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September 22 2019

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Thread Author: reelmojo
Thread ID: 4492
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There are 49 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 16714 times.
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Ultra Street Fighter IV
Elena, Poison, Rolento, and Hugo confirmed. SFIII's Alex is rumored to be the other character, but Capcom has apparently said the fifth is new to the SF series. Haggar maybe?

Huge props to Capcom for supporting a game with new characters this many years after release!

EDIT: Disc based version confirmed. $40 and it includes all current DLC. Not bad.
Edited by reelmojo on 15. July 2013 19:20
From what I understand the other character is supposed to be an all-new character.
The quote I read was that the fifth character is "new to the Street Fighter series" which is just ambiguous enough to be either someone from another Capcom game or a brand new character altogether. Three out of the five are already Final Fight characters, so maybe Haggar is a bit of a stretch. I'd bet on a brand new character too.

It's also going to include 6 new stages. Five characters and six stages? Why the extra stage? It seems there may be something they're not telling us.
They are telling us buy this DLC or the all new super street fighter IV and then after 3 or 5 months there will be street fighter V so buy that one too oh and don't forget to buy the new street fighter after 6 months super street fighter V and after that we will release some dlc that is already on the disc and you go buy that one too altough everything is rehashed don't worry just buy it we need your money we need more of you money
So what are they going to call it? My guess is either 'Ultimate', as in Ultimate Super Street Fighter IV or SSFIV Ultimate Edition, or Hyper Street Fighter IV.

Capcom are also moving over to the NESiCA arcade hardware with this update.

As for the final character, Mike Haggar would be cool, but then again so would Strider Hiryu Beard
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39 Color & 2 Cover Variations, 5 B&W
YouTube Video

Thread title changed to Ultra Street Fighter IV.

I haven't played SFIV since the vanilla days. I'm pretty sure this is how I'm going to jump back in.

...although I'll still probably just play as Cammy all the time.
To be fair, I hardly played my AE disc. I'll be getting the retail release of this with all the extra content I've missed, and give it another go too. Poison is looking good.

It is quite a while to go until release though, I reckon it'll be at least March before it's out. Makes you wonder if we'll see USFIV Turbo six months later, ready for Xmas 2014, depending on the sales of this.

Anyway.... who would you like to see as the fifth character, and who do you realistically think it will be?

So far the Internet is asking for Mike Haggar, but he seems a little obvious. Does that make him the most likely then?

I still think Strider Hiryu could be awesome although not at all likely. And no, Mega Man really isn't happening.
Edited by -SD- on 15. July 2013 19:56
Beard Complete UK/Euro Clamshell NEO•GEO Pocket Collection Headbang
39 Color & 2 Cover Variations, 5 B&W
Strider does not fit into the SF world so I doubt it would be anything like that. (That is what that crappy Marvel vs Capcom 3 is for).

Most likely is Haggar since he is the only one missing from Final Fight that makes any sense... but, I think if it is a new character to the series I'd like to see Maki.
I've always wanted Haggar in a Street Fighter game. It seems like his similarities to Zangief have kept him out of the series even though they could be just as different as Ryu, Ken, and Akuma are from each other despite sharing special moves. Still, they're already adding Hugo so what are the chances they're adding two grapplers?

I've seen someone mention Nilin from Remember Me as a possibility. Apparently Ono helped on that game so I could see it happening, but her game takes place far into the future so she'd be a non-canon guest character which is something Street Fighter doesn't really do. With Ono recently confirming that it won't be Asura, I highly doubt it'll be any character who would just be a guest. Maki would definitely be a great choice. Being from Final Fight means she wouldn't be just a guest character, she'd be more unique than Haggar, and she hasn't been in a game for like a decade.

But if I have to pick one Capcom character who I really hope it will be, I have to go with Kyosuke (Rival Schools, CVS2). Rival Schools takes place in 1997 and if I remember right SFIV takes place around that time as well. I could be wrong about exactly when SFIV takes place, but the fact remains that Kyosuke is awesome and I want him in the game.

Also... Morrigan. Makes no sense, but I wouldn't put it past them.
Running Wild
Haggar would be the best choice, and he wouldn't be a Zangief clone either after seeing how he turned out in MvC3.
Capcom has revealed that the fifth character has never been in a fighting game before.

Siliconera story

The way that's worded, I think it's safe to say that it's definitely a character from another Capcom property. Carlos Miyamoto is about the only Final Fight character who would still fit the criteria since he's never been in any fighter (he was even left out of Final Fight Revenge). Due to his relative obscurity I wouldn't count on him showing up though.

As long as "never been in a fighting game before" means "never been playable in a fighting game before" it could very well be one of the dolls. We know very little about all of them (other than Juni, Juli, and Cammy of course) and I've always felt like that whole storyline should really be fleshed out. Since it can only be one of them I'd pick Santamu. She's Vietnamese, fights with spears, and is accompanied by a pet monkey. Sounds awesome to me!
There's also other Final Fight characters that have never been in a fighting game before such as Lucia and Dean which were from Final Fight 3.
I really like S Street Fighter IV and the community is still there online so will def get this, I think in general the updates have been great esp the free ones (2012/2013) but the DLC costumes do take the p*ss. Just from how much they cost. You buy a few you might as well have bought a game. Good to see they have some characters who have different fighting styles this time round not just Shotokan characters.

