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January 17 2019

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Thread Author: reelmojo
Thread ID: 4706
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New Year's Challenge: Beat 1 game on every console you own.
So this year I've decided to try a fun challenge. As a collector I tend to not always finish games, or worse yet barely play them after I buy them. So I've challenged myself to beat one game that I've never beaten before on every console I own before 2014 is over. This is kind of a huge challenge for me because at last count I own 26 consoles. That's doing things like counting Gameboy and Gameboy Color separately, but not counting consoles that I'll surely buy before the year is over (at least PS4). However it's also slightly easier than it sounds because some of those can probably be cleared off the list rather quickly (Atari 2600 for example). I'm not always going to pick games that'll be easy to finish quickly either since the point is to make myself play games that I really want to play. For example, I'm pretty sure my PS1 game is going to be ChronoCross.

Is anyone else up to the challenge?
The idea is nice Mojo. I already thought about this actually, because
I have taken part in a similar challenge in 2013 at a Dutch forum.
As a forum member, you settled there per month for two (easy), four (medium) or six (hard) games to complete. Just to get rid of your backlog and to motivate yourself to complete your games. You received (virtual) trophies for your performances, a moderator kept track of it. But organising the challenge is quite dead now.

I have some different old en new consoles, so yeah, I'm up for it. I already made a bucket list for the upcoming years, so it should be no problem to select same titles of it.
I propose to make a list and cross the games off which are done, it should keep this topic alive. Is this allright with you?
I think for some people who own a lot of consoles this challenge could be pretty daunting, so I know I for one won't be picking titles too far in advance of actually playing them. I will post my list of consoles, however and a few picks that may end up being the games I complete for it in case anyone is interested.

NES - Little Nemo, Crystalis, Star Tropics
SNES - Yoshi's Island, Sky Blazer, Super Castlevania IV
Nintendo 64 - Zelda OOT, Banjo Kazooie
Gamecube - Billy Hatcher, Resident Evil 0, P.N.03
Wii - Super Paper Mario, Sonic Colors, A Boy and His Blob, Xenoblade Chronicles
WiiU - Super Mario 3D World, Rayman Legends
Gameboy - Sneaky Snakes, Metroid 2
Gameboy Color - Megaman Xtreme
Gameboy Advance - Gustar Super Heroes, Golden Sun, Mother 3
DS - The World Ends With You, Dragon Quest VI, Giana Sisters DS
3DS - Bravely Default, Shinobi 3D, Sonic Generations

Master System - Wonderboy III The Dragon's Trap, Golden Axe Warrior
Genesis - Shinobi III, Steel Empire, Any Phantasy Star
Sega CD - Snatcher, Popful Mail, Ecco
32X - Knuckles Chaotix, Kolibri, Blackthorne
Game Gear - Master of Darkness, Sonic Blast
Saturn - Mass Destruction, Panzer Dragoon, Clockwork Knight
Dreamcast - Space Channel 5, Gunlord

Playstation - ChronoCross, Tomba, Spyro 2 or 3
Playstation 2 - Yakuza, Rogue Galaxy, Zone of the Enders
Playstation 3 - Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Ni No Kuni
Playstation 4 - Infamous: Second Son
PSP - Me and My Katamari, Gods Eater Burst
PS Vita - Gravity Rush, Tearaway

XBox - Arx Fatalis, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Stubbs the Zombie
XBox 360 - Condemned 2, Asura's Wrath, Bayonetta

NeoGeo AES - Magician Lord, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
NeoGeo Pocket Color - Metal Slug Pocket, Dark Arms
Atari 2600 - Adventure (I've never beaten all three modes!)

...There's no better way to rethink this entire challenge than to type all of that out. Quite a few of those RPGs will probably end up being replaced by a shorter game. I didn't list many fighters that I haven't played on purpose but I wouldn't be surprised if a few more made their way onto the list as I start to actually complete some of these.

That's 29 consoles. 29 games. 12 months. Wish me luck!
Sensi luck!
I will post mine list soon.
SNES – Secret of Mana
Nintendo 64 - Banjo Kazooie, Zelda Majora’s Mask
Gamecube – Paper Mario 2, Pikmin
Wii - Red Steel 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2
Gameboy Advance - Boktai
DS - Dragon Quest VI

Genesis – Gunstar Heroes
Sega CD - Snatcher
Saturn - Panzer Dragoon, Gunbird, Daytona USA, House of the Dead
Dreamcast – Bangai O

Playstation – Tales of Destiny
Playstation 2 – Odin Sphere
Playstation 3 – Infamous 2
Playstation 4 - Infamous: Second Son
PSP – God of War: Ghost of Sparta
PS Vita – Soul Sacrifice

XBox - Psychonauts
XBox 360 – Binary Domain

NeoGeo AES – KOF 94
NeoGeo MVS – Goal, Goal, Goal
NeoGeo Pocket Color – Pocket Tennis

PC - Gemini Rue
Edited by Sensi on 14. April 2014 19:45
Quite a list of games there. I see you're just like me and hoping to finish some RPGs as well. I'm also very glad you chose Gunstar Heroes as it's definitely one of my favorite Genesis games. Good luck!

I haven't beaten anything yet this year. Most of my gaming time has been going to the demo for Bravely Default (which is incredibly good) and Super Mario 3D World coop with my roomate. That'll definitely be my WiiU game unless something drastic happens.
Checked your list and some games are just the same as mine.
I marked more games for the list, but the post was gone during edit.
Every year I complete about 40+ games and write reviews about them. So this list shouldn't be a problem, although some RPG's are lenghty.

