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August 20 2019

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Thread Author: -SD-
Thread ID: 4458
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Xbox One
Well this is quite random and unexpected...... Microsoft have decided to remove the DRM and online requirements from the One. It does affect some of the features they had planned, but it appears all the bitching and moaning has paid off.... but maybe it's not the best thing for the future?

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I hoped all the rancor over these restrictions and requirements would get loud enough that MS would make some much-needed changes to avoid a disastrous reception of their new console. Glad to hear they did. Prior to the hype-crushing "unveiling" of the XBOX One, I figured buying the next XBOX was a foregone conclusion. After the reveal event, all that changed- I was seriously considering jumping ship to a different next-gen platform. Sounds like MS wised up and did the right thing, so I'll give them another chance to retain my support! Thumbs Up
Great news no matter how you look at it. I'm sure I'll end up buying an XB1 much sooner than I would have had they not changed all of these policies. Still more excited about PS4 personally, but that's now 100% because of the games on it. This time next year I wouldn't be surprised if I owned both consoles assuming some more exclusives come to XB1 that I can get excited about.

Oh, it's also cool that it's not region locked anymore. Although, publishers can region lock their games if they want to just like they do on the 360 currently, but it's still good that it's not region locked by default.
Edited by reelmojo on 20. June 2013 11:58
Yeah I saw that story yesterday and I'm very happy they have decided to make the change.
The current rumor is the power difference between the PS4 and Xbox is incremental. This is due to the Xbox optimizing current hardware, while the PS4 is coming out swinging with unproven hardware. By some miracle, if the PS4 is unmatchable, programmers aren't going to make two versions of the same game from scratch. They'd rather make a lower quality version and spam it on the more powerful console, in this theoretical case, the PS4. That's what happened through most of this gen. We will see (I won't be surprised if Sony has yet again exaggerated the power of its console).

On a somewhat related note, Neogaf has been neutered (the TOC makes it a lot more civil). :( I'll miss the console wars on there, not so much the retarded sixteen year olds. So much for free speech, aye?
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