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November 19 2019

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Thread Author: merlin
Thread ID: 4820
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Razion - New NG Dev Team shooter
As some of you have probably already heard NG Dev team has just announced their latest Neo Geo game, a horizontal shooter called Razion. The game is due to be released in Autumn 2014.

Looks very impressive! Nice to see them doing a new horizontal shooter. Last Hope was very good but could have been a bit better graphically. I don't have a Neo Geo cart system but hopefully I can play this in an arcade.


YouTube Video

Dear NEOGEO customers,

we are happy to show our new NEOGEO game RAZION.

RAZION is a horizontal 1560 MEGS CGI shooting game.
The score system is based on growing gold cubes and using the beam.

It has 2 game modes (NOVICE/NORMAL):

Novice mode is significantly easier and will allow more people to enjoy the great graphics and music.
Normal mode is a more maniac experience.

Development is completed 80%. We are aiming at a MVS release in autumn 2014.

The game is immediately available for preorder.
That look much better than last hope , this could be a good . How much its built ontop of last hope , be a shame if it was virtually the same gameplay wise.

Don't look like its comming out for dreamcast merl can't see it mentioned
You're right Vas they haven't mentioned a DC release yet. I'm sure it will happen though since all of their previous games came out out on DC.
Fingers crossed I love my dreamcast , if u get one send me the modem part I will build the vga mod into it for you.
Looks to be inspired by Pulstar, with some Cave style bullet hell (though a bit less crazy) as well. I'm on board. Dreamcast version please!
Looks rather uninspired and generic. The colors are bleh, the bosses are bleh the level design is meh. Only thing that looks good, as always, is the music.

I've always been at least semi-interested in playing NGDEV games, but this one looks really lame and boring.

I can't wait until they get started with the Ikari Warriors type game.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
looks ok not great shame no neo cd version dreamcast will have to do mvs/aes too high a price in this day n age :(
it's the first NG Dev game I might even like and might even actually buy. The first stage looks a little bit too much like the first R-Type stage though (and of course mostly a Pulstar clone, which of course was a R-Type clone).
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Yeah im defo up for this for the Dreamcast ( should come out). NEO YXY was one of my favourite shooters and I fully expect this to be as good as long as it has no serious bugs. Razion looks very good and reminds me a bit of Thunderforce 3. Great to see our humble consoles still being supported.
vas wrote:
if u get one send me the modem part I will build the vga mod into it for you.

Thank you for the offer Vas. Thumbs Up

It is tempting to maybe pick up a DC at some point since I no longer have a Neo Geo cart system and NG Dev team seem to have abandoned the NGCD platform.
Well you could convert the mvs rom to neogeo cd I suppose , it's been done with a lot of titles its even been done the other way around withe the neo cd exclusives to mvs..

Can not see any info about dreamcast version wouldn't get your hopes up, you could always send a email to the devs for confirmation I suppose
The MVS version is now a pre-order and I'm confident the DC version will come anyday. And if he doesn't come, it isn't a fair reason to not have a DC Merlin!
Since all of NG Dev Team's previous games were also released for DC and those versions must have been quite profitable, it's pretty much a certainty that Razion DC will happen.

Yes I'm sure the DC is a great system to own. DC owners here at NGFL sure are passionate about the system!

I would like to see their games also being released for PC. Despite the failure of the Gunlord PC/3DO/Wii U Indiegogo campaign NG Dev Team did say they might try again in the future.


if you wanna know when they release the DC version etc just ask them under their contact page or costumer service email.
I asked in NGdev direct when the AES version comes out and they replied in 2-5 months you can preorder
I hope you will post your thoughts about the game Villain if you do buy Razion AES.

Hopefully I'll be able to find Razion in an arcade like I did with Fast Striker and Neo XYX.

Posted by NG Dev Team on Facebook:

Our next two NEOGEO games are not SHMUPs

Our first 2 player game will come next year

We are working on a lot of projects
Thanks for posting Merlin Thumbs Up

I think it looks promising, little disppointing how close it looks to Fast Striker, even down to the score font and some of the enemies and bullets. and like Cthulhu says - you can play 'spot the influence at times'. I think I'd prefer it if it was a little bit less abstract this time round but yes looks good! NGDevteam are great at schmups in general so I have faith in them.

Last boss in the video - the terminator guy is awesome although once he's arrived he doesn't seem to animate much. Hope there's a bit more to him.
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merlin wrote:

if you do buy Razion AES.

i hope i will
Hope you guys don't mind, however, I'm just going to cross-post what I wrote over at about the revelation of "Razion":


"Okay, so... apologies for coming off as unimpressed by this revelation re: Razion, but...

This is, essentially, 'just' a revision of DUX... but for the NeoGeo.

So: DUX... DUX 1.5... REDUX/DUX 2... DUX 3: Razion?

The video shows that the game looks nice, regardless of the obvious heritage.

But then... Buyers who pre-ordered REDUX based on how great that footage looked were left with a sorry looking piece of shit at the end of their loyal Kickstarter pledges so... Who knows how this will actually turn out.

With a combination of this, shitty REDUX final game production quality not meeting the projected, or even, DUXs quality, and the complete misfires concerning bringing NeoXYX for DC... I can't exactly say I'm "feeling" NGDEVTEAM right now.

