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February 16 2019

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Thread Author: Supergaga
Thread ID: 4775
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There are 14 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 4341 times.
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Hi guys,
I have the Hori fight stick for the ps3. Will I be able to get this to work on my emulator. I am trying to play all the fighting games with a joystick. I plugged it in to my computer USB and it doesn't seems to detect the fight stick.
Hi Supergaga. Welcome to NGFL. I don't have this stick myself so can't help much but I did have a look around on the net and noticed quite a few other people are also having problems getting PS3 Hori sticks to work on PC.

Is this the stick you are referring to?

I noticed some people said there's a driver you can install but the download links I found had expired. Also some people said they used either the xpadder or JoyToKey programs.


A few quotes from Amazon customers:

My pc was not able to detect it. so I go online to do more research to resolve my problem, I was able to dig some kind of driver to install. I follow the direction to update the driver, then it works just great.

I bought this stick specifically for Fighting games on the PC and it works flawlessly!! Only issue is the PC doesn't interpret the directions correctly, which is easily solved by using a freeware program called JoyToKey. Run that program, and you're in Fighting nirvana on your PC

Maybe someone else here at NGFL has the same stick and can help you. I hope you can get it working Supergaga.
I found a download link for that driver I mentioned:

This driver is only for 32-bit operating systems unfortunately.
Hi Merlin !
Thanks for the welcome and fast response. I guess I will just get the neo stick 2 USB . Read somewhere on the forums that stick works with mame Joe
The usb Neo-Geo stick 2 doesn't work with some versions of MAME, so be careful.

Also, as Merlin pointed out... the Hori FS3 can be made to work via a program called "joy to key". It's very simple to use this program. It basically converts the POV signals (what PS3 uses to recognize controller inputs) to keyboard inputs, so that emulators can recognize your stick.


That way you can at least use your Hori stick. Any questions, feel free to ask or PM me.

Trust me, it's a lot easier than it sounds. Best of luck.

I own a FS3 and I know that this program works flawlessly.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Thanks guys! I will try that out!
Almost ordered the neostick2 lol.
Guys, i downloaded the joy 2 key driver. I am able to get kawaks to the buttons, however i am having trouble getting the direction control to work. I clicked on Auto settings wizard and i pressed the keys keypad up down left right i am using to move my characters around and i cant get it to work on the joystick.

lol AnnoyedAnnoyed
i went into control panel and tried calibrating my joystick and it is working fine.
Next I go into kawaks and choose up down left right on my keypad for moving my characters around and start joyto key and run the auto setting wizard and press the corresponding keys which I set in kawaks for moving my character around.
Is this right?

wow guys! thanks its working !!!
Good to hear you managed to get it working Supergaga. Smile
Guys, is there an emulator that allows diagonal movement.
I am using winkawaks right now and I have some difficulty executing moves on the character. lol
which emulator do you guys use
I don't use kawaks so can't offer any advice Supergaga but I expect LIFE_IN_2D will be able to help since he has a FS3 and also uses kawaks.

Supergaga wrote:
which emulator do you guys use

I use Mame 32++ which supports many more games than kawaks. I'm curious why people use kawaks to emulate Neo Geo games rather than a build of Mame. Are there really any significant advantages to using kawaks?
ah does Mame32++ allows diagonal movement on the keyboard or do you have to press forward and down at same time
i will give that a shot
I dont think mame has inputs for diagonals either.

I've never had any issues doing moves with just 4 directions, as I am sure diagonals are just combinations of the 4 main directionals.

Kawaks looks a lot better than MAME, chode. It has tons or video options. For Neo-Geo and CSP emulation, it's the best.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
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