How do you play your games? Are you playing a lot of titles at the same time? I concentrate on one title, complete it and move on to the next one. It's a rhythm I like, because that way it's easier to get into a (difficult) game and a nice feeling of satisfaction when a game is finished.
That's the problem for me. I tend to play a bunch of games at the same time, and sometimes that makes me not finish them. I know it's a common problem for collectors, but it's a problem all the same and that's why I gave myself this challenge. Even if I don't finish this challenge I'm hoping to at least make a dent in it.


Wii: Sonic and the Black Knight

One game down, 28 to go! I really enjoyed the game, even though the motion controls are frustrating as hell. And son of a bitch was that end boss hard!
Edited by reelmojo on 13. January 2014 00:15
Good work!
I will underline the games I have completed. Soul Sacrifice done, Infamous 2 is next.
What's your next game Mojo?
As usual I'm working on a few right now, so it's hard to predict which one will end first. I've been playing a lot of Gravity Rush though, so that could very well be my next one.
Sounds like a really great idea! Just like reelmojo, I tend to start playing some games and then never finish them. Although I haven't got that many systems, this will be a challenge anyway for me.

Are we talking 1cc?

Mark 3/Mastersystem: Zillion II, Fantasy Zone, Double Target

Megadrive: Valis III, Alisia Dragoon

Mega CD: Silpheed

Saturn: Burning Rangers, Enemy Zero

Dreamcast: Virtua Tennis: World Circuit Mode, Incoming

PC E: GunHed, Legendary Axe

WS: Wonder Classic

Neo-Geo AES: Cyber-Lip, Super Sidekicks 2
Edited by Henke on 20. February 2014 19:05
I personally am not worried about 1ccs for the games that applies to, just actually finishing games is all I'm caring about. You can certainly add to the challenge for yourself if you want to 1cc something though. If I do finish the challenge early enough I might go back and do something like that too. Especially if I take the easy way out and beat a fighting game. I feel like I should have to 1cc a fighting game for it to count.
A valiant idea, however, I'm in no position to be structuring such a list right now. I suppose there's no rush, but I'm also aware that the clock is ticking. The sooner the better, eh?

Good luck y'all Wink
Last week I completed Gemini Rue, handsome indie adventure game. Now I'm busy with Psychonauts, crazy game from the heros of Double Fine.

Mojo, is it going well with completing some games?
I wouldn't say it's particularly going well, but that's mostly because I just started a lengthy RPG that's going to be my 3DS game for the list (Bravely Default).

I did play through The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 the other day, but since it's an episodic game I figured I wouldn't count it until the whole season is over. I'm pretty close to the end of Gravity Rush too... at least I think so. I've also all but completely decided that my NES game will be Snake Rattle 'N Roll... a classic from my childhood that I never beat due to the overwhelming difficulty of the last few levels.

Ninja, when I started this challenge I actually thought you would be one of the members that it would be really difficult for since if I remember right you own a ton of consoles. I hope you do try it though since it'd be interesting to see what you're playing.
Trying to beat Gunlord (still can't defeat the last boss, help welcome).

Also trying to beat Golden Axe 3, playing co-op with the GF.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Great idea Mojo Thumbs Up This year I really want to :

1. Finish R-Type. I love this game. I've played it on PCE, Amiga, and Playstation 1 but I have never got past level 4. I did watch a playthrough on Youtube a couple of days ago and after level 4 - the levels get a bit unimaginative in comparison to the early ones. It's like they loaded all the best bits into the first 4 levels! Still an awesome game though.

2. Finish Ico (PS2) This is a great game, the adrenalin doesnt pump much though, and at the time I got distracted by games that give you a more instant hit.

3. Finish Medieval (PSOne) played this loads at the time, and really enjoyed it but found a bit too long for the gameplay. I even kept playing for a little after I stopped enjoying it but still didnt finish it. Like all 3D games it's too long.

4. Master Crazy Taxi (Dreamcast), especially the 2nd city (orginal mode) which always confuses me!

5.Beat my Fatal Fury Special score. I half hate (the AI) and half love this game and I want to beat my best score on this game.

6. Finish Blazing Star. A bit optimistic since I don't think I have got past level 5 on this without using continues.

7. Play Mirror's Edge again. Was enjoying this but life intervened.

8. Beat 200 lines on Gameboy Tetris. The original mono one. I think my best is 192 lines and back in the day they used to say if you could beat 200 lines on mono Tetris you could call yourself a Grandmaster. After 180 lines it gets stupidly fast.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Jeeej, I have beaten Psychonauts tonight. Another very good game from Double Fine, I'm fan of Tim Schafer's work. The last two levels got tedious, so glad they are over.

Riko, I recommend you carry on with #2 and #7.
I still think ICO is one of the best games I've ever played. It's also the only game that made me cry at the end, it's that special.

Mirror's Edge was one of the first games from 'the new way of EA'.
Although not a commercial success, I liked the feel and artwork of the game.
Some people complained about the view and motion sickness of it, but it's quite original and fun to play. Made me think of Breakdown (Xbox).
Edited by Sensi on 15. February 2014 21:39
I beat Real Bout Fatal Fury yesterday for the first time... which is a bit ridiculous when you think about it. Pretty great game, although I did use a continue so I won't be updating my score in the HSC. I used Andy Bogard, who I never liked to use until KOFXIII for some reason.

I plan on finishing Gravity Rush today. Fantastic game. Highly recommended.

I also got my PS4 this week and it's looking like Outlast will be the first game I beat for that. I love horror games and it might be the scariest thing I've ever played.

EDIT: Finished Gravity Rush. Epic final battle! My list now goes:

Wii: Sonic and the Black Knight
PS Vita: Gravity Rush
NeoGeo AES: Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
Edited by reelmojo on 16. February 2014 22:30
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