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October 17 2018

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Thread Author: neros
Thread ID: 4548
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There are 9 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3462 times.
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Looking for a new Arcade Cab?
Hi people

The time has come for me to finally get a real arcade cabinet. I own a supergun and a few awesome PCB's, but I so much want the real thing now!

So I have been looking around a bit on the net for a suitable choice for my home. I do not have much space, and I saw this the other day and fell in love.

Check out the Jaleco Pony Mark II or III

I really like the design In Love I looks freaking awesome!

Of cause there's Astro City and a Taito Egret 2, but they are a bit to big for my space right now.

I have been looking around for a Jaleco Pony machine but can't find a place to buy them? Somebody in here might know where to get one or might sell one?

If you have one what do you think about it?

Feel free to contact me if you know something.

Also there's Capcom Mini Cute. They look real cool but might be to small for me I don't know. What do you think?
My youtube channel:
Good luck with tracking down a cab Neros. Those Jaleco Ponies and Capcom Cutes are lovely looking cabs. Another option if you don't have much space would be one of the smaller Neo Geo candy cabs e.g. SC19-4.

Are you a member of Arcade Otaku Neros? That's one of the best places to buy cabs and
most of the ones for sale there are located in Europe. I think the Pony II and III and also the Capcom Cute are quite sought after so will probably sell very quickly if they ever come up for sale. If I were you I would bookmark the cabinet selling area at Arcade Otaku, check it every day and be ready to pounce!
Yes Merlin I've thought about getting into Arcade Otaku. I think I'll make a profile in there and check it out. Thanks for the tip Thumbs Up

A Jaleco might be very hard to come by but also a Neo Geo Candy cab e.g. SC19-4 is not a bad idea either, but is it possible to Tate that monitor inside?
Edited by neros on 16. August 2013 17:08
My youtube channel:
Unfortunately it seems you can't rotate the monitor in the SC19-4. Maybe the SNK Candy 18 would interest you.


Which PCBs do you have so far Neros if you don't mind me asking?
Ah ok!

The SNK Candy 18 looks amazing!!! But the buttons are a bit wrong? If it's possible I'll like to have 6 buttons so I can play some fighting games Cool

Yes I got 4 PCB's

1. Dogyuun (Hell of a game)
2. Vasara, Very underrated shmup I think.
3. D&D: Tower Of Doom. Always wanted this one!
4. Alien Vs Predator. Maybe the best Beat-em-up of all time IMO.

And very soon I'll get IREM's Gallop - Armed Police Unit (Cosmic Cop) Looks amazing that game.
My youtube channel:
I don't really like the Japanese arcade units as much as the ones from the US. I guess I'm just partial to the cabs that I've played during my childhood. Needless to say this weekend I'll be checking out a Pac-Man cab... if all goes well I'll be picking it up for only $75. It's not working so I'll have a project on my hands.
I'll go for Sanwa over Happ any day Wink

The Candy Cabs are the most awesome looking arcade machines in world if you ask me.
My youtube channel:
Nice PCB collection Neros. Vasara, AVP and D&D:TOD are fantastic games. I've never actually played Dogyuun before but heard good things about it.

If you did find one of those Candy 18 cabs for sale hopefully it would either come with a 2L12B control panel or you could find one for sale somewhere.
Thanks Merlin!

Vasara is my favorite shmup right now! Really dig this one.

WOW! That Candy 18 cab looks gooooood!! I want one NOW! The hunt has begun..
My youtube channel:
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