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February 16 2019

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Thread Author: reelmojo
Thread ID: 4819
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There are 8 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3533 times.
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Mortal Kombat X announced!
YouTube Video

If the final game ends up looking anything like that then... fuuuuhhhh!

Things we can glean from the trailer: it looks like the popular interactive arenas from Injustice will be making a return, Scorpion performs a counter at one point that he's never had before (either it's a new move of his or there's a universal counter system in play), X-rays are back, and Sub Zero continues to get the short end of the stick in the fight against Scorpion.

I've been anxiously awaiting this announcement. MK9 did everything right and Injustice was incredible, and clearly more of a risky and experimental venture. My biggest question right now is how the story will work. Those who beat MK9's story mode will know that a direct sequel would be difficult to say the least. I'm hoping it's just a full blown reboot.
Well, there is a gameplay video now (that I won't bother posting, debuted at E3) and, although it looks good, it doesn't look anywhere different enough (re: development) > MK9 to really interest me. It's a PS4/XB1 title but, from what I've seen, would easily run on PS3/360 with super-minor graphical compromises.

Looks good, but not enough to pull me into a new console. If it released for current gen (or whatever Ps3/360 is at present?) Id've definitely bitten because, quite frankly, MK9 was probably the best Mortal Kombat (objectively speaking) they have ever made.

It's a series that seriously benefitted from taking steps into 3D, unlike Street Fighter (imo).

For anyone that at all overlooked MK9, just because it's "Mortal Kombat"...


It's really rather good. And, as Mojo kinda alluded too, the 1P Story mode is absolutely excellent! More fighting games could really benefit from the love, care, attention and depth these guys put into their characters, storylines and plots. To be fair though, Tobias and Boon have always cared about the storyline stuff, right from the get go. All those foundations they laid have really paid off in the long run imo vs SF's VERY shallow affairs storywise, which have always failed to ignite any real interest...
eccentric cat
NeoGeoNinja wrote:
For anyone that at all overlooked MK9, just because it's "Mortal Kombat"...


That's... honestly the reason I've never played MK9. But I hear loads of recommendations so I should probably check it out in the near future.
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
I haven't played MK properly since I playd on a friend's SNES days. I think it was the sanitised first game too. I also had one that came with my Xbox 1 (not One) which was pretty crap - although better than Fight Club (which also came with it).

From the vid that mojo posted, reminds me a lot of DOA with the reversal holds. I'll only bother it's top notch. Since I don't have time to play/master the fighters that I really like as it is. Will keep at eye on it. Thanks Mojo Thumbs Up
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Yeah Cat, MK9 was a real renaissance for the series. Under a new publisher with proper funding/time they were able to make MK9 the game they probably always wanted to make. It's absolutely incredible, and at this point even the "Komplete" version with all of the DLC characters included is dirt cheap so it's definitely worth picking up. As Ninja said, the story mode alone is worth the price of admission. The same could be said of Injustice too, especially if you're a comic book fan at all. I believe when it first came out I called Injustice's story mode "better than any Justice League movie we'll ever see."

As for what was revealed at E3, Ferra and Torr (the two characters in one character) look really fun to play as! D'vorah reminds me a lot of Black Arachnia from Transformers: Beast Wars. Her voice, her face, and the way she moves... I wonder if anyone from Mainframe works at NetherRealm now? Also, I'm cautiously optimistic about the whole 30 years in the future storyline. Other fighters have done the time warp thing where most of the cast is new characters or the children of old characters before with mixed results. I hated it in Soul Calibur V, loved it in Garou, and didn't care much in Street Fighter III (mostly because of SF's overall lack of focus on story and character development, as Ninja said). I'm sure there will be more returning characters as there are a lot of people in the MK universe who would be relatively unchanged after 30 years for various reasons. Shang Tsung would just steal souls to make himself younger like he did after MK1, robots like Sektor and Cyrax need no explaining, Ermac is immortal (or something like that), and that's not to mention the fact that Quan Chi can just resurrect anyone he wants. So yeah, expect more returning characters.

Oh, and Ninja... MKX is also coming to PS3 and 360, so no need to buy a new console just yet! Hopefully they'll take a page out of Guilty Gear Xrd Sign's playbook and let PS4 owners fight online against PS3 players.
I hate being 'that guy', but here it goes: I don't understand how people, especially fellow old schoolers, can get hyped for reheated stuff like this, over and over. That goes for everything that has seen more than three sequels. Some of these series from the nineties are the worst offenders. Just let it die already.

The industry as a whole needs true innovation, but I guess risks are too expensive to take on a regular basis these days.
Because we like to play fun games.

There is innovation all over the industry right now if you look for it. There's also a ton of people online complaining that there is zero innovation anywhere, so it's easy to overlook it. It should also be pointed out that MK9 played damn near nothing like any previous game in the series.

So in short, if you don't like long running series then you certainly don't have to play them. There's millions of other games out there for you.


Wonderboy wrote:That goes for everything that has seen more than three sequels.

Wonderboy is a series of 6 games. (I know, I know... only three of them are really similar, I just thought it'd be funny to point out)
reelmojo wrote:
Oh, and Ninja... MKX is also coming to PS3 and 360, so no need to buy a new console just yet! Hopefully they'll take a page out of Guilty Gear Xrd Sign's playbook and let PS4 owners fight online against PS3 players.

Holy f*ck! This is amazing news!! I just hope that there is a decent level of parity between platforms (re: features, modes and above all else, gameplay). If it looks anywhere near as good as MK9, I'll be happy Smile

Also, that is awesome re: PS3 & PS4 cross-play for Xrd. Very impressive indeed Cool

Xrd looks great tbh. I'm not a big ArcSys fan, but I can't deny that Xrd has definitely caught my attention. Looks like they've toned Sol down a bit too, which helps with the button masher types, as he was massively too quick and overpowered originally, imo.
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