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July 19 2019

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Thread Author: DarakuTenshi
Thread ID: 4620
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There are 4 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 1231 times.
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My wife iPhone stollen
I'm am really getting upset. I've called the cops given them the info showed them the blip on iCloud as to where the phone was at... on top of that I know who stole it. I've got their phone, social security number, driver's license, phone number, and lots of other private information... and they have not done anything about it.

It is a felony class D to steal a cell phone.

I'm ready to go over to her house myself and get the phone back from them, but since I live in Texas that could be a dangerous thing to do. I'm so ticked!!!
That's bullshit! I could see how maybe it's not the cops' first priority but seeing as how you already did all of the work for them it seems like they'd have gone and picked her up. I'm assuming the blip on the iCloud would be good enough evidence for them, I've never owned an iAnything so I guess I don't really know how all of that works.

Maybe I'm just spoiled by living in such a small town. If anything at all happens our cops are all over it because they have nothing better to do!

Hope it works out for you. Let us know!
That sucks.

Incidentally, the reason I haven't used iCloud tracking (or a generic tracker) is for this very reason. Cops are useless when you actually need them IMO.
Yeah, still no good. They've done nothing and I've contacted the person myself and still claim they didn't do anything. (Could have been their friend who was with them that actually took it, or they are just outright lying). Either way... I'm so over this. My insurance company has opened a claim and I should be getting some money back on it. Not to mention my buddy who works for Sprint will be able to get me a good deal on a iPhone 4S which is still an upgrade from what she had (for only $50). So, when it's all said and done nothing lost but time.

It sucks that someone can get away with a felony scott free, but that's the way life is sometimes. If they were going to give it back I wasn't going to press charges, but I may still press forward now with it.

Oh... and they've unlocked the phone now and since my wife's phone was linked to mine I'm even getting the contact numbers that they have been adding to the list. I've called a few of them. And it's now on a different carrier.
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