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January 20 2019

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Thread Author: vampyremike
Thread ID: 4604
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There are 8 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3409 times.
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Dreamcast Lovers Thread - Interview Video
I understand that I am on a SNK Board and talking about a Sega console, but besides the general board I didn't quite know where to post this =)

My friend did this great video interviewing people (Me included) about why we love the Dreamcast and our memories.
I'm Vampyre Mike from SegaCDUniverse. I hope some of you enjoy this, because it's a ton of fun to me.

I put the Dreamcast up there with the Sega CD, Neo Geo, and 3DO. I love em all ! X D

YouTube Video
Yay! Happy 14th Aniv. Dreamcast! Its (Still) Thinking! Grin
Good thread and Nice to see you in the vid Mike.

I love my Dreamcast, My favourite games are Shenmue, Jet Set Radio, Soul Calibur, DOA2 at the time, Mars Matrix, Rez, Crazy Taxi! I enjoyed MSR but was never that impressed with it, It was ok but even the graphics I didn't think were that good - a bit dull and messy looking.

The fact that the console is white - I like that too. The graphics too were always razor sharp. I remember comparing Crazy Taxi on DC to Crazy Taxi 3 on Xbox and the DC output was just sharper and more vibrant.

Owning the Dreamcast at the time though, you could sometimes feel like you were having a meal with just the vegetables ( in general very good but often shallow arcade games) and missing out on the meatier experiences that you got on the other consoles.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
No excuses Mike! I think many Neo Geo fans admire the DC, it's a console which has enough similarities. I love my DC and I'm playing still with it. I did buy the console late (2004 something like that) and many games were cheap to pick up. Favourites are Shenmue (1+2), MSR, Sega Rally 2, House of the Dead 2, Marvel vs Capcom,, Street Fighter III, Skies of Arcadia, Bangai-O, Virtua Tennis etc. Just so many games too mention. Downside is the controller for me, I haven't got very big hands and I never get really used to it during long play sessions.
=) ahh yes I got mine after it's death as well. It's a great console, way up there for me. I could see the controller being an issue with small hands. Sort of reminds me of the xbox one =)
RiKo wrote:Owning the Dreamcast at the time though, you could sometimes feel like you were having a meal with just the vegetables ( in general very good but often shallow arcade games) and missing out on the meatier experiences that you got on the other consoles.
I think games like Skies of Arcadia, Grandia II, Shenmue, and Soul Reaver were quite meaty. Not to mention that I got more playtime out of San Fransisco Rush 2049 than I have out of a lot of RPGs! Although, I do understand that my obsession with that game is borderline psychotic, so perhaps I'm alone in that one.

I celebrated the DC's 14th by playing Chu Chu Rocket's puzzle mode. I got stuck on Hard difficulty number 17. I also played some Space Channel 5, which I feel doesn't get brought up enough when people are talking about weird games. It's easily on par with Katamari Damacy for the amount of puzzled looks it causes.

And since everyone else is doing it, my Dreamcast favorites (in no particular order):

Soul Reaver: I'm a huge fan of the Legacy of Kain series, and this is the best version of Soul Reaver outside of the PC version.

Shenmue 1 and 2
: I can't imagine what videogames would be like today if Shenmue had never happened. Two of the best and most influential games ever made.

San Fransisco Rush 2049: The epitome of better than arcade perfect. The addition of wings to the racing allows you to drive a bit more recklessly and makes an already insane racer that much crazier. Add in a ton of collectibles and unlockables and you've got yourself my favorite racer of all time.

Sonic Adventure 2: Unpopular opinion and I don't care! I like all three gameplay styles, but Sonic and Shadow's levels are endless fun for me. Now-a-days I wouldn't load up my Dreamcast for it since I have it in HD on my 360, but I still felt like it deserved a mention.
From an American standpoint, it's hard to say which was Sega's best console, the Genesis/MD or Dreamcast. I give the edge to the Genesis/MD because I have better memories of it. The DC was the first and last 3-D arcade in a box, a very unique title to own.

I got a wheel and two MAS sticks for the DC. One of those MAS sticks I actually modded to be DC compatible on Mon. I didn't even remember it was the American anniversary. What are the odds?!
still got my original jap lauch machine modded about 8 months after lauch to play usa dead or alive as it wasn't available on in japan till 3 months after. still got my 2 arcade sticks 5 pads 2 guns 1 keyboard .
awesome time with marvel Capcom kof series third strike so much love for powerstone jet set radio crazy taxi's virtua tennis 2 so many great games Smile

need to buy sturmwind n dux 1.5
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