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December 16 2018

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Thread Author: freebie
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Means "hi" in Bulgarian Smile.

I find out about the site while, searching information for different Neo Geo games on the net. And more precisely reviews. The ones by Kazuya_UK are great.

I'm 26 year old, male, almost graduated in bachelor degree of Computer Science (diploma left to be done for indefinite time into future - a whole year since than). I live in a small town and I'm without a job for almost one year, bad health condition, and not feeling very well in general. But that's personal matter of my own concern Smile.

This place seems to be nice, for guys new to Neo Geo. Although it looks most of you people are collectors (judging by this part of the forum), and I don't know if I may fit here, or you need people who aren't.

In my country, and more specifically in my city arcades were popular around mid 90-ties. I still remember the garage-like place where I use to go, so I can enjoy games. There I played for the first time Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and Aero Fighters 2 (which I discovered recently, cause I didn't remember the name). At that time, I was interested in games purely to play and experience them, not to try to understand or analyse them. Now things are different and I like following how the game industry (or most of it) is developing or was in the past.

The Neo Geo magic struck back me again a few moths ago, while watching an old anime - Dominion Tank Police (it was fine, nothing special despite his classic status). There, the heroine is driving a small tank (Bonaparte) as everyone who watched it knows. And that little tank reminded me so much of the slug, in Metal Slug (no matter what the creators of the game say), that I instantly was brought back in time. Time when a friend of mine introduced me to MAME, and the beauty and fun that is the Metal Slug series. We had a lot of fun playing games that were only possible before on arcades which had gone a long time ago (that is incorrect, as of now, I know that there were console version, but I have never seen one in Bulgaria).

Since that years, I played MAME very rarely, and only because of Samurai Spirits IV that had gotten my attention like no other fighting game. I won't go into details but I don't know how I can say anything bad about it. Furthermore I played it without having any knowledge about he moves, specials or super (whatever they are called in that case). But I'm sure one day I will get deeper into it. For the time being I enjoyed the pure atmosphere (graphically and musically) and awesomeness of ancient Japan that the good people of SNK created.

For two months now, I delve into the platform, searching, discovering, learning and a little bit of playing different games. The reason (expect free time), is promise that I made to myself. To know more about arcades and particular the games.

Well that's that, I'm not into that kinda stuff (introducing myself and such), I prefer for people to get to know me in time by what I write/say. And trough my writing/saying, how and what I think/my opinion is.
But a promise is a promise Smile.
Welcome to the forums! Everyone is welcome to hangout here and we are always happy to meet Neo-Geo fans (no matter what walk of life they are in from the Newbie all the way to the Elitist Neo-Geo fan).

It sounds like arcades where you are at are very similar as to how arcades were in America. Every once and awhile you can still find arcades that are open here, but they are nothing like what they once were. I spent much of my youth in arcades, and really took a liking to the Neo-Geo around 1991.

Stick around and hang out with us... feel free to post new topics and get some discussions rolling!

Again... welcome!
Zdrasti Smile Welcome to the NGFL! I hope you get a job and feel better soon. You seem like a very skilled player you can try other high score challenges too.
I miss those arcade days:(
Hi Freebie and welcome to the boards! Thumbs Up

I can understand your situation as I've heard enough news about the situation in Bulgaria. I imagine it's horrendously hard to find a job right now, especially for the younger generation!

Nevertheless thanks a lot for your introduction, it's always interesting to hear reports how arcades were doing in the East during the 90's! We once even had a member who told us how the Neo Geo was doing in Pakistan and even Afghanistan. I'm always up for such stories and they immediately catch my attention, so it would be therefore interestig to hear more. Smile

Apart from the games you mentioned, have you any favorite Neo Geo games so far?

And it's really curious that many people don't know that the Metal Slug originally was inspirated by Bonaparte, the tank really is a 1/1 copy. And it's even funnier that SNK keeps denying that fact (read the Making Of here), just as you said.
Thanks DarakuTenshi Smile.

As of today, I'm not sure if there is any place in Bulgaria, where arcades can be played:(. I find out/red about one in our capital city, while searching these past months, but that information can be old.
By my point of view, arcades in the town (maybe in the country in general), started to fade away quite early, around 98-99. The reason was, because a lot of PC and console clubs started to show up, and they overshadowed what had left of them.

If I try to explain it more earnestly (and to Murikov desire to hear more), term like national psychology is going to be used. And I'm afraid my knowledge in english will start to lack (and it will be hard, because it's not one way train trip). People here doesn't respect games the way they need to be (yeah, I'm one of those people who thinks games are art). They don't take em seriously. And I mean in general or social view. Of course there are exceptions, but they are minority. And of course that's how the game industry was perceived in the early years of it's developing stages. But here, that old view is still pretty strong. It changed a lot since the internet became available to more people, though a lot more is needed to alter that stagnated bulgarian mind (a lot like our government/politic situation right now).

But enough of that, it's a wide topic with different points of view, thanks for the nice welcome.

Zakatek, thank you, appreciate that!

No, I'm not that skilled, just good/decent. It happened by coincidence, that I play Garou MotW nowadays and decided to try myself out. I like the competitive part, but not to the extreme Smile. Yet I will consider trying other challenges.

Hi Murikov!

Yes it is hard, especially in small towns. In fact, not counting three big cities, everywhere else is a difficult task sadly. And payment is beyond miserable, to the point I can say its offending. But that's the reality here.
If it was not my unconfidence due to the health problem, I probably would've left the country (or at least that's what I keep saying to myself).

However situation in the last few years in many countries had become or is becoming harsh, so that is not an excuse. I hope things start to change in a good direction Smile.

