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January 15 2019

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Thread Author: Bukake-Samurai
Thread ID: 4579
Thread Info
There are 27 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 10878 times.
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Neo Geo For fitting.
AHAHAHHAHA some great turns of phrase there Mr.Mojo (Awesome shirts btw)...that doesn't make things awkward at all.

Appreciate the welcome and advice regarding the Audio Chip.
It's looking more and more likely that this piece may need to be looked at. Sadly, I have no idea about electronics and the like, so may have to look around the Sydney area, and see if perhaps someone has the knowledge and know how, when it comes to the AES.

Will raise my query to the guys at just as soon as my rights allow me to post.

Much appreciated !
Hi and welcome...Samurai, IŽm not going to comment the first part of your name. The others have already been thereGrinWink

I hope that youŽll stay with us...

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
EHEHEHEH thanks Priest !

Yeah man, really enjoying the vibe here, everyone has been super awesome and helpful, especially with my sound issue I mentioned earlier regarding my AES.

I've been pretty busy, picking up some titles I've been DYING to get my hands on...cannot believe I actually OWN the cartridges for KOF 94, 98 and 99....perhaps my 3 fav KOF's. 03 is is awesome also....what are your thoughts guys ?

What are your favourite KOF titles and why ?
IŽll get back with my thoughts on the KOF games later, at work now Smile

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Look forward to hearing your thoughts !
Samurai: Just a quick list of my top three fave KOF games. You can read about what the NGFL population thinks of each KOF game in the GOTW thread:


My favorite KOF games:





Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Bukake-Samurai wrote:

Heya guys !
Appreciate the warm welcome, you guys are some top blokes !
So friendly, as opposed to some other gaming related forums I also frequent.

Basashi, At the moment I have Samurai Spirits/Showdown 1, Art of Fighting 2, Fatal Fury Special and Blue's Journey.

As for next 3...ehehehhe....well I just purchased KOF 99 online, and looking to raid Tokyo, on my next trip over there. (Wife is Japanese, so we often visit)

Thanks Merlin, I'm so pleased that I finally have one !

Actually, not sure if you guys might be able to help, but have you heard of any issues regarding the sound on these bad boys ?
Upon an extended playthrough, whilst on Samurai Spirits, it almost sounds like an audio channel is missing. For example, on Nakoruru's level, all the soundeffects and background sounds can be heard. As well as most of the Background Music, but the melodius flute portion of her stage music cannot be heard....same with Galford's flute riff on the back of his tune.

Picked up the same thing with Art of's so subtle...again, one of the midi melodies in the intro is missing, but all the soundeffects and bassier portions of the track are present.

Thoughts ?
Does this sound like an Audio issue? or a rookie error on my part ?

I'm just so overjoyed that I have this thing, that I've become super paranoid.

have you actually tried to hook your earphones to the neo geo? The neo geo can only output mono on the cable to your tv, only the headphone output lets you hear the sound in stereo. Maybe there is an issue with your tv cables or the connector instead the sound chip itself.
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