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January 18 2019

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Thread Author: STE C
Thread ID: 4756
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Hi guys , just got this amazing game on my Dreamcast and I am loving it. does' anybody else have it on NG/DC and what do you think about it.

I honestly think this game has been a bit overlooked as it doe's not seem to be getting the same attention in the gaming press as Last Hope/Gunlord.

I rate this game as one of the best shooters on DC { I assume NG version is equally if not better}. In fact I would put it in my top 20 all time shooters its that good. This is a game I imagine Merlin, Ninja, Riko loving.

No excuse buy a Dreamcast off ebay ( roughly 20-40 depending on whats with it) NEOXYX 32. This amazing game can be obtained pretty cheap if you really want it, in fact any gamer worth his salt should already own a DC so simple as that.

SUPPORT THE DREAMCAST & NEO GEO. And great games will continue to be produced.

ATT I am having technical issues with both my copy's freezing/crashing. I will keep you posted as I will have to contact NG DEV.
Sorry to hear that, STE .I hope that NGGrinEV helps you out with this issue, very interested to hear what the outcome is.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
My second copy still has the odd crash but appears to be working better than other copy. My Jap Dreamcast appears to have the most success

This game is simply a must buy for any shump fan and comes with the STE C badge of you can skin me alive boil me in oil and feed my dick to a cage of hungry tigers if you don't like it.
Not only is this one of the best shooters on the DC/NG I would actually call this one of the best verticle shumps of all time #yes that's right no bullshit a homebrew game which is better than most commercial shooters past/present.

Listen up friends and please trust me on this one

YOU NEED THIS GAME IN YOUR LIFE, regardless of your opinion on such matters you gotta trust me on this one as my believe deep in my heart that this is a game that will give you a lot of pleasure. Maybe one day soon I might have a crack at a mini review despite my poor English skills.

Hey Ninja hint hint im sure you can come up with a great little mini review.

No excuse's guys support our beloved console's.

Go on guys invest in a copy , u gotta trust me on this one.
Edited by STE C on 03. March 2014 19:25
Ste, you made your point loud and clearly. As a fellow disciple I'm still waiting for my AES copy. Hallelujah Grin
Hi Ste, yes I thought it looked pretty good. On Neo Geo, the arcade style narrow view put me off, since my TV is huge to start with and it's not one you can put on it's side (without breaking it anyway). I might pick up a copy on dreamcast though.
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Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Good to hear you're enjoying XYX so much STE. Although I wouldn't go as far as you saying it's one of the best ever vertical shooters I do agree with everything else you wrote. An excellent shoot 'em up and one of the best on the Neo Geo. Anyone who has a DC should grab a copy as soon as possible!

As I mentioned in the other XYX thread I've also been playing XYX recently (MVS version). I'm not that good at the game though and tend to die quite a lot. Getting to Stage 3 on one credit is still the best I've managed.
STE C wrote:

This game is simply a must buy for any shump fan and comes with the STE C badge of you can skin me alive boil me in oil and feed my dick to a cage of hungry tigers if you don't like it.
Now that's a review I can trust!

Glad to know people are really liking it. I haven't bought it yet but definitely plan on picking it up sometime soon.
I guess I reading back my post's I may have sounded over enthusiastic as I had a few whiskey's when writing it but I stand by what I said, this game is fantastic and one of the best ive played.
I've had a chance to play on Neo XYX on the DC for a few days now and I have mixed feelings about it, unfortunately.

Although, on the whole, STE is right (re: it's a great game) the experience for me has been marred by a couple of technical issues, which are seemingly inexcusable oversights or deliberate(?) oversights on NGDEVTEAMS part.

One of which is my inability to complete the game due to a bug which causes the game to crash/freeze unexpectedly. From what I have heard, this is ONLY present when you run the game in (what is called) "Vertical.S" mode. Essentially, what is 'Tate-in-Yoko' mode.

The problem hereby lies in the fact that I specifically wanted the DC version BECAUSE it included such a mode, not found in the NeoGeo version... which is TATE only (really), as playing it as a side-on/hori shooter just isn't acceptable for me, rotated HUD or not!

Everytime... it tends to freeze before I reach the end of the game. Very frustrating!

The other issue is that I can feel noticeable input lag when playing the game in this mode. It's especially noticeable when making split-second dodges and also the use of the Bomb, as I'm a bit of a ninja (button input wise) and more often than not, my careful, on the spot bomb executions often end up in my death as the bomb doesn't execute at the exact time I choose to utilise it. Frustrating, as I tend not to use bombs 'willy nilly'.

Minor gripes would be basic snipes at the game itself: no power up system to speak of... no weapon selection pick ups... very few options pertaining to the actual in-game experience (unlike FS which had 4x game modes!) including a difficulty selection, whether it be easier or harder (harder??!).


Let's not let these issues overshadow the positives where possible.

Aside the lag, I can TELL that the gameplay is spot on. It's very responsive and the ship speed is perfect and - for lack of powerups (etc), the fire rate and standard weapon damage is still very well balanced imo. The bombs are interested as they don't generate all round invincibility like many other games. They simply create an invincibility field within the Bomb/Tiger itself, wiping away bullets etc.