Also I was looking forward to seeing the new stages. At the moment some of the stages are duplicates e.g. crumbling secret labaratory/secret laboratory, same stage at night and day. But then I read this :

The six stages that are being ported over from Street Fighter X Tekken into Ultra Street Fighter 4 were revealed today, they are: Half Pipe, Cosmic Elevator, Mad Gear Hideout, Jurassic Era Research Facility, Blast Furnace and Pitstop 109.


If this is true that's quite lazy but i dont have SFxTekken so don't really mind as long as the stages look good.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Yeah that'll suck if they're stages we've already seen. Jurassic Era Research Facility? So there's Dinosaurs in the Street Fighter Universe now?

Actually, how cool would it be if the new stages were 3D recreations of stages from old Street Fighters? The grassy field afrom Stree Fighter Alpha 2 would look amazing!

And yes, the costumes are too expensive. I plan on buying Ultra on disc though and they're all included in that version so at least that's something.
Edited by reelmojo on 04. August 2013 17:24
Finally some new information! But not about that fifth new character.

Two new gameplay systems were announced which might completely change the face of competitive play:

YouTube Video

I already wasn't good at Focus Attacks, now they're more complicated! Also, having both Ultras at once I think will be great for newer players. While you're learning a character you'll be able to have all of your options available to you, then you can strip one of the Ultras away later if your play style would benefit from it. Sounds cool to me.
Thanks for posting Mojo, I'm not sure about the double Ultra idea at the moment, but if works well, why not?

Red focus burns meter so I think it's an interesting idea as to whether to you use that or not. Thing is I kind of think the focus system is perfect at the moment, you can use it in a basic way (like me) or you can choose to focus cancel attacks to make longer combos (or cancel blocked attacks) if you are an advanced player.

I know SSF4 is not to everyone taste but to me it was the perfect balance of accessibility and advanced techniques -for the players who want to put more time in. It will be interesting to see whether SF5 (when that does arrive) goes back to being a more hardcore game, in the same way as the games that followed SF2 did. I expect it will go in that direction.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
SFIV sold so well that I almost guarantee the series will never go the route of SFIII again. I kinda hate the parrying mechanic so I can't say I'm too upset about that. They have to bring in casual players if they want to make a profit. That was the lesson learned by SFIII's lackluster sales. I would love it if that didn't mean the entire SFII cast has to return for every game from now on though...

Then again maybe we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves talking about SFV.

I'm really looking forward to the double Ultra mechanic personally. I have never liked only being able to pick one (I'm looking at you again, SFIII!). My initial reaction to Red Focus was "do we really need something else that burns meter?" I'm afraid it'll make high level play too defensive, which is exactly what is not needed to make the game more interesting to watch. I prefer my fighters to reward aggressive play, so I guess that's why I was never a fan of focus attacks... although they're a lot less game altering than parrying was, that's for sure.

I may have some strong negative opinions about this game, but I still definitely plan on buying it. It's still fun to play even if it's not gonna be my favorite fighter. And I haven't played SFIV since vanilla so Ultra is going to be like twice as big as I remember it.
I hope they do keep the accessibility with SFV, traditionally fighting games seem to complicate their fighting systems with each new installment, but you could be right maybe they will just work on a totally new fight system with new characters.

Mojo wrote:- I prefer my fighters to reward aggressive play, so I guess that's why I was never a fan of focus attacks... although they're a lot less game altering than parrying was, that's for sure.

I liked the idea but I wasn't very good at parrying. It seemed a very high-level skill. I find focus attacks a lot easier. FADC combinations aside I do think they are good as another way of countering projectile-happy players. If you are one of the slow bulky characters they can be a good way to get in close. There was one Evo match where Infiltration totally destroyed Daigo by focusing through his fireballs which was quite cool. http://www.youtub...k56sLXaW8A. Daigo changed his game for the next time they met. not surprisingly!

Mojo wrote:- And I haven't played SFIV since vanilla so Ultra is going to be like twice as big as I remember it.

Yes you should love it Mojo, it feels quite backwards to go back to SF4 now even from SSFIV, plus you get all the costumes. Since 'Super' all the characters are selectable by default so no annoying unlocking either!
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I'm actually in the minority of fighting game fans who loves to unlock characters. I tend to play most fighters alone as most of my friends in real life either don't play fighters or are nowhere near as good as me at them (and I'm definitely not great) so I greatly appreciate some good single player content. I understand not locking characters for tournament purposes though, but I still want some kinda unlockables in my fighters.

Of course, if all fighters had story modes as amazing as MK9 and Injustice no one could ever complain about lack of single player content again. But I don't see anyone outside of NetherRealm doing that anytime soon.
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