Shame, as I thought Fast Striker and Gunlord were superb. LHPB wasn't bad either.

WHAT I EXPECTED... was something along the lines of the small glimpse of shooter brilliance we were treated to in Stage 2 of Gunlord. Something akin to A Technosoft/Thunderforce sequel shooter for the NeoGeo.

Ah well."


"I imagine your money would be much better placed on a copy of Knights Chance > ReDux 2 / DUX 3, personally.

Or even Fast Striker or Gunlord.

Bit shocked that they have collaborated and brought DUX to NeoGeo tbh."


"It's [Razion's] fine. And continually making shmups is fine. Just like remastering DUX/REDUX for Neo is just 'fine'.

A game like Razion is 'fine' for those who already own every NeoGeo game known to man. But, it's not (going to be) better than Pulstar or Blazing Star, which on MVS can be had for much cheaper, so from that standpoint, it's kinda redundant imo - especially at that price point.

At least Gunlord was something different that validated the outlay and Fast Striker was, imo, a different yet exceptional vertical shooter experience for your Neo. It made more sense to go Vertical tbh when taking these new, ambitious projects on, as Vertical shooters is an area where the Neo is particularly average imo. By contrast, it's a much harder sell vs the quality of Hori Shmups you already have available for Neo (LResort, BStar, Pulstar etc).

Hell, maybe they should even try a spiritual successor to Viewpoint? Seems they have the pre-rendered's down.

A proper run n gun style shooter (as opposed to the exploratory gameplay found in GL)... or a Gunlord sequel? I presume, based on the LHope > Gunlord genre traversing antics, that it may end up being a trilogy and that the 3rd game in the series may well be a different type of game again (beat em up, overhead run n gun where you play as BOTH Gordian and Vanessa etc).

Possibilities are pretty open... so, should probably just siphon funds from the community for a DUX ver.3 in the meantime, instead"


"I don't have the money to have all of NGDEVs releases, so have to be selective about the ones I do buy. Fast Striker was the first NGDEV title I played where I felt, I definitely wanted it for NeoGeo (I always buy the DC copies ahead of the NeoGeo releases).

However, with Razion, there is no planned pre-Neo release (or any release?) for Dreamcast, so will have nothing to go off, aside, I own and have played DUX, 1.5 & ReDux and, coming from someone with good experience of all those games, looking at the obvious similarities, I personally would probably not pay 300+ for a reiteration of DUX.

I suppose, if you've never played it before or had any hands on with any of the DUX's, this will feel fresh to you and you're free of apprehension. I'm also remaining optimistic that the game supersedes DUX's legacy in MORE than just the nice, new look visuals on display in Razion (a lot of which seem to have been recycled though, tbh)"



the seemingly over elaborate responses, however, these all had more context over in the relevant thread over at Still, by themselves, I still think you get my point.

Seemingly NO ONE PLAYED DUX series, thus, Razion seems COMPLETELY NEW to them! I'm pretty fucking shocked that I seem to be the only one making this connection publicly?!

It's obviously another fucking DUX remake! LOL!! Shrug

The irony is, something which I haven't at all elaborated on, is that I actually LIKED DUX! I have NO issue with it. I just took issue with NGDEV taking (technically speaking) one of their games, reworking the graphics (almost a GUI if you will!) and re-releasing it again, on the NeoGeo, but for 300.

The other underlying main issue? People were really critical of DUX, but couldn't identify, or refused to identify this as a DUX-esque title and were happy to plough in and gush over a game, which to be fair, has in it's (seemingly now) Alpha form, been available for years on DC. Suddenly, Razion is a revelation that no one has ever seen the likes of before and they just can't wait to play it!

On the whole, good for NGDEV. I wasn't happy with their fuck ups concerning the DC release of NeoXYX (re: bugs and crashes, rendering my copy - via normal TV set-up, pointless) nor the way Rene handled the whole ReDUX affair (re: was supposed to be a KickStarter exclusive, but was also for sale via his website *ethics* and the quality of the final product did NOT meet the standard promised, via the Alpha build video or otherwise).

I've been happy with ALL their other stuff though, namely LHPB, Gunlord and Fast Striker.

When they put their talents forward, they make some seriously great games imo, but, although Razion looks nice, it's just lazy - by their standards. I'm not used to that from them...
I totally agree with a lot of your points geo ninja. I haven't personally I have not played any of ngdevs games on a neogeo. I bought last hope pink bullets for the dreamcast and its the last game I would choose if I was in the mood tho play a shump for my dreamcast , IMHO it's. boring and dull more an amiga game than a neo geo. as I own both systems mvs and dc I would rather by a dc version first before dropping that amount for the mvs version. And that comes down to your other point there are mvs titles if you don't already own them that are infinatly better. Ngdev shouldn't charge snk prices there games the whole price model is floored.

Has anyone ever opened up there carts to see what hardware they use?
Never played DUX or any other of NG:DEV's other games, but this one does appeal to me. It's not really original (some parts are obviously ripped from R-Type), but it looks good enough for me to actually buy. I also think that if I don't like the game, it wouldn't be hard to sell the MVS version without loss or even with a small profit.
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
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