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June 17 2019

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Thread Author: merlin
Thread ID: 4855
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There are 23 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 8597 times.
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Neo Geo High Score Challenges
I was just wondering why there is so little interest in taking part in the high score challenges these days? These used to be quite popular but apart from me only one other member, Neros, has posted a score in the last 10 months! The forum being quiet is of course a factor but I suspect the medal system not working might be one of the main reasons. I'm always hoping by reviving some old challenges that more people will take part.

How about having a hall of fame similar to the one which lists who got the highest score in each game? It would be less work to maintain than the previous one.


A few of us were saying recently that maybe people should have to be members for a certain length of time before taking part but perhaps this would be a mistake since the challenges might appeal to new members and can't be so easily done on the NGFL facebook page.

Thank you Priest for coming up with the idea in the first place and for all your work updating the scores.

I would be interested to hear what people think.
Hi Merlin. did have a brief go trying to break my Fatal Fury Special score the other day. but i was a bit rusty and failed quite badly! I still like the HSC challenges it's just I don't have enough time to play at the moment. I am a bit addicted to USF4 as well so most of my playtime goes on that when I can play.

I think there is probably is not enough traffic on the site in general so that could be why there isn't much activity. I think also there should be a regular post on the facebook site asking people to make themselves members here and also advertising the HSC's. Might tap into people's competitive spirits.

The medals were a good incentive too, it's a shame those have gone - although I'm kind of glad because I still have a few medals I've since lost Smile
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Hi RiKo and thanks for replying. Good to hear you are still interested in the challenges despite not having much time. You are right that the forum being quiet is a key factor but it does also seem that forum regulars who are still active and used to often take part have lost interest.

I started this thread because I was thinking about possible ways to boost activity on the site. There are after all more than 3500 posts in the high score section so it used to be popular. Chiba, neogeoman, lee gray and others particularly liked being able to win medals. Kaz did bring back the medal system but it seems Priest is not able to award them at the moment. I've messaged Kaz on Facebook to ask him about this and some other things like adding reviews to the site and also the jukebox not working.


I was really hoping Priest would post in this thread too. Priest have you reached a decision on whether new members can still take part or not or need to be members for a certain length of time? I think it might be best to just leave things as they are because the challenges might appeal to new members. We could try to get some new people interested by mentioning it on the facebook page as RiKo said. Also do you plan to create a new hall of fame? If you are very busy I would be willing to do it if you want? I noticed Kaz was also talking about having a similar hall of fame to the one at As well as listing the top score for each game maybe it would be a nice idea to have a top 10 overall ranking list.

The high score section at the French Neo Geo forum:

I think the whole cheating scandal had something to do with it. Also a lot of the more fun to play games have scores which are just too hard to beat. Some members simply joined, posted a crazy high score and disappeared.

As for me, I hardly have time to play video games 'seriously' anymore. It takes me too much effort to get good at a game.

Also, Merlin constantly insulting me when I post a score --- calling me names such as a "shite player" and "no talent chode"--- are very discouraging.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Thanks for replying 2D. Yes I think when the cheating was exposed some people were put off taking part but since those scores were removed I think everyone should feel confident that the remaining scores are legitimate.

I think even if the top score for a particular game is very high it's still worth taking part trying to get as high on the score board as possible and maybe going for a one credit clearance.

If you do ever have time to take part 2D perhaps the Sengoku 2 challenge would interest you. I seem to remember you're very good at that game and the scores posted so far are not high.

LIFE_IN_2D wrote:
Also, Merlin constantly insulting me when I post a score --- calling me names such as a "shite player" and "no talent chode"--- are very discouraging.

Lying chode! I would never say such things.

Another idea I want to suggest to Priest is maybe it would be worth having an index thread with links to all the challenges in alphabetical order. e.g.;t=14308

lee gray
I use to enjoy the challenges and have 2 high scores but alas no medal for them as they stopped working, i would prefer the hall of fame idea.
Merlin: Thanks for your ideas and having started this threadThumbs Up I started a similar thread way back, so the problem of lacking interest is nothing new...SadlyReal Sad


We used to have a hall of fame in the HSC forum, but as I recall it was seldom or never visited back then. despite the visitcount, this wasnīt really that popular. Maybe thatīs due to my design of the thing...?

I think that a lot of members were put off to enter after some members were caught cheating. Even I lost some of the drive to keep up the work with new challenges, as the entrants to each challenge continued to decrease...

Iīm willing to keep doing the HSC, if members really want this forum to evolve. But if Merlin have some new ideas on how to improve this section, then Iīm willing to step down.

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Hi priest. I had forgotten about that thread. Seems like things have got even worse since then.

Definitely agree with what you wrote:

Iīve said this from the begining of the HSC; Dont be afraid to post any highscore, no matter how low it is. Iīm certainly not an "ace" at all the games which we have as Highscore challenges but this doesnīt keep my from posting scores. The HSC doesnīt have to be a challenge against the other NGFL members (if you donīt want it to be). Simply see it as a way to get better at the games you like to play. Donīt make it into something its not...

I hope people won't be put off taking part in certain challenges just because the top score is extremely high.

Hopefully it won't be that long until Kaz has time to work on the site and can change things so you can award the medals again.

Good to hear you are willing to keep doing the challenges and I definitely don't want you to step down. Hope it didn't seem like I was trying to take over. I think the previous hall of fame was good but perhaps only listing the top scores would make it less work to keep up to date. If you did need any help with a new one I'm very willing to help but I understand if you prefer to do it yourself.
To me it was more that i liked to play the game of the week and once that week was over i moved on to the next one. it kind of game me an incentive to play games other then my regular go to list. So maybe game of the week again being the high score challenge would get people excited about it again?
I've been talking with Priest about the challenges and he's given me permission to do a few of my ideas. Thanks! I hope the index thread I made will be useful. Soon I'll make a new hall of fame thread. I will also be helping Priest with updating the high score tables. Priest is of course still in charge of the high score challenges.

I'm planning to mention the challenges on the facebook group too. Since there has been no change to the rules, new members are still allowed to take part.
Merlin & Priest, thanks for all the effort and input for this thread.
The index looks great, thanks! I really appreciate it.

I can't promise anything (soon), but I will definitely post some scores this year.
I'm not a very skilled player but you should not be afraid to post your scoes. It's already a victory if you beat your own.

It's still allright if you post your scores in the thread of the game, following the 'old' Priest rules of 2009?
Thank you Sensi. Good to hear you are interested in taking part in the challenges too. I agree with what you say. As Priest has said too the challenges don't necessarily have to be so much about competing against other people and can be just about trying to get better at the games.

Sensi wrote:
It's still allright if you post your scores in the thread of the game, following the 'old' Priest rules of 2009?

Yes the rules are still the same and the challenges never come to an end.
i will do 1 or 2 score too Headbang
cypher wrote:

i will do 1 or 2 score too Headbang

Thumbs Up

If anyone feels they don't have time to be constantly practicing a game in order to reach a good enough level why not try some of the easier Neo Geo games which only take a short time to get good at e.g. Prehistoric Isle 2, Miracle Adventure, Top Hunter, Ganryu, OverTop, Sonic Wings 3, Neo Mr Do etc.
I've now added a high score table. It's pretty basic but I thought it would be good to have one again. I've only included Neo Geo games, listed only the top score for each game and only scores achieved on default MVS difficulty setting.


This is really just a temporary high score table. Kaz said he wanted to eventually have a high score page on the site, which would be better than a forum thread.

Also working on a leaderboard page and also main forum thread linking to pages for all high score threads so that users can easily enter the competition!

Thank you for adding the table Merlin.
Is it a good idea to publice the personal record of any player, instead only the hi-score of the best player? That way people are more motivated to send in their personal record and compare it with others.
Thanks for the feedback Sensi. Hope to see you posting some scores!

I just felt it would be good to have a list similar to what they have at so people can quickly and easily see what the top scores are.


If I include all scores I think it would be quite a long and rather cluttered list. I think it's easy for people to check out other scores in the individual threads especially now that there's a thread index.

I would hope that people will still feel motivated to take part. As Priest and me have both said it's not all about being number 1. It could just be about trying to get better at the game for your own personal satisfaction.

Even though I knew I couldn't beat Gemant's score in the Metal Slug challenge I still took part and enjoyed it. In the Eightman challenge I didn't try to beat Glowsquid's score and was happy to just be in 2nd place.

There are still quite a few challenges where the scores are low and it would be easy to beat the 1st place score e.g. Neo Mr Do.
Lord Thag
I am kinda new around here but Inwill totally post some scores once the weekend hits. I hadn't realized you could post in any of the threads and not just the most recent one.
Nice to see some more interest in the challenges Lord Thag. Thumbs Up

If there is any MVS game you or anyone else would like to post high scores for and there isn't already a thread please let me know and I'll create it.
I would like a thread for Ninja Commando! Although I'm playing the AES Euro version, and it differs from the JAP. The thread must be split up in different hi-score tables for different bios, like some other games has been.
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