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July 20 2019

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Thread Author: -SD-
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Nintendo 2DS
Nintendo are releasing a new handheld. It's a DS without a hinge that plays 3DS software in 2D. It's called the 2DS and I'm having a major WTF moment here....... enjoy the picture...
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That's the ugliest thing I've seen in a while. It looks uncomfortable to hold.
Edited by shion on 28. August 2013 18:22
I personally wouldn't see myself using the 3D feature... but yeah this thing is just plain weird looking.
At $130 that's not too bad of an idea for those who really don't care about the 3D... but... why does it not close shut. That's just dumb.
While it is probably the ugliest game system I've ever seen, it's being marketed towards really little kids so some of the features are totally understandable. Children under 7 are not supposed to play the 3DS in 3D mode (there are parental settings in the 3DS to prevent them from turning it on) and children that young tend to break these systems with hinges on them, so they removed the hinge. Basically, it's not targeted towards us (unless you have a kid younger than 7 that is). It's also arriving at about the same time as the next Pokemon which is not at all a coincidence.

Oh, and the two screens are actually just one big screen. The plastic in shell of the system just divides it up to make it look like 2 screens. This will make it a lot cheaper for Nintendo to produce so they're probably making a huge profit off of each one whereas usually console makers either barely break even or take a loss on hardware.

But yeah... it probably didn't have to be shaped like a piece of cake.
I think it's a stupid idea, I don't see why anyone would buy it. It's not like it's something new and exciting, it's just something old repackaged. Although... maybe if they put an original Gameboy cartridge slot on it somewhere... actually still no.

Sticking with my 3DS.
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well no matter what is selling more than the vita Pfft
it's the Pokemon system. It's hard for Nintendo to sell Pokemon and 3DS to parents because the 3D vision isn't advised for children. I suppose it makes sense then but for anyone else, why not just buy a 3DS? if you really want to make into a 2DS just flip the slider to full 2D. Nintendo is including the 2DS in it's 3DS sales figures so it's not that clear how many are selling. It will be interesting to see if it does do well though.

I do worry about Nintendo, personally I thought the Wii U was an obvious mis-step. I think they put too much faith in Miyamoto without questioning how his ideas would sell the console. It hasn't even been very popular in Japan. I think the 3DS is great but then that has something obviously exciting to sell it - real 3D and (eventually) good games. I'm glad they have that to sustain them.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
before november the wii u sold like 160000 units for 3 months globally (its actually only available in 30 or so countries unlike the wii where was at every corner in the globe) and the wii u in november sold 250000 units so sells are picking up especially in japan where was second place of sold units.

Personally i like the 2ds (mostly because of the price, i still havent bought it) and it looks really comfortable well atleast i am not alone with this cause i saw handfull of reviews stating the same some even say that if it had 3d effect they would ditched the 3ds long ago. however it doesnt change the fact that if it doesnt sell they will lose a lot of money for example instead of promoting the wii u they released the wii mini in north america maybe its good for collectors but other than that its just staying on the way of the wii u considering that the wii still sells a lot in japan and some other countries.
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