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July 16 2019

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Thread Author: rugal2000-returns
Thread ID: 4828
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There are 8 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2540 times.
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returning to neo geo after ten years hiatus.
Hi all
Delighted to find this British neo geo board.

I was aware of the neo geo from its inception from mags like c and vg I used to read.but it was a far off distant dream and I was a casual gamer .all this changed when I turned 16 and got sent to college in central London.the first cex had opened around this time late 1995 and I'll never forget the first time I walked in and saw dozens of neo geo machines for sale for 80 quid!!! It was the first time I saw a neo geo in the flesh so to speak. It was January 1996 and I bought it on a cold snowy day.I still remember my 10 & 12 year old brothers and I huddled around the machine and completing burning fight together.

Games were plentiful too at least the oldest titles.I had a supermarket job on a Sunday and I managed to buy fatal fury 1,2 and special, and art of fighting 1 over time. I loved these games and the whole atmosphere and played them to death.the colours exploded out on the old Sony crt tv. Some months later I discovered the sega trocadero and its five floors of gaming and virtual reality centre in Piccadilly circus.words are impossible to convey the wonder of this place.but my jaw dropped when I saw king of fighters 94 and 95.....Ryo and Terry Bogard in one game!!!! Games like spinmasters,top Hunter, ultimate 11 I didn't even know they were neo geo games...but there was one unique game buried away in the corner that looked most interesting.....metal slug!!!! Months later I traded in all my aes games to loaded consoles so i could play metal slug 1,kof 94 and last resort by simultaneously buying a neo CD machine. The irony is in 98 I bought a USA ultimate 11 in the local free ads for 120 quid than upon seeing metal slug 2 on display in Namco world on its unveiling by snk Europe who ironically were based in regents park around the corner from my college, the slug 2 machine had hordes of Japanese kids around it that first day .I went and traded the ultimate 11 for a metal slug 2 CD from a games importer in Bournemouth!!years later as the value of ultimate 11 soared guys like FTL on neo begged me to retrace my steps when I sold it...I don't are for playing not collecting anally.

Speaking of neo i had been very active on the neo geo online boards such as dolphin lords mailing lists and neo Alec and ngf boards of the late 1990s long before neo introduced forums.than like most people of the time gravitated to neo when it started forums.I stayed there four years till 04 but shortly before leaving sold my 120 cart aes collection to a sad weird little man who years later lol I saw dancing naked with the same carts on youtube hahaha! Adult life took over the next ten years and I totally forgot neo geo.

After clearing my attic recently and finding loads of gamefan magazines, i tried to return recently to neo but found it a sad shadow of its early days ,short on true neo fans, full of aggressive online trolls all of whom weren't even around when neo geo was in its heyday

Anyway on Facebook I've been luckier recently to bump into old neo fans like Mark starkey,nic donovan, and others and hope to enjoy this great board when I can.
Am enjoying playing the new neo atomiswave games that came out on ps2 lately.
I'm delighted to finally join this great board.hi to all of u.
Edited by rugal2000-returns on 17. June 2014 12:15
Welcome to the site!

Glad to have another member in our ranks that was into Neo-Geo, from way back.

Hahha, funny that you mention Rot's little naked Neo cart dance. So sickening.

We have a few members here who quit, so we get how tiring all the pissed of trolls are. Some of us are American here, myself included, but we aren't as pissy.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Hi life in 2d.thanks for the welcome it's nice to meet u too.
Another guy I've recently spoken to after so many years was a guy called Moe of videotronics.he was the biggest distributor of mvs and arcade stuff in the 90s and 2000s and pretty much any mvs cart and artwork in the UK came through his hands. I myself introduced mvs shockboxes to the UK.the red and white ones when I bought 1200 of them off big bear and distributed them.

Anyways thanks again
Welcome mate ,

Yeah I think anyone who stays at for long enough will eventually figure out its a lot of wankers over and they overshadow the great guys. but luckily any important information is stickied so i hardly ever need to post there anymore been a member since I met kaz on the neo forum.

Its a pleasant place to post hang out and have a chat on a Sunday a lot of the guys play each other online with karilila and is generally nice place.

There is the 2d problem ^ bit of a twat , but we love him . Stick about have a laugh make friends and play some games. Kushty
Nice one vas.Smile yep a lot of old members feel that way about neo .it seems to be run by trolls these days.
I've been going through a few of the game reviews here just great stuff this board reminds me of the neo alec days.
Yeah the boys go in depth with there reviews, yeah neogeo gotta be worst platform when It comes to trolls. But they wouldn't last 5mins around here
Joey welcome aboard I think I had some of those shockboxes yes vex n trocardero/ namco world were awesome bk in the day ! Only the hog is decent now any pics of your stuff left ?
Welcome to NGFL! Interesting to read your Neo Geo history. I bought my AES in 1994 and, like you, can still remember the excitement of being able to play arcade perfect games at home for the first time. People often talk about how expensive AES games are these days but they were all expensive back then. It's great that people can pick up classics like Fatal Fury Special, Art of Fighting 2 and Samurai Shodown for such a low price these days.

Do you still have an NGCD collection? I did the same thing as you because I also sold off all my AES collection and bought a CDZ. Wow you used to have 120 carts! I only had 47.

I can also remember going to Sega World at the Trocadero. They did have an awesome selection of games.

Yes there are definitely some trolls at no doubt about it but of course there are still many normal Neo Geo fans active there too.

Sometimes people join here and say they like that is a more relaxed kind of forum but then they quickly disappear because they find it too quiet!

I hope you decide to stick around. Smile
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