It is nice to see member familiar with Bulgaria. Where are you from Murikov?

Yes, there are games besides the ones mentioned I like a lot.
Strikers 1945 is one of them. Immediately after I remembered about Metal Slug, I tried to look for the shoot em up (or shmup as I learned people called them) that I played so many years ago. Yep that was Aero Fighter 2 as I said previously. Around that series I learned about the Strikers as well, and that people who created the first Aero Fighter left to Psikyo and created that new gem.

I played the first two of the series. So far, the first one I like more. Maybe because it's easier Pfft. Afar from that, the second one should be better - faster, more refined, more beautiful. But strangely enough I still prefer the first one.
In general this series caught my attention because of the different boss stages, and the way they transform from some kind of machinery to robots. Plus it looks cool, not some kinda cheesy transformation (although that is a personal note). Action packed with good music. What can I ask more.

But I must admit, that while I played Aero Fighters 1 and 2, I saw a lot of things in common between the two series. Maybe I'm wrong as I'm quite new to the genre, besides, there were people working on both franchises.
But things in terms of level design, enemy design, terrain structure, boss design, gameplay transition had a lot in common.

Another one is The King of Dragons.
Though I think it's more of a nostalgia thing here. Cause gameplay wise the game is simplistic. But who cares. This piece of music: http://www.youtub...VOad85bel4
... gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it, and that is all I care about Smile.

As fighters goes The Last Blade, is one more game which I fell in love with. I can describe it (though I don't like those type of comparison) like a collobaration between Samurai Spirits to some degree and Garou MotW. I often saw people call it underrated gem, and I agree without a doubt. More people need to know about it, cause they are missing out a great 2d fighter. I won't go into details (cause my post took long enough for me to write it). But it is amazing game. Staggeringly beautiful, detailed and smooth, great animation and pixels, incredible background design levels, wonderful music. It takes you back right at that era, with a bit of idealism to it. All characters are different and cool, no slacks or the common strangely/stupid looking here. The pacing is perfect for my standard, no hyper complicated moves, or that many. The speed is great and to my taste, not super fast or too slow.

I can't wait to try The Last Blade 2, when the time comes.

There are others that got my attention, but I take it slowly, although sometimes I just want to take it all in one big chunk Smile.

For example I never played The King of Fighters Series. One of the reasons was that it is a long (in numbers) series. And I'm the type of guy who would try to play certain series (if possible) in order of the games releases. Another one is because you need to invest time when you play fighters, or at least you want to play them decently (and to add to that, using a keyboard is pain in the ass). Plus I heard it's the most complicated 2d fighter ever (or something like that). Which btw, I understood more clearly, when I saw a few tournament videos of number 13 in the series. Damn it's crazy Smile, and very enjoyable to watch, even for a guy unfamiliar with it.

So to return to my point, I've started trying some of the first 2d fighters of SNK that had in common with King of Fighters - Fatal fury and Art of Fighting. However fighters in 91 to 94 played differently, and it came too much for me, so I decided to take a break. That's how I jumped over to Garou MotW.

As for Bonaparte, probably not a lot of people watched the anime (as myself not too long ago), and at the same time played Metal Slug. Or don't remember any of them (but who wouldn't remember Metal Slug Grin), or else can't make the parallel. Yep, I had red that article (it was superb ), I should've mentioned.
lee gray
Welcome to the forums
Thanks lee.
freebie wrote:
It is nice to see member familiar with Bulgaria. Where are you from Murikov?

Hehe, in fact I'm a humble Swiss and have personally nothing in common with Eastern Europe (despite the nick name). Smile

However, I always have been interested in foreign cultures and history, so I may know one or two things about Eastern countries. Besides the unemployment subject I've also heard about the energy problem in Bulgaria, and that there was much indecision about the construction of a nuclear power plant. I really hope your situation improves, along together with other problematic nations like Greece. Thumbs Up

Also a nice selection of arcade favorites you've listed, I adore Psikyo titles as well! I'm sure you'll also enjoy the other Psikyo titles like the Sengoku Aces games or the Gunbird! series. If you're at it, are you also familiar with Cave games?

There's still a lot to discover on the Neo Geo, look forward to it! Thumbs Up
Hehe Smile, Swiss is one of my favourite countries, together with ones in the Scandinavian region. I had the chance to communicate in person with a people from there. They left me with extremely good impression and so many positive things that are rarely seen in Bulgarian people. Of course, you probably can say a few negative Pfft, but I was happy to have the chance to meet them.

If you refer to the electricity energy problem, from a few moths ago, it was the main reason the previous government to resign. Besides that, the nation (a lot of people) decided to show the politics at last, that they can no longer be tolerated (and I'm using a soft word for a 24 year long tolerance). Believe me the ones that are governing our nation are quite bad in a lot of different ways. It goes quite deep and I'm not the one that knows everything, but if you are interested I can share what my opinion is.

The nuclear power plant is a whole mess. To keep it short - right now we don't need it, it is the least (I'm exaggerating just a little bit) important thing, although it goes highly noticed by countries which follow what is going on in Bulgaria - after all, by itself a nuclear station is big deal. The economic crisis from 2008, is still relevant in big part of the world. We are part of it too, the power station is quite expensive and right now not a necessity.

I hope it changes. Greece, despite it's problems has a live standard far beyond the bulgarian:(.

Thanks, the Neo-Geo platform is making it easy to like a lot of games Smile.
Yes, I'm planning to see Sengoku Aces and Gunbird one day, they are on my list. As for Cave games, I was unfamiliar with them and had to google it:(. Only one of their developed games was known to me - ESP Ra.De.

I'm looking forward to discover more and will take my time, thanks.
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