Another feature of gameplay I really like (as per my fave shmup, Battle Garegga) is the inclusion of the medal system. As usual, dropping medals can be rather frustrating, but as double edged sword, addicting too. Risk-Reward... blah blah blah, but it does work. I especially like how maxing out the basic medal count rewards you with higher value Gold Medals throughout, which adds an extra score based incentive again. Seems they chose to drop the word 'Fuck!' from the DC version to 'Doh!' instead (much like the removal of 'Bitches' on DC Gunlord too). Can't say this bothers me though, although a parental option may have been nice. Or even... the ability to add your own 4-5 letter exclamation?! Wink

Graphics, imo, are pretty mind blowing! Especially if we reference this directly to the NeoGeo and it being 2014 and it being (essentially) a 2 or 3 man team developing this. Essentially (and STE agrees) this, beck in the day, would have nestled VERY EASILY among commercial releases of its day.

Fast Striker already looked great and is one of the best shooters available for the Neo today imo. But, the look and feel of FS was much more of a victim to subjective taste. Not everyone liked the look, feel and music on offer. The game showed significant progress over previous efforts, but, still... certain aspects about it didn't sell everyone (it sold me though).

Graphics and music in Neo XYX are absolutely excellent. Crazy good imo. Especially if you take all that I said above into consideration (small indy team etc). Small details like putting effort into the (usual) water stages; nicely animated water along with impacts into water from defeated enemies etc. I've been nothing but impressed by them. As STE said to me the other day, it is a nice composition of both old school Toaplan style aesthetics and not too OTT Cave style gameplay.

As I said, due to technical hitches, I haven't been able to complete a playthrough yet.

It's because of hindrances like this that make such outstanding releases bittersweet for me. I feel as though I have been punished for choosing to run with the option that best suits my individual circumstances. Turning a 29" TV in my current games set-up to play ONE GAME just wasn't an option for me. NGDEV tried to address the minority of PPL (such as myself) by including a tate-in-yoko option in the DC version and... well, it's backfired because, although I can sample the game, seemingly I am unable to fully enjoy or finish it in fear of it crashing/freezing :( Shrug

For those in the same position as me, this effectively means that the DC version could end up being a waste of money really.

Money wasn't the deciding factor in choosing DC > MVS/AES either. If the Neo cart had the ability to run Tate-in-Yoko, I would've gone for one of those at 10x the price. But, technically, it wasn't feasible vs time and cost to include it, so I had to settle for the DC version instead. At a ridiculous cost tbh. I mean, surely this was playtested before going gold/to press??? *Sigh*


Great game but can only be fully enjoyed Crash Free and Lag Free when played in Tate mode (original) or Rotated HUD mode.
So, in other words; they implented a mode to satisfy everyone but didn't test it completely? A huge and unforgivable mistake. But it's more likely these things happen when a development team is that small.
Sensi wrote:

So, in other words; they implented a mode to satisfy everyone but didn't test it completely? A huge and unforgivable mistake. But it's more likely these things happen when a development team is that small.

Yeah. This.

Pretty much...
I don't get it. Why didn't they send some beta/final code to some guys of the DC and/or Neo Geo community? They would test a game for free and with pleasure. Such simple mistakes shouldn't happen. I feel for you.
I can see both sides - Gunlord was bugged when it released on Neo Geo but it was designed to be updated anyway. In a way the initial players were the testers. You can never find all bugs in a game yourself and even with testers some will slip through. When you are a small outfit you cannot afford to pay for testing. Even big companies like Microsoft and Sony constantly have to fix things after release.

At the same time I can totally understand people being upset. You've paid for it and it should work. I hope they fix these bugs and send out replacement games asap.
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Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Riko, I know what you mean and I don't expect a game is 100% bug free. But a bug this obvious, who prevents you to complete the game, can't be tolerated. How many hours did Ninja need to discover this? I doubt it would be more then 15.
With consoles hooked up to the Internet nowadays developers has a huge advantage to release future patches. If you don't have that option, you should be extra careful for checking on bugs. And if you don't have the power, you should look for (cheap) options. The fanatic DC and Neo Geo fan base is a great alternative, make use of it. The DC version can't be patched, so Ninja should be compensated. Especially with these (retail) prices.
Yeah I do feel a bit sorry for Ninja as although I still get the odd crash I have been able to complete it 3 times. Ninja's copy was actually my first copy ( NG Dev sent me 2 copy's by mistake ( I actually ordered 1 copy of NEO XYX & 1 copy of Gunlord which they sent later ). As it was NG Devs mistake they didn't ask for other copy of NEO XYX back so I sent Ninja my first copy to test ( which sadly appears to crash more) but at least non of us lost out financially.

If my 2nd copy was crashing as much as first then I would be out for NG Devs blood. I love the game and feel sorry for guys who cant complete it due to bug. According to email I got off NG Dev they are aware of issue although Ninja informed me that an import shop he deals with has sold loads of copy's with no reported problems. I have been using a old Jap Dreamcast for my 2nd mostly working copy but I know Ninja has a mint Jap DC as well ( his collection is immaculate ) so defo don't think its his machine.

Bought a fancy Jap R7 Dreamcast this week ( beautiful machine) which again has been fine with NEO XYX after few hours play ( although I tend to use old PAL or Jap DC for cd/cdr disks and keep better conditioned DCs for GD ROMS.
Ok, the status of my order is updated to processing. I expect the games will be send soon Smile
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