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January 23 2019

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Thread Author: reelmojo
Thread ID: 4854
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There are 7 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 4920 times.
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SNKP's upcoming releases
SNKP have put out a press release detailing some upcoming downloadable titles.

Sister Quest probably has the "TBD" next to it because they haven't decided on a subtitle for our region yet. The game is described as the first ever pachislot RPG. I don't know how those are genres that would even work together. Apparently there are already three Sister Quest games in Japan, so one can assume they're at least popular enough to warrant two sequels. There's a song from Sister Quest III in Rhythm of Fighters and it's honestly pretty awesome, so at least there's that!

Beast Busters featuring KOF is a mobile game, so since one of the BB games is a light gun game and one is a shooting/action rpg I think we can already assume this will be more like the NGPC entry. It seems like the gameplay of Dark Arms would translate well enough to a cell phone so I'm really looking forward to this one! And while I don't know how exactly the KOF characters are going to be involved, it's kinda cool that this could very well mean the Beast Busters games are considered part of the massive KOF canon.

Monster King is another one listed as an RPG. No clue on this one. Am I being too hopeful if I guess that it's an RPG set in the King of the Monsters universe?

Athena Asamiya is also listed as an RPG. Due to the fact that the title includes her last name we know that this game stars the Athena from KOF, not the goddess Athena from the pre-NeoGeo game. She's always been one of my favorite characters so my hopes are high for this one.

Also KOF98UMFE on Steam, KOF02UM on Steam, MS3 on PSN, and MSX on Steam. I probably won't be double dipping on any of these, but it is definitely nice to see them releasing games on PSN again. Maybe we'll get The Last Blade with online play yet!

Now, I know that the kneejerk reaction to all of this is to forget that it's 2014 and not 1999 and talk about how horrible it is that none of the new games they're creating are for consoles, or that none of them are fighters or shooters. However, we already know they're working on a new KOF in 3D so all of their staff that specializes in fighters are already hard at work! The very fact that they have enough staff members to work on multiple projects at once is probably actually a good sign as to how well the company is doing overall. Although, as optimistic as I am even I wish these mobile RPGs were on 3DS or Vita instead.
I'm surprised no-one replied to this topic. Thanks for sharing the news Reelmojo.

I'm not that interested in what Playmore get up to these days as you probably already know but I think this kind of news was worth mentioning.

I like the idea of a new Beast Busters game but wish it was more like the excellent arcade original. A strange idea to include KOF characters in a new Beast Busters game. They really do milk the KOF franchise but if it pays the bills I guess I can understand it.

If there is any Playmore related news you think is important enough please post the news on the front page too. I know you have done that before. I think it's a good thing if we post more news on the front page aside from the GOTW. Makes the site look more alive. I'm guilty of not posting much news myself.
eccentric cat
I'm rather excited about the SNK Steam releases. If it gets enough popularity, it might help bring in a new audience. Plus, I'll be able to finally try out 2k2UM, looking forward to it for sure.
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
I'm going to buy 2k2UM. I really want to try that game and play with Hinako, my favourite kof character.
2k2UM is definitely one of my favorite entries in the series. If the netcode runs smoother than it did on the 360 version I could be persuaded to double dip. Gotta take my girl Foxy online!
Meh. It's too early to speculate, but I don't see anything that appeals to me. These days, there is so much selection (in the App Store), I don't think so much in terms of who made the game or IP, but rather, if the game is entertaining to me. Big companies/IPs can no longer act like the 'be all, end all' of gaming, cause things happen so fast now that a small, unknown company can fill a niche that was going unmet by the big companies. I learned I don't have to wait on the big guys any more (it's mostly rehashed shit anyway). Gaming is happening all over the place, it's just being offered differently by different creators. I find it refreshing.
Beast Busters featuring KOF is free on Android devices today! It's also coming to iOS devices soon. I'm downloading it right now so I'll report back later once I've spent a little time with it. The trailer looks ape-shit crazy! I hope my phone will be able to handle it!

YouTube Video

Android marketplace link

EDIT: My phone does handle it perfectly, so that's a relief. I'm glad to, because the game is fun as hell! You aim by moving your thumb on the left side of the screen and tapping the right side fires your gun. It's honestly a pretty ingenious way to do a shooter like this on a phone and it makes the gameplay feel like something between a first person shooter and a light gun game. Before you play I highly recommend turning the aiming speed option all the way up though. I was worried the controls weren't moving fast enough but after doing that I'm having no problems keeping the beasts away from me.

I seriously would have paid good money for this and not been at all disappointed. If they ever do an enhanced port for 3DS or Vita I'm there. Until then the quality of this game makes me more excited for their other mobile games! And knowing that supporting these games funnels money into the development of KOFXIV makes it all even better!
Edited by reelmojo on 22. December 2014 22:56
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