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December 17 2018

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Thread Author: candycab
Thread ID: 46
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There are 6 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2834 times.
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Streets of Rage Remake
Well its finally happening the streets are being remade for the PC with a later release on the consoles.

You can download the Beta here


I havent tried it yet so I cant comment on it, but I will definitly be taking it for a spin. Full released is supposed to be December 31 06.

Enjoy Smile

[small]edited to make link work - Kaz[/small]
Edited by Kazuya_UK on 21. December 2006 17:27
I tried it, it seems quite nice! Obviously with the sprites being ripped directly from the Megadrive/Genesis (and being edited a bit apparently), aside from a few minor additions, it doesn't look any different to what you would expect (so a bit blocky). There are scanline and 2 x sai options, but neither of those look great imho. I'd advise playing it in windowed as it looks quite ugly in full screen.

However it does play well, you can choose between 6 characters, and apparently there are 2 more secret ones that you can enable in the full version. It plays the same as SOR3, if I remember right anyway, as I never got into SOR2 and SOR 3 much (only played the original to death).

The remixed music is very nice though - SOR has always had good music, and they did a good job with what I've heard so far. It seems strange that the music on the character select is not remixed however, it's the same as the music in the original.

Good remake though, nothing amazingly new from what I saw but it is worth checking out, especially for SOR fans! Thanks for the link dude! Grin Thumbs Up


EDIT: Kaz can't spell Grin
Edited by on 21. December 2006 21:10
I agree ... the music is great though the sfx can be a bit scratchy sounding now and then.

Overall Im pretty impressed with it, but I think the collision detection could be a bit better. It seems overly hard to grapple with the cpu opponents and seems like its luck if you can pull it off.

Well so far Ive only played "Max" I so maybe this isnt the case with the other charachters ?

I think if they can polish this build up a bit its gonna be a winner Wink
Edited by candycab on 22. December 2006 06:38
a bit on the stale side.. but i've played/seen worse Pfft
my artworks/doodles ->
So, i couldn't wait and played the beta. I'm happy with the port of Adam and the gameplay seems solid with the exception of grappling as Candycab mentioned. I hope they take alot of consideration in the level design and enemy placement for the full release.
Yeah, the beta seems like it's going to be pretty great. Also, I love nods to older titles in the series, such as the whip toting lady in brown coming out of the garage door in the background, and the bar from SoR2 making a cameo. I hope they dont just use nostalgia to keep the game afloat by recycling enviroonments though, because I did notice much of the first level seemed to drag a bit with little variety in the backgrounds.

The game also seems to play faster than the original 3 games, which is good I guess, but it took me a bit of getting used to. Also, I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with the remixes of Yuzo Koshiro's original soundtrack, very tastefully done.

Explosive barrels FTW!
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