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February 20 2019

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Thread Author: 1983parrothead
Thread ID: 4764
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Best horizontal shoot 'em ups
What exactly are the best horizontal shoot 'em ups? The most popular are arguably the Gradius and R-TYPE franchises. But some people honorably mention the last few ThunderForce titles, Fantasy Zone, and probably the Cotton series, as well as contemporary ones like the deathsmiles series.

Here are some of my honorable mentions:

Boogie Wings
Lost Worlds / Forgotten Worlds
Battle Mania series
Harmful Park
Sol-Feace (both Sharp X68000, Mega CD and Mega Drive versions)
This PS1 title
I think I'd have to go with Deathsmiles. The shooting in both directions mechanic is incredible. It's also the reason I'd like to mention the Genesis classic Steel Empire never gets the props it deserves.

Progear also deserves a mention. It holds a special place in my heart for being the first bullet hell style shooter I ever played. I always thought that style wouldn't be for me until I actually tried it and realized that it's not necessarily harder, it's just focused more on dodging. Being that I was always a Raiden fan I should have known since those games were practically the prototypes that evolved into bullet hell.

Sine Mora also comes to mind. It does so many unique things that it's actually kinda polarizing. But I love every second of it.
Ah shmups...

What I think the best horizontal ones are:
- Deathsmiles.
- Akai Katana.
- Sexy Parodius.
- Progear No Arashi.
- R-Type.
- Pulstar.
- Blazing Star.
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Blazing Star
Border Down
Last Hope
Sengoku Blade

And I have still fond memories of playing Thunderforce III in the 90's.
Mojo, I agree with you about Sine Mora. That shoot 'm up was spot on, although I couldn't get into it. Too much trial & error sometimes.
This thread should be BOUNCING with suggestions! Jesus!! Shrug

Okay, here's my 0.2˘. here are the titles which I consider to be some of the finest in the genre!:

Hyper Duel
Thunderforce IV & Thunderforce V (same series)
Gradius Gaiden & Gradius V (same series)
Darius Gaiden & G-Darius (same series)
Salamander & Salamander 2 (same series) **note: horizontal/vertical hybrid genius)
R-Type Delta & R-Type Leo (same series)
Border Down
Blazing Star
Last Resort
UN Squadron & Carrier Airwing (same series)
Section Z & Side-Arms Hyperdyne (same series)
Fantasy Zone (series)

There's probably more... plus arcade only stuff (Thundercross 2, ProGear etc) but I'm not familiar enough with them to say for definite: hot or not.

Also, those who are dead into PCE gaming probably have a fair few obscure titles to add (Lords of Thunder, Gate of Thunder etc) but I've long decided, PCE gaming isn't really my thing.
If you are counting the impact it made at the time the best ever is R-Type, obviously based on Alien but very imaginative with the bio mechanical setting and the Force weapon is pure genius. You also get the sense of being powerful as you power it up. Amazing bosses tooo - esp the much copied Level 1 boss and the level 3 battleship. Almost all horizontal schmups owe something to R-Type

I love Blazing Star - you can play it in a progressive way but it really comes into its own when you start to 'milk' the bosses for points. That's when you see most of the game design.

Sensi wrote :- Last Hope

Last Hope : Pink Bullets, I really like. The unimaginative +slightly weedy bosses let it down a bit though. I agree with Sengoku blade too.

UN Squadron (Area 88) SNES is superb and has great music. Great music really adds to the experience.

Gradius V (PS2) - a Treasure game and one of the most beautiful schmups ever.
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No, no, no people Wink

Gallop - Armed Police Unit (Cosmic Cop) FTW!
My youtube channel:
Some of the best horizontal shoot 'em ups I've played:

Carrier Air Wing
UN Squadron
Forgotten Worlds
Carrier Air Wing and UN Squadron looks very good. I have thoughts of buying them both.
My youtube channel:
They would be great additions to your collection Neros. The PCBs are not usually all that expensive although UN Squadron is quite hard to find. I got my UN Squadron for only $75 which was a great deal. I still need to buy CAW.

I slightly prefer CAW over UN. I really like the stage designs and the fuel gauge running down was an interesting idea.

I've only played Gallop - Armed Police Unit very briefly on Mame a long time ago. I'll give it another try.
Check out Void Gear by Salmon Soft.

YouTube Video
Forgot to mention PC Denjin and Winds of Thunder (both PC Engine games).
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"

They would be great additions to your collection Neros. The PCBs are not usually all that expensive although UN Squadron is quite hard to find. I got my UN Squadron for only $75 which was a great deal. I still need to buy CAW.

That was a nice find Merlin Thumbs Up

I have only played those two games on MAME, and I really liked them both. I like Carrier Air Wing the best. Must hunt that one down in the future for my PCB collection for sure.

I have Hyper Duel for Saturn and that game is amazing! First time I saw this was on the arcade. It's a fantastic game, and the music rocks!

Gallop is a really great game too. The way you have to speed the gameplay for better score is quite a nice thing. If you move your stick forward the faster you progress for better level score. The graphics scream IREM all the way and the sounds are amazing too.
My youtube channel:
Last Resort
Darius Gaiden

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Not that I've played it in years, but I thought Harmful Park on the PSone was fantastic.

Also (bonus) Blazing (bonus, bonus) Star (bonus, bonus, fucking bonus), Pulstar and Prehistoric Isle.

Gate of Thunder and Winds/Lords of Thunder on the PC Engine are two of the finest shooters ever created.
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39 Color & 2 Cover Variations, 5 B&W
Blazing Star
Thunderforce III + V
Border Down
green beret
Prehistoric Isles 2
Progear No Arashi
Darius Gaiden
Blazing Star
Last Resort

EDIT: I put Darius Gaiden arcade version in front of Pulstar as it is a better game in my opinion
Edited by green beret on 09. January 2015 17:21
green beret
Prehistoric Isles 2
Darius Gaiden
Carrier Airwing
Progear No Arashi
I have always had a soft spot for last resort. Probably not the best but addictive and I keep coming back to it.

Also R Type and R Type 2.

My kids are dinosaur mad so I also play quite abit of Dinosaur Island.

Finally, Choplifter on my SMS gets quite abit of game time.
Good to see the awesome Carrier Air Wing made it onto your new list Green Beret. I played that game in an arcade today.

Rob I agree SMS Choplifter is pretty good. Used to really enjoy playing that when I was younger although always found it quite difficult and was never able to complete it.

Out of the Neo Geo horizontal shooters Zed Blade is my favourite. Graphics could have been better but the gameplay is excellent. NMK really knew how to make a good shooter and the Manabu Namiki soundtrack is great. I like the way you can select your weapon configuration at the start.
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