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September 16 2019

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Thread Author: fusion24
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Top 10 ten games Iíve played with the best symmetrical music
Top 10 ten games Iíve played with the best symmetrical music
I must first say that I donít remember half the games Iíve played, and these were chosen from a long list of games I remembered, and these by far have music that was in sync with the battle or scene situation or stage music! The list could be different if I kept a list of games I played in memory or on a sheet list somewhere. More recent naruto ultimate ninja storm 3 had good music, especialy on the 5 kage vs madara, naruto vs sasuke and some stage music but I decided on the classics. Summon knight, megaman series, Devil may cry 3, all those hits could make up the list but Iíll stick to personal sentiment as I remember. Hereís mine, hows your top ten looking.
Street Fighter EX 2
KOF 2000
Snk vs Capcom
Golden sun
Star ocean (snes)
Sword of mana (snes)
Zelda Ocarina of Time
Final fantasy 13
Juju (toki) - arcade
I find this very hard to produce a Top 10 because I don't always conciously notice when this is happening. but I do think some schmups work well in sync with the music to produce more of an adrenaline pumping or emotional effect. In particular i used to like UN Squadron (Area 88) on SNES for this. Also I thought Gradius V on PS2 had great music that went well with the on screen action.

Jet Set Willy on Spectrum and Manic Miner music really suited what was going on on screen. They had the repetitive scores of 'If I were a Rich Man and In the Hall of the Mountain King' and these just got drilled into your head as you played.

and of course the classic Tetris on Gameboy Smile

Outrun, Sonic the Hedgehog1 and Super Mario Bros all work superbly well with their music too
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
By 'symmetrical' and 'in sync' I take it you just mean music that really suits the particular game it was composed for?

Kind of hard for me to pick a top 10. Probably my favourite video game music is the Nekketsu Oyako soundtrack composed by Hyakutaro Tsukumo which really is the perfect music for a beat 'em up. Up-tempo catchy tunes which get you pumped up ready to take on the bad guys! He also composed music for other Tecno Soft games such as Blast Wind, Hyper Duel, Thunder Force V, etc.

YouTube Video
@merlin of course i mean the music meant for the game..... how it all fits together.....
Raiden series - I repeatedly listen to this music. It's that good, with the exception of most Raiden Fighters trilogy songs. I also like Go Sato's other works like Seibu Cup Soccer and Zero Team.

OutPost 2: Divided Destiny - This is like my thinking music. Great for working on homework, even though I'm out of school and college both.

Asuka 120% BURNING Fest. franchise - Keishi Yonao did an excellent job on this series. He also worked on Strania for XBOX 360 and the Mad Stalker titles.

Psyvariar 1 and 2 - Some songs in these two titles keep me going.

Ketsui - I listen to the arrange album when walking for 30 minutes back and forth down my long driveway.

Wave Race 64 - This is what got me interested in video game music. So interesting, I tried to go to music stores to find it, which they didn't sell video game music back then. Today, finding video game music is easier thanks to the Internet.

Star Fox (SNES) - This was the golden age of my childhood. I miss it very much. My mother bought it straight from a movie rental store on my birthday. Some people compare Hajime Hirasawa's best known work to Star Wars, but I don't think so.

Wolf Fang / Rohga: Armor Force (Arcade) - Probably my favorite soundtrack from my favorite video game music band. It helps me wait patiently on certain things.

Panzer Bandit - Someone compared it to Mega Man BGM, but it's too strong to be comparable to Mega Man BGM. Its composer Kanta Watanabe said he had some extra strong metal music removed by Banpresto and Fill-in-Cafe. He also said its opening song was inspired slightly by the Neon Genesis Evangelion opening, which I also like, but not a big fan of the anime. I might check it out someday.

Ginga Force - The Sampling Masters made this soundtrack very addictive.
F-Zero has a great soundtrack too, varying between atmospheric and adrenalin pumping when needs arise.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I agree about Street Fighter Ex having a very suited music to the game. It has all that you need for the fighting genre. An upbeat tempo, an steady percussion, change of dynamics and different states of emotions. I think it is superb and is my favourite soundtrack for fighting games.

It is hard to think a list about this, sometimes you just get lucky and the music goes along with your gameplay very coordinate. For example, when the music changes exactly at the same time when you beat a level in Snow Bros, that simple thing feels very cool.

There are a lot of RTS games that are made in this terms, and the music matches what is happening on the field, i believe even Dune had this, the inventor of the base war genre. One of the first famous games to have this was Total Anihilation, with a superb orchested soundtrack, where the music changed when you have an encounter with an opposite force. Warwind, an older game, had something similar. Some characters had the ability to sing "Warsongs" and the game music changes. Now this is a typical feature for RTS games. One of my favourites soundtracks on this genre is from "Paraworld" (a pretty good game too).

The new Killer Instict doesen't appeal to me musically, but has a feature new to the genre. The music goes along with what is happening on the battlefield. If you do a super the music slows down for a second, if you leave your character idle, then the music plays a track specially for that character.

Of course the most synchronized music are from games like Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero, but that's obvious.

Here's a personal list:

Kicker/Shaolin's Road
Mario Bros Series (specially the world map of SMB3)
Clayfighters 1
Killer Instict (new)
Street Fighter Ex series
A lot of RTS games (Paraworld, Warcraft II, Star Command Deluxe... etc...)
Samurai Shodown series
Technosoft music
Cool spot maybe?

There is a lot of other excellent music around, but i feel it doesn't allways fits well with the game longplay, like ghost and goblins, Donkey Kong Country, Earth Worm Jim, streets of rage, Mortal Kombat 1, Utopia (snes), Gaia Crusaders, etc...
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