by Master Tasuke on 04. November 2014 02:22
Yeah, what he said, lol, retro stuff is the best stuff you can try to find (and more importantly for some stuff, play it, lol.) X3
Master Tasuke
kind of behind on updates on this beauty, so;
Looks very clean.

Happy VHS watching.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Master Tasuke
not sure how well it really shows here, but i just finished up oiling the side panels with OLD ENGLISH wood polish.
the stuff seems to work wonders on refreshing aging wooden surfaces, even imitations such as veneers;
Master Tasuke
S-VHS RECORDING; (from DVD source)
I'm fascinated with older defunct technologies. I guess as I'm aging I'm wanting to get back some of my youth through the old memories of this kind of thing.
Master Tasuke
i just acquired an "ELECTROHOME" AVR-G96, a CANADA market clone of the MITSUBISHI HS-U80, with intenal issues for about $67shipped. it will serve as a parts donor for both my HS-U80 and -U70;

my U80, while in overall FANTASTIC condition for a VCR of it's age, did actually have some sort of weird rubber peg-foot mod
done by the original owner, and he/she had clearly removed them and refitted the original gunmetal aluminum isolator feet
before listing the deck for sale. a rubbery silicon-like residue was left, seemingly bonded to the sheet metal bottom panel,
which i tried my best, but ultimately failed to remove, so this -G96's identical bottom panel will be replacing it.

also, the G96's isolator foot set will be going to the -U70, making my HS-U80 and HS-U70 REALLY well and truly look like a matched set.

finally, since someone on these boards had suggested that my ailing U70 was suffering a funky PSU, i'll go ahead and swap that out
with the G96's identical PSU and see if that cures my problem...

[QUOTE=Tasuke;464064]uncharacteristically, i never took any photos of the AVR-G96 that just came in yesterday. indeed, it was in poor, non-functional
internal condition, CHOCK-LOADED full of cat-dander.

externally, the parts i really needed were in fine shape, so a general cleanup,
and on they all went to the HS-U80;

the HS- U80 DIGITAL EFFECTS module, up close and personal;

some of the few good condition cosmetic parts i kept from the G96 hulk; (the thing was pretty well worn out and rough around the edges)
Master Tasuke
Japanese market version of the HS-U80, HV-V36;
Master Tasuke
HR-S8000U S-VHS as featured in 2015 Film "Joy"

my own personal customized HR-S8000U;
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