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December 13 2018

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Thread Author: reelmojo
Thread ID: 4594
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Chaos Code
Chaos Code finally came out in the west today on PSN! I finally got my hands on it after 4 years of waiting! It's on the US PSN store at $11.99.

There's lots of interesting ideas going on in this game, and everything gels together so well that it's astonishing this game is from such a small, unknown developer. When you pick one of the 15 characters you then choose two moves from a list of 4 to add to your repertoire. Two are specials, two are supers and you can mix and match any way you want so you can actually have two extra super moves if you like (doesn't sound like the best strategy to me though). It's similar to choosing Super Arts in SFIII, except with a ton more options in play. It's a nice system that adds a bit of customization to the game without hindering balance.

Once you're in the actual fight you'll find that it plays something like a cross between KOF and Guilty Gear, although the play styles of each character are so varied that I might change my mind on that assessment given more time with the game. My favorite character (Vein) actually reminds me a bit of Samurai Shodown in that his specials are slow but very damaging. He requires a much more calculated play style than Kagari, who is the character I'm best with so far. Her moveset may make her a shoto, but she's also a cyborg ninja with a wicked air throw. You can play her a lot more aggressively. Everyone I've tried has played very differently so far. Bravo is a command grabbing chef who has some of the craziest animations in a fighting game, Cait&Sith are two characters in one which seems like an homage to Vivian & Roxy from the crazy obscure Slap Happy Rhythm Busters, Catherine is a male manga writer who accidentally acquired super powers and fights to get new ideas for manga to write for little girls... to say the characters are a bit crazy is an understatement.

The backgrounds are gorgeous in that classic 2D fighter way. Several of them will remind you of some SNK greats from KOF or Fatal Fury. They're filled to the brim with details that you're never going to notice during a fight. And the best thing for purists, they're all completely 2D. Sure, that means characters only have one looping animation, but it's nice that someone out there besides SNK is still doing things completely in 2D.

In fact, the entire package reminds me of an SNK game, just one with many Ark System Works influences as well. The music is great and highly varied. The end boss is a bastard on Magaki levels. The story is... there... probably. The dialog has been translated into Engrish. If SNK made a new console and called it NeoGeo 2, surely this game would be right at home on it. Assuming you're also into air dashes, air recoveries, combo breakers, and cancelling everything into damn near everything then you're good to go.

The downside? At the moment there is no online play at all. They're planning on adding it in a future update but I'm afraid no one will be playing it by then. Maybe if they add it and then put the game on sale (or free on PS Plus) there'll be enough injection of new blood to keep it interesting online, but still I worry. Let's hope the online patch comes sooner rather than later. Also, since Arc System Works published this let's hope the netcode is a smooth as BlazBlue's.

TL/DR: go buy Chaos Code. It's good.
I saw this thread after i replied your shoutbox post. I agree what you say about the game. Gameplay is really good, like mix of KOF and Last Blade/Guilty Gear. So far my Fav character is Vein too. He would fit in Last Blade perfectly.

I liked the graphics too. Nice character and background designs, colorful game, completly 2D.

I defeated the boss, Kudlak, very easily i don't think he is Magaki level but Orochi (KOF 97) level boss, once you get close he is very easy to defeat. I found Cerberus harder to beat.
Talking about this game for those who have never heard of it is not enough! Man that game looks sweet.
YouTube Video

Zakatek wrote:I defeated the boss, Kudlak, very easily i don't think he is Magaki level but Orochi (KOF 97) level boss, once you get close he is very easy to defeat. I found Cerberus harder to beat.
Yeah the trick with Kudlak-Sin is to get in close and never EVER stop attacking. If he gets some distance he's a right bastard and the constant barrage of various projectiles is what reminded me of Magaki. I wonder if pure aggression will be enough on harder difficulties though?

It seems like more and more people are giving Chaos Code a try recently which is great news. I really can't wait for the netcode